Clarks Summit University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


If you are a Christian who is devoted to glorifying God in all that you do, this is the college for you. Baptist Bible College not only deepens your understanding of God and His Word, but they also expand your knowledge here but studying and researching other viewpoints and discussing them in groups. Each class, no matter what your major, is aimed to glorify God and bring the body of Christ together.


Strong believing Christians in Jesus Christ, or those who want to know Jesus Christ and walk with Him all their lives. It must be someone who is willing to follow rules and work hard.


If one is pursuing a degree in some sort of ministry field, this is the plave for them.


a person wo is interested in growing in their spiritual life, who wants to know more about the Lord and who wants to be in ministry full time.


A person who likes or needs a school with structure and a defined set of rules. Drugs and alcohol are strictly prohibited, just for your info!


Someone should attend this school if they are interested in being a missionary. this is a good school for people who are interested in getting married.