Clearwater Christian College Top Questions

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Clearwater Christian College's goal is to give students not only an academic, but also a Christian education. Proffesors implement teachings from the Bible into lessons, and Student Life expects students to live according to Biblical principals in and out of the classroom. All students minor in Bible, and they attend chapel four times weekly. Moreover, teachers and faculty strive for excellence. Most of the proffesors have their PHD or are in the process of gaining it. With a small teacher to student ratio, students do not find it difficult to go to these proffessors for private assistance.


It has a very family centered atmosphere, and the faculty and staff really care about you!


Small family atmosphere - Bible focus.


Something unique about CCC is living arrangements; in other words, you get to really know everyone in the dorms and became friends with just about everybody on campus.


The college has an excellant location and rivals ANY other college I considered. It is located so close to the Tampa Bay that part of the bay can be seen from the campus dining facility. There are lots of beaches within a one hour drive and several within a ten minute drive.


When searching for schools, I focused on Christian liberal arts colleges and universities, but Clearwater Christian College was the most helpful in regards to financial aid.


Clearwatwer Christian College offers a larger number of majors & minors. CCC has more rigorous internship programs. Although it is a "Christian" school, CCC is non-denominational


Its an Historically Black University.


Clearwater offers a Christian education that is regionaly accredited and offers majors such as Pre-med and business. It is also located right at the beach which is a great way just to relax and ejoy the college life.


My school is spiritually focused but also pushes academics. it wants the students to get involved in as many extra-curricular activities as possible. The teachers are willing and eager to help the student to succeed. They also want to push the student, but they don't make it impossible to get good grades in class.


This is a small school focused on Christian living and the perfect size to feel like family.


The focus is God centered. Their is a great student to teacher ratio which allows for a more personal approach to teaching, which makes for a better learning experience. It is unique in the way that most everyone on campus has a love for the Lord which brings joy to campus life.


Clearwater Christian College is unique in its atmosphere. Unlike mega schools, the class settings are small and the students truly get to know one another as well as the professors. Many students share classes together so finding a study partner for several classes is easy. When you walk around campus, people know and recognize you and you feel as though you have a voice and opinion that counts. Even as a commuter student, I feel very plugged in to the school community.


The unique thing about my school is that it allows the students to live and attend school in a Christ-centered environment. It's important to grow in the Word of God, and Clearwater Christian College gives us that opportunity. It also has high academic standards, and allows the students to achieve the best possible results, by revieving very much attention from the teachers here at ccc.


I love that CCC is a small campus so you can really get to know everyone, and that it is near the beach! There is a strong family atmosphere on campus and many activities for students.


I like that it is a small school. My brothers and sister attended there, and I was very familiar with the campus. There are alot of activities to get involved in. You feel like you fit in no matter what, with everyone having to follow the same rules. It is a good school, and the teachers/faculty are very nice. It is hard with the cost of attendance, but I feel it is worth it.


This school is unique due to its small size. It is student focused and most professors have a doctorate.


At Clearwater Christian College, the faculty and staff care about you and take their time to help you and get to know you. The classroom environment is very helpful and student-friendly, and most classes are based on teacher-student communication.


It is a small Christian school that offers an excellent pre-med program. They are very good and very reasonably priced.


One unique and wonderful thing about Clearwater Christian College is that the faculty and teachers actually care about you and what is happening in your life. There is always an open ear to listen to any problems you are having or going through, whether it be concerning academics, your spiritual walk, or just life in general. Clearwater cares about you.


It has a descent amount of majors offered and at the same time it is small and friendly. Clearwater is located on the beach and is a Christian college. There is no drinking, drugs, or immorality allowed on this campus.


The teacher student ratio is really good. The teachers and other faculty members actually take a care and interest in our lives. They want us to do well and are willing to help us.


The uniqueness of Clearwater Christian College is the student to teacher ratio. The biggest class I have been in has had 70 students in it. The average size of a class in a major course in around fifteen. The students get to know the teachers well and vice versa. A student does not feel intimidated to go up and talk to a teacher or ask for help. The staff is very willing to help and talk to students about anything.


The teachers really care about eachstudent and give individual help.


We are Christian college that believes that Christ came to earth to die on the cross to take away the sins of the world. Through Christ alone can one have eternal life in heaven. Not only are we students, or student athletes, but another focus on our campus is to reach out to the community and share the love of Christ with those surrounding us. We have chapel everyday where we are challenged with a message from God's word and are able to participate in worship as an entire student body.


Clearwater had a unique family atmosphere because of its size and focus on students.


It is in Florida!!!!


It's very small


It's like a big family. Everyone knows everyone. You get to sit with your professors at lunch (if you choose to), pass them on the sidewalks (and they actually call you by your name!), and even be adopted by a campus "parent." There can't be very many schools in the country that offer that kind of family atmosphere! Also, the religious beliefs held by the college are reasonable... not too conservative and not too loose.