Clarks Summit University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


It seems to me to be "off the beaten path" a bit. I am used to being in a city/urban area where I can automatically walk where ever I would need to go, so living on campus at a college where I am not as able to walk to "necessary" places is a bit of a bother. I need a car (which I cannot drive) for a lot of places I would need to go in order to get things for myself while at college.


Even though we have many opportunities at our school, at times because of the size, some things are not offered. There are activities, sports, and clubs that are available at larger schools but because of our size we would not be able to support them.


Finding enough time to get things done that you have to and want to do.


Communication is not very good with off-campus students. It is not very adult student friendly.


I cannot say that I've had very many frustrationg times while here at Baptist Bible College and Seminary. The faculty are very willing to work with you as you need flexibility or to meet with you about a project you are working on for their class. Coaches have been amazing in terms of being very flexible with class, work, and other activities schedules and yet still being structured and making sure the team is functioning at its highest capability. The only frustration I have faced has been my own procrastination.


THe most frustrating thing for me about Baptist Bible College, is that I work a job to pay for school and many other students have everything paid for by their parents. Then these kids who have everything just given to them seem to squander their time.