Clearwater Christian College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


This is a conservatice, christian college with few atheletics for people to do and focused on academics but all to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. This school will try to help students in any way that they can, and it is alot fo fun on this campus becuase it is a family atmosphere.


My school believes that Jesus is the son of God and is dedicated to help each student to grow spiritually and educationally.


Clearwater Christian College is a great academic institution which promotes spiritual and academic growth and excellence through mentoring by students and teachers.


This school is a great place to attend if you are looking for small college with small classes and great relationships with friends and teachers...and of course the beach isn't bad either!


Clearwater Christian College gets you ready for your future.


Clearwater Christian College is a small school with a great environment; the students are overall really cool people and the teachers are able to connect and teach on a more individual basis than is possible at larger schools.


A family atmosphere where everyone knows everyone and we share similar views and mindsets.


It is the perfect school for my personality and my long-term goals.


My school has a great atmosphere for someone who wishes to attain the highest level of academic excellence


Because of Clearwater Christian College's size, the faculty that really cares about their students and wants them to learn, and the students are friendly and involved.


My school is a Christian, Liberal Arts college with a wide variety of majors and minors where you will be taught from a Christain perspective but not secluded from the teachings of evolution; you will recieve a balanced education with a great student to teacher ratio so that you can really get to know your professors (most have a doctorate in their area of study) on a personal basis; it is regionally accredited with a great staff who really cares about the student and where academics is stressed.


Clearwater Christian College is filled with compassionate Christians who only want to do Gods will by strengthening their students for the real world; the show their students love and compassion in and out of classes.


Clearwater Christian College is a Christ centered learning environment that encourages the students to strive in their studies while also having fun with each other and helping those around them.


The best Christain College in the state.


Clearwater Christian College is a place were students can come a get a high quality education from outstanding faculty, who care about thier future, and they will also have the opportunity to make life-long friends that will be there for you no matter what you are going through.


I attend a private, Christian college with faculty and staff members who care what goes on in my life and who care how successful I am in my academics.


My school forms a great environment in a christian atmosphere and makes it easy to focus on God and my education.


A Christ centered environment with people who become like family.


Impacting Eternity!


Clearwater Christian College is a student-friendly environment where one can grow both in knowlege and in spirit.


My school is a christian college, it has a beautiful campus, and the faculty and staff are amazing!


Is a small body of students that encourage you in your studies, and you really get to feel like a family with your peers.


Clearwater Christian College is a small family atmosphere college that is determined to give you the best academic education possible while helping you grow spiritually in your walk with God.


Strict school with very conservative views that has a good student base.


My school is small, but I think that it offers a lot to the students; they have a variety of majors and minors to choose from.


A good conservative Christian school with a nice close-knit community.


Clearwater Christian College is a place where students are challenged to think critically and to grow spiritually in a pleasant environment.


Clearwater Christian College is not only training me for my future profession, but it is also training me for life by instilling quality values.


Clearwater Christian College is a small, accredited, liberal arts college with a mission to education Christian students in many diverse fields.


Clearwater Christian College has a very friendly atmosphere and a genuine concern for the students that attend.


Purposed in pursueing God's plan for your life in whatever course that is.