Clarkson University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Before coming to Clarkson, I wish I new about the food. It isn't terrible, food in middle and high school was worse, but there isn't much variety and it isn't that great. I definitely get bored of it, but there are so many restaurants downtown that I can go to and use my KnightCard (campus money card) at!


The hardest part is being left completely alone to your own devices. Learn to budget and eat healthy.


Its not so much what I wish someone had told me, but I wish someone had taught me how to study. As funny as that sounds, I wasn't as prepared as I thought. In high school I didn't have to study to get A's so I wasn't ready, study-wise, as I should've been.


There are a number of girls here; you do not need to worry about being the only one. The first year is the hardest. If you make it through that with above a 2.0 then you have the ability to finish the whole thing. Not all credits transfer and Clarkson has much higher requirements for giving out credits from tests.


I wish I knew how crazy the professors were. They expect so much from you in so little time.


The courseload is extremely heavy, and even though there is a fair amount of support, in the end it is up to you to keep up with it. It would help a lot to have a strong background in calculus and physics if you are going for engineering.


I wish I would have known how important math was going to be from high school in my sucesse at college.




I wished I would have known how conservative this university was as well as the remote location of it.


Not to take out so many loans!


I can't remember anything I wish I'd known. However, I did know that the Outing Club hosted freshman hiking trips, and this helped me get to know a few people here, who introduced me to a few more people here. When you're out camping in the woods with people you don't know that well, you make good friends fast.


That Clarkson does not offer and Languages


How cold it got up here.


I wish I had known the ratio of men to women. There are about 7 men to every 3 women at Clarkson.


I wish I knew how cold the temperature could get in the winter time.