Clarkson University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Clarkson University is a small school in a small town. The size of the school makes us feel like a community, and in this community we take care of one another. Clarkson’s goal is to produce people that are well-rounded and ready to work straight out of college. Clarkson is a nice place to attend if you don’t mind the cold of Upstate New York. Clarkson University is also surrounded by three other colleges, so the area is very college orientated.


Clarkson is a strong engineering school with a focus on the real world, hands-on experiance and making sure the students get into the career that they want.


If it's wintertime, it might look pretty. The new buildings are really upping the aesthetics of the place. To be honest, it's not the most wonderful looking campus though.


Clarkson is a small campus in upstate New York with lots of trees and grass. It is located on a hill and everything is within walking distance. The University has been moving toward an Adirondack theme for their buildings. We recently got a brand new Student Center which is the main focal point on campus. This is a very exciting time on Clarkson's campus, there are a lot of updates and new construction going up each summer when students are home for break.


Clarkson University is a very rigorous engineering school and business school with a high placement rate.


Clarkson is a very academically focused school, with very challenging courses.


Clarkson has a fun rural background with very little to do in town, but tons to do in the great mountains nearby. There is a large diversity of interests here at Clarkson and you will be able to find your nitch here.


A tour of the Adirondack Lodge at Clarkson University.


A tour of Clarkson University's Indoor Recreation Center (IRC).


A tour of Clarkson University's library.


Tour of Snell Hall, home of the School of Business at Clarkson University.


A tour of Clarkson University's Cheel Campus Center.


This is a tour of the ERC, which encompasses Java City, the library and a large study area.


A quick tour of Clarkson University's new Technology Advancement Center (TAC)


A tour of Clarkson University's Radio station, WTSC, which is located in the basement of Hamlin-Powers House.


A short look at Clarkson University's Snell Field which is Clarkson's Baseball Field.


Clarkson is adding a fourth floor to the dorms in the Quad. In this video it's just the Crew out there capturing the progress of the construction that Clarkson is having on the Quad. Listening to some tunes.(Music: Show Tufli's Fashion Avenue)


Campus Tour


Camille is a very enthusiastic person that enjoys taking her mind on new adventures everyday.


A community of students.


Clarkson is a great school with friendly students, faculty and staff, that make your time at school most enjoyable!


driven to allow students to succeed


A small town school were life time friendships can be made if you can deal with the actual school itself.


So hard, not worth the job opportunties, the work is so hard and the professors are jerks. They tell you that no one will pass the test and then give the test anyway. They make tests almost impossible to pass, and the workload is UNBELIEVABLE!! You are also graded really harshly and tests (midterms, finals) are worth A LOT so if you fail them you basically fail the course.