Clarkson University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for its amazing job placement rate and fantastic opportunities. Students at Clarkson are truly taken care of. We are rated number one in the country for student internships and had a job placement rate of 95% last year. In addition, one of five graduates is a CEO, vice president, or owner of a company. Clarkson is also known for their outstanding curriculum. All business majors create their very own companies freshman year, which they manage throughout the duration of the year. If said businesses are successful students are able to leave with their own companies.


My school is best known for the engineering progam offered. My school is also known for their athletics in Division 1 hockey as our women have recently won over the title of being National Champions.


My school is best known for their engineering department as well as their business entrepreneurship program. Clarkson is ranked #11 for "Best Engineering Colleges By salary Potential" according to the 2013-2014 PayScale College Salary Report. Their graduate business program is ranked #12 in the nation according to the U.S. News & World Report 2013. They are also very well known for their internship opportunities offered, and is ranked #1 in the nation for graduates with the most internship experience by U.S. News & World Report 2013.


Clarkson University is a very prestigious school to attend. Clarkson University is best known for its excellent business and engineering programs. We also have a superb hockey program for both men and women. Clarkson has a fantastic career center that helps students acquire internships and jobs after college. Clarkson is very proactive in giving their students opportunities to gain internships with very big companies. Clarkson University is usually associated with Ivy League schools when talking about academics and job placement.


Clarkson University is best known for its excellence in Engineering and excellent job placement rate. They create a family atmosphere to support their students and encourage team work. The University attracts high achieving students from all over the globe.


Clarkson is best known for being a great engineering school, which it is. But it is also known for it's business school, which is also phenomenal. If you want to combine the both, Clarkson is one of a few colleges that offers Engineering and Managment, which combines it's best two programs to make one great program.


It sounds rather silly, but every year before the first freshman physics exam, all the upperclassmen gather outside the science center. Yes, there's some heckling going on, but deep down it's support and a nice welcome to campus. We've all been through it!


Going to the hockey games and screaming at the opposing team. One of the oldest, most prevalant past times at Clarkson University


Clarkson hockey games are really fun to go to. The games are usually crowded with students, faculty, family, and potstonians. Our fraternity rings the DSP bell during the games. We've had the bell for over 80 years.


My School is known for several achievments. It is the most highly ranked small research institution in New York State providing a business management prgram in addition to a versatile selection of engineering programs, most notable its Chemical Engineering program. Engineering graduates move on studying at institutions such as Cornell and MIT and one in six alumni is already a CEO, president or senior executive of a company or business.


Hockey team, engineering and business schools. Newly-emerging digital arts and sciences program. The Open Source lab, and abundance of research projects and opportunities. Being a small, exclusive school, in a mostly (very) rural setting.


Clarkson is a best known for research institutions because of its dynamic collaborative learning environment, innovative degree and research programs, and unmatched track record for producing leaders and innovators. Clarkson also is best known for its international reputation for excellence in research and innovation by facing the global community today in energy, technology, engineering, business, medicine and the environment.


My school is best known for it's engineering programs and it's fondness of the notion to defy the conventional idea. Clarkson is also recognized for hockey. We have one of the best hockey teams in the North. It's a wonderful site to observe fans--members of the student body and their relatives--cheering and embracing what appears to be a well-grounded tradition rooted in the celebration of athletism.


Clarkson University is best known for career placement after graduation. Employers have been predominantly impressed with the men and women that the college turns out. They have found that Clarkson students possess the ability to lead by example and to hold a high set of standards in the work place. Unlike some other colleges, Clarkson graduates do not leave with a sense of entitlement. This is appealing to employers. Though students at Clarkson are goal-oriented, they know that it takes a lot of hard work to accelerate in any organization. Simply put, employers like leaders, not "know it alls."


Hockey, friendly students, knowledgable professors


Hockey, alot of guys, and hard classes


My school is best known as an engineering school. Also verywell known as a hockey school.


Engineering and snow


Clarkson is best known for their D1 men's hockey and the quality of the engineers and business students that they turn out every year. The motto "defy convention" is really taken to heart here with out of the box thinking and Clarkson's commitment to the students' education.


My school is best known for engineering and business, but a lot of people I know end up transferring because unless your an uber genious the workload is so hard. I graduated in the top 5 at my high school and the school work just ends up making me feel inadequete and stupid because, although I try really hard, I end up doing bad anyway.