Clearwater Christian College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


There's really nothing that I would have to change.


Be open to others. Go out and enjoy yourself. Study hard because you cant go back to semesters already finished.


Be prepared and even over-compensate for how much work you think you will have to put in. Be careful about partying too much and/or staying up late all the time. Know what you believe; this will get you through a lot of tough times relationally, academically, and in your own spiritual life. Not knowing where you stand on religious issues or who you are, can lead to a lot of struggles, so take the time to come to a conclusion on these matters, if possible before you start college. Enjoy the potential of making friends with more mature (compared with high school) peers with common life views and pursuits. Also, don't be so obsessed with success in academics that you miss the golden opportunities for making friends that could last for a lifetime. Having a balanced college life is a very important aspect to focus on. Develop a list of priorities and take practical, active steps to implementing them. Honor God above all else and He will provide everything you need.


college life is not as scary as it seems and you will get used to college life and love it. all the little things you are worrying about now will be completly taken care of or won't even matter.


When I went to college, I was never fully prepared to write papers. In high school, I only wrote maybe four big research papers and a few essays. I was completely unprepared for the paper format, how a paper should be written, and being able to give myself enough time to finish a paper. I would also tell myself to balance my time better by making a schedule and not procrastinating on assignments. Also, I would tell myself to open up and become more sociable. I'm a very shy person who doesn't talk to anybody unless they talk to me first. I do have friends but not as many as I could. College is not all about academics; it is also about friendships. The friendships you make in college will last forever.


I would not have taken so seriously the sports I played in High School. I would have just enjoyed the experience more than I did, which was no ones fault but my own.


I would tell myself to prepare for change, to expect the worst and be pleasently surprised with the best, and to take my studies more seriously freshman year. Not to worry about being imperfect but rather work my hardest to do well and achieve goals rather than trying to stamp out imperfections. I would say to be careful when choosing friends and to look out for warning signs in a person to keep from letting them drag you down. I would still encourage myself to play sports for a year and then become involved in fine arts to be well rounded and to never look back, no matter what happens- just keep looking ahead to the opportunities that lie in the future.


I would definitely try to commit myself to more time studying and doing homework instead of goofing off in most of my free time with friends and other distractions. Time management would be another issue to work on. One more major thing I would need to work on is money management. Being in college has really opened my eyes at how destructive a simple plastic card can deplete your money.


Wok really hard your senior year, and learn how to take good notes. Also you should appreciate the difficult teachers, because those are the ones who will get you to where you need to be for college.


To stay with because the older you get the harder it is to find time. Having a full time job and a family school is not always the first priority. So I would tell myself to stay with no matter what it takes.


#1 While college is about academics, grades, and interesting classes, equally important is the atmosphere of the college and dorms. One cannot make it through college without supportive friends, teachers who genuinely care that you learn, and a campus that is safe. #2 Even though all you are thinking about right now is the big question of "Where are you going to college?", it is important to think about the rest of your life as well. After your four years at college, you may want to remain nearby because of good friends or job opportunities --could you see yourself living there? When living on your own for the first time and maybe starting a family, will you regret spending so much on a private college? What clubs and activities can you become involved in at the school that will develop friendships and look good on your resume? Don't just think about a good college experience; consider the future. #3 Go for it! If you make the wrong decision you can always transfer. Don't worry. Simply trust God, listen to your familiy's advice, and make your best decision.


Ashley, I know you are having a blast but grades do matter. Your highschool friends may define your world right now but they will soon move on with life just like you. New friends will take their place and as your world changes (yes, I know it is hard to imagine but it will happen) your frame of referrence will begin to steadily grow and new ways of thinking will take the place of your current frame of mind. Not only will your frame of referrence become larger but you will be forced to grow in other areas as well such as emotionally. You will learn that you can't call Mom every time something goes wrong and that the times you can you will appreciate her advice and realize that you should have never taken her or the rest of your family for granted. So please, though all you are living for right now is next friday night, please pay more attention to your grades and spend more time with your family, because if you don't you will regret it later.


Keep sight of your dreams and aspirations. Hard work, determination, and focus while you are in college will help you to accomplish all that you want too. Try not to get discouraged when it seems that life isn't going your way. Everything happens for a reason, and while you may not see it right now, you will one day and you'll understand. You will make it through and it really isn't as bad as it seems. Just wait and see, you can overcome anything and everything that is thrown your way. Keep your head up. You will make it, and you can do it and it doesn't matter what anybody else thinks. College is just one more thing in life that when your done you can look back and say, "Yeah, I did that. And I'm glad that I did."


I would encourage myself to seek the Lord diligently about what He wants me to do with my life. It's only when I am doing what God wants me to do that I am going to be satisfied with my life. I would also seek godly counsel for advice and feedback about my decisions. Then I would research colleges that offere the degree I am going to pursue and pray and ask God for wisdom about which college is for me. Later on, I would enter the college atmosphere with clear direction and determination at reaching my goals. I would encourage myself to make friends and enjoy the college life while also keeping the right priorities. The two most important aspects to being successful in college are paying attention in class and doing the homework. Also, it's important to reward myself for the accomplishments I make and encourage those around me as much as I can.


