Clarkson University Top Questions

What are your classes like?


Classes are always going to demand a lot of you. If you've got the drive to succeed, they won't be a problem. If you think you can sail by on sitting in the back of class and not paying attention, you're dead wrong. I've taken classes in a lot of departments, and, like anywhere, some profs are outstanding and some are not-so-great, but I've always had really unique and engaging experiences in my classes. They're hard, but they're so worth it.


I'm communications and media with a minor in digital arts and business. My classes are fun. I enjoy them and they're not too difficult. If you're interested in engineering, the classes greatly increase in difficulty. My brothers and friends are for the most part all engineers, they complain about it being difficult, but they all pass with flying colors regardless.


My classes require hours of studying and homework along with seeing professors outside of class and paying attention in class.


My classes are generally pretty interesting. I am in the School of Business where class sizes are relatively small which allows for a lot of interaction and participation in class. Being able to participate in a lecture allows me to get a deeper understanding of the material.


Well i am in the business school so i cannot really help out any engineers, but the business school is great, I really enjoy my classes and I think it is because my teachers really prepared well for college. Mr. Compeau will be you teacher in some way almost every year. He is a great guy to get to know because he has so many connections and is very willing to help! I love having him as a teacher he has already taught me so much in only six weeks, I promise you will really enjoy the business school if you are interested in taking that route. My classes are generally pretty easy. I take intro to college math which is basic algebra to begin with and only gets as hard as pre-calc. You will also take two basic science classes contemporary issues in Environmental Science and Biology. You will also take both Micro and Macro economics which are very easy if you are willing to study and pay attention in class, Mr. Frascatore will be your micro teacher and he is very nice! Your only business class will be intro to entrepreneurship and innovation , where you will get to start your own business, it is so much fun!