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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Dear High School Self in 2010, The future can be intimidating and scary, especially since we don't know what is actually going to happen with our lives and there are so many choices we can make that alters our destiny. Whatever you do though, my advice to you is don't put off going back to college for so long. It may seem like a daunting task to continue school, but it'll be the best choice of your life starting it sooner than later. Another advise I give to you, is to hold on to your relationships and don't be too serious about life. Our lives will always be here, but our friends do come and go. So hold these relationships with others close, and always keep them in your heart. And lastly, whatever you do, keep your head up high and know that no matter how rough the water gets, it'll eventually smooth over and the waves will be easier to ride as long as you do what makes you happy. SIncerely, Your Future Self in 2014


I honestly didnt try hard in high school. Senior year I just had a ton of fun. No parties or any drinking, just fun. Truthfully if I could give myself one piece of advice it would be to relax yet stay focused. I didnt get the grades I was capable of in high school and I should have. I am embaressed to admit that my high school gpa is a measly 2.6. Now having learned from my mistake I have turned it around and focused on my college work. I am now proud to say that my college gpa is a 3.62.


I would go back to myself in 2001 and tell myself not to be scared. For the majority of your life you've been scared and have let fear control you. If you would only allow yourself to take a chance on something better, your life wouldn't be so rotten. Life is all about opportunity and chances, and risks and rewards. If you want to spend the rest of your life in the hole that you've dug, keep doing the same things you've always done. If you never take any risks on opportunities, or people, you'll never have a life worth living. Make the most out of the life you've been given. Don't be afraid of rejection or being let down. Without the downs in life, there would be no highs. If there were no bad days, you'd have no reason to appreciate the good days. You meet people you don't like to learn the value of people who truely love you. So don't just sit around and wait for life to consume you... consume yourself in life.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, knowing what I know now I would have told myself college is alot harder then I thought it was going to be when I was still in high school. You have to be self motivated and the teachers arn't going to call your parents if you dont go to class. Your learning for you not for your parents and no one else. College is expensive and the more grants and scholarships you apply for the better. You need to stay on top of your homework and study at least two hours a day. You need to study alot for anatomy and physiology because its hard. You have to stay on top of your goals and do whats best for you. Basically study hard , stay determined and live your life, if you dont suceed then try, try again, your the most determined person I know and I know you can do it. Your dream of becoming a Surgical/Trauma nurse will be a reality and you will be able to help people all over the world. Stay strong and never give up. Ever.


I would walk right by my past self without saying a word. Everything I have been through has made me the kind of person I am now and I?m fairly happy with who I am. I have been hurt and have made many mistakes but none that I couldn?t fix or face. The transition into college was good for me; I wouldn?t take any learning experience away from my past self.


prep for college with a tough schedule, practice noite taking in class and try to develope study skills to the extreme