Clarkson University Top Questions

Why did you decide to go to this school?


I choose Clarkson University because they had a program called The Clarkson School. This is a program where high school students can forgo the rest of their high school years to enter Clarkson as a freshman. The program provides a huge amount of support and encouragement. The staff is amazing and I do not regret missing out on my senior year of high school to come to Clarkson. I decided to stay at Clarkson because I loved the atmosphere, the academics, and all the friends I've made here.


This school was engineering hockey oriented and out in the country. All things I love and wanted in a college. Plus their job placement rating is amazing.


I decided to go to Clarkson University because of its reputation. With a degree from Clarkson, students are almost guaranteed a job.


I decided on Clarkson University because it was the right school. Though i was a political science major in a Engineering and Business college, Clarkson's liberal arts department had a lot of great professors that worked hard to aid all liberal arts students. Although Clarkson is not a diverse university, i was still able to find comfort. There are several reasons why i chose Clarkson, a decision i don't regret.


Clarkson is one of the few school within a 5 hour drive from home that had a civil engineering program. They also gave me tons of financial aid, more than anyone else.


I applied to 14 different schools, and I'll admit it at the beginning Clarkson University wasn't at the top of my list. I gave it more thought, went on several campus tours, and met with various professors/admission representatives. One teacher stood out from all the rest, Dave Beck, and his program with Digital Arts and Sciences immediately caught my attention. It was a relatively new program, but it was quickly becoming a fast trend across the nation.


I decided to go to Clarkson as soon as I stepped out of the car on campus. Now, that may seem silly, but as I spent more time visting with students, touring campus, and finding out about the programs, I knew my instinct was right. Clarkson's a small school, which allows a nice, family-like feel to it. You don't know -everyone- on campus, but you can absolutely find a great group of people who really matter to you, no matter what your interests are.


I chose Clarkson because it is a small school specializing in engineering in an area known for both hockey and outdoors activities.


I decided to go to Clarkson University because I received a large scholarship, outstanding reputation, and its 99{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} job placement rating.


I chose to attend Clarkson University because it has amazing academics and there is still time to have a social life.