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What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Well i was told by many people that Clarkson was a huge nerd school, i was very hesitant to go to the school hearing this, but i went anyway because that should never be a factor in your decision to go to a good school. I have been here for a little over 7 weeks now and I love it here! Nerds is what everyone thinks of as ugly non-social people who never come out of their room, so not true! Everyone here is really smart, and that's what we consider nerds, but its really the best thing possible, I feel I have the nicest people on my floor, when I have a problem with homework everyone on the floor is always willing to help. The homework that may take some hours, takes most people here 30 minutes. Every school has students who may choose not to be social but it really is not as common here as you think, almost everyone on the floors keeps their door open, and wants to hang out and talk. Having these outgoing, so called nerds, is great you wont get bad grades on homework here because you always have "nerds" to help. I was surprised with my experience here, and i love everyone here, i haven't found one person who is not nice to talk too.


male and if not ugliest girl, math nerds and gamers one side, hardcore party-ers on the, rich.


Most people would say that kids at Clarkson spend most of their time playing videogames and obsessing over engineering activities. There is also the most commonly known stereotype that our student body is mainly composed of male students, and the few females that do go here are somewhat unattractive.


Some people think that Clarkson students are too "techy" and spend a lot of time playing video games in their rooms. Some say that Clarkson engineers are nerdy and business majors are less intelligent.


We're all rocket scientist, All are Hockey Fanatics, Typical geeks, no girls here,


A few stereotypes about Clarkson are that Clarkson is solely an engineering school and if you are not coming to Clarkson for engineering you won't fit in and will be one of the few. Another stereotype about Clarkson is that there are no girls here, the boys constantly complain about the ratio and believe that is is impossible to find a girlfriend. There is also the stereotype that Clarkson is a hockey school and if you attend Clarkson you better be at the games on the weekends.


-white -male -upper middle class -intelligent


I would say a large portion of the student body includes kids who you would not think are that intelligent but in actuality really know their stuff. For the most part, kids who don't leave their rooms We have our fair share of parties, but none that unless they are heading into town to find a party or are leaving to eat. When I think of a Clarkson engineer I think of someone who knows the system so well they don't ever find themselves just throwing money at the problem. There are very few women, but the demographic is changing in recent years slowly in Clarksons effort to draw more students.