Clarkson University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


You are sometimes unable to score an A in a class because the proffesors assign hard exams


Many students spend their whole weekend out on the town partying. It is hard to find friends who would prefer to stay in and do something else, like craft or do homework. I know that sounds nerdy or weird, but I would rather do that than underage drink.


Sometimes the hills are a bit much, and we are far away from alot of activities.


Clarkson is a small school, so course offerings can be limited. If you miss a class that's offered in the fall, for instance, you may not be able to take this until the following fall. It's important to select your classes carefully and take into considertion when it will be offered again. This is especially important if it is in your major or is a required course.


I find school to be very difficult.


Its hard at first because you're at this small place in the middle of nowhere with physics, calculus, chemistry freshman year, and since there isn't a lot around you, it seems like it consumes you. You jusst have to try and find ways to get your mind off of school by doing off campus things like greek life, or find some fun on campus activity like club sports and hanging with friends.


Lack of places for students to just hang out and have fun.


The male:female gender ratio is somewhat depressing.


The most frustrating thing about Clarkson University would be the location. There is not much surrounding it, in relation to activities. Potsdam, is a small town with a little downtown area and they currently just built a Wal-Mart where almost all the students go to, but in relation to things to do off campus there really isn't a whole lot.


If you fall behind it is difficult to ctach up, but possible to recover. Also, it is a bit depressing and lacking social interactions and diversity.