Clarkson University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


We have back trails (rotc trails) that you can go biking on or hiking. Those are a lot of fun. We're also in the process of adding a rock wall that will definitely add to the campus. When it snows, you can go snowboard or ski off jumps that students make.


The most unique part about Clakson's campus is the second floor tunnels that connect all of the academic buildings. This allows students to wear whatever they like in the winter and not freeze.


The fact that you're guaranteed success by the type of education they provide. You know you're getting a top knotch education, and employers and grad school admission officers know it too. It's really a wonderful place if you love math, science, or business.


Our career center is probably the best service we have at our school. They organize the career fair and tend to over prepare for our futures. It's very helpful and makes us consider life after college.


Small Campus results in less walking.


the best thing about this school is the greek life. hands down. i it werent for the greek comunity here i would have transfered out.


Job placement rate, nearly every student after graduation either has a good job or goes to graduate school