Clarkson College Top Questions

What should every freshman at Clarkson College know before they start?


I am proud of how far I have come and the choices I have made. Clarkson was my number one choice on my lists of colleges and I strived to accomplish the tasks needed to get here. I still was able to live the life of a highschooler; being a cheerleader and doing other things I loved. I didn't know whether I would like living on campus or not because I am a relitivly shy person and when you first move out of your parents' house it is scary. I would say that I am glad that I live on campus because I have made many new friends and had several opprotunities to do things I have never done before. Clarkson College has helped me grow as a person and I am thankful for making the decision I did and I would not change a thing.


If I could go back in time to when I was in highschool I would tell myself to apply for as many scholarships as possible. I would tell myself how much money I could save in the long run and how I could actually enjoy my paychecks from career I gain out of college instead of making monthly loan payments. I would also tell myself to go straight to school for nursing and not start as a computer science major because my passion is with helping and taking care of people.


If I could travel back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would encourage my former self to transition into college life immediately after high school. I would suggest attending a community college, applying for financial aid, and utilizing scholorships in order to reduce the financial strain on my single-parent home. Advising my former self to become involved in college activities will ease the transition from high school life and will allow them to become familier with the college itself while meeting new friends. A higher education is extremely important and I would suggest researching career paths that are interesting to them, possibly job shadowing someone currently working in this position. Knowing what I know now about college life it would have been extremly beneficial to have had this information as a high school senior.


Take advantage of every opportunity you can. Stay focused on your goals, apply to many schools, live in a campus setting and pursue your dreams. Take school seriously. Not so seriously that you don't have fun, but you are now gearing up for the rest of your life. Be accountable, be responsible, have integrity and remain true to yourself and others. Many college friends will become lifetime friends, so surround yourself with others striving for success. You are an adult now and how well you do in college sets a precedence for who you will become. Aim high, believe in yourself and always strive to be that person you hope to be. Respect yourself, respect your parents, respect your school and instructors, and above all respect your higher being, for these are the people who will help you achieve great success. FInd and maintain a healthy balance in everything you do throughout college and beyond. That includes: family, friendships, love, church, exercise, nutrition and sleep. College can be a trying and difficult challenge, but tell yourself that you can do it, you can do it well and above all that you are worth it. Because you are worth it!


I wish I would have made myself develope better study habbits. In high school I would just study the night before and I would be fine for the test. When you go to Clarkson you need to study more than just once so you retain the information because you academics build on each other and you need to know the things you learned for the rest of your life.