Be patient and do not stray from your studies because time is precious and it is important to stay focused and get good grades.


I should have took high school more serious. I shouldve took my studies more serious. I feel that if I would have done that. I would be in a better financial situation school wise. I think your attitude towards a students studies in high school can affect a student long term.


The main thing that I advise is to manage you time well! Once you get into college, it is much easier to let your grades slide because you didn't finish an assignment due to a lack time management. It is essential to balance the time spent having fun with the time spent studying. Time management is essential to success in college. While it is important to have fun, you need to make sure that you finish your work on time, and it is best to finish your work early because that allows you to have fun without the thought of assignments being due in the back of your head, ruining your night of fun because of stress. The other thing that I would advise is to make sure that you get plenty of rest. It is very easy to allow yourself to stay up extremely late. Don't do it! When you stay up late, it is harder to focus on your studies and to do well in your classes. Also, the student who gets plenty of rest will often be healthier and do better in his area of study than those who don't get enough rest.


Well, during highschool I was a very shy and I wasn't sure what I wanted all I knew was that I liked to read books and dissect. Looking back I wish that I had had a little more confidence. I would say to myself: figure out exactly who you are and don't be afraid to show it, never back down and keep fighting for your dream. As a senior in highschool I decided that I wanted to be a doctor, and striving for that dream has not been easy however, I know that it is still what I am suppose to be doing. Therefore, I would reasure myself that I am doing the right thing. I would probably also say to myself: Don't let boys get in the way of your dream, because somewhere in the future their will be a time and place for that. Lastly I would say have confidence, be yourself, have fun, and don't be afraid of failure.


I would have spent more time looking into colleges and submitting more appications. At the time I figured I would just stick with the schools that seemed to be "within my reach." I have since learned though that you will never know if a school will accept you if you never even try in the first place! I also would have spent more time researching scholarship opportunities since many have to be completed during ones senior year in order to be eligable.


I feel like I was well prepared for the college experience at Clearwater. My old sibling attended there so I was able to find out a lot of stuff from her. I gues I would say come prepared to work hard and don't be affraid to get involved, even as a freshmen.


i would force myself not to fall behind in academics, athletics, and my walk with Christ just because i was about to get out of high school. i would not have made so many stupid decisoins just to please other people and i would not have fallen to "senioritus" and pushed away all the people that i loved just because my mindset was on getting away from everything i had ever known


I would encourage myself to enter my freshman year of college with a more serious attitude. I approached college with a highschool slack off mindset and that is what I would do differently if given the chance.


Get involved! - as much as possible, especially your freshman year. Don't shoot yourself in the foot later, and keep your GPA up to begin with. Plan ahead regarding which classe you will need and want to take.


When starting college life, it is important to remember that fellow students are judging you on the things you say and do. First impression are extremely important and not to be taken lightly. Be careful of how you say things in order to avoid misconstrued statements. Good character is shown through the things you say and do even through the stressful moments of college life. Even if people do not choose to be your friend, it does not mean that you are not likeable. It is impossible for everyone to like you. Find out what you stand for and things you believe in and then stand firm!


During my senior year of high school I had no desire to go to college. I wanted to join any type of military branch. I was unable to join since I have asthma. I attending a community college for two years and over those to year I came to know Jesus Christ as my personal savior. After community college I applied and visited a variety of colleges. I knew that Clearwater Christian College was the college God wanted me to attend the minute I drove through the guarded entrance. There is nothing in my past that I would want to change or take back; I know it was all a part of Gods plan. I came to Clearwater at the right time; I know that I am academically and spiritually prepared to further my career at this particular college.


If I can turn back the hands of time to my senior year in high school, I would tell myself to take the ACT tesst one more time to see if I can recieve a better score. I would have probably made the decision to attend an in- state institution for lower tuition, and research better colleges. I would like to find a college, where there is an understanding in how much financial aid I would be receiving before I attended the school. Also, I would like to get different perpspective from students that already attend the school, and the things they like to do in their spare time. Finally, I would have an attended a school that encourages students to remain in school and graduate, instead of kicking them out until they get there financially ready to pay for school.


Don't let other people make you doubt your abilities. Stay strong don't give up even when it get's hard. Don't get lazy. It's easier to keep up with everything than it is to catch up on everything. Rely on God and his strength most of all and keep him #1 in your life. It's God's strength that will get you through anything, not your own strength. Don't try to handle everything by yourself. Listen to mom 'cause she know's a lot more than what you realize.


I would tell myself that for my freshman year I should pray for the best but prepair for the worst. There is not much more I would have told myself because many of the lessons I have learned I could not or would not have learned if it had not been for experience.


I would say to be friends with as many people as I could. Friends are what make college enjoyable, and I wouldn't have been able to make it this far without them. I would also say that academics are very important, but you should make enough time for yourself to relax. I have often let the stress of school weigh too heavily on my shoulders and to loose the focus that I need to be also having fun in school.


I would tell myself that plans are not set in stone and if things end up changing from how I thought it would turn out it is no reason for me to freak out. Stay calm and take life as it comes, always doing your best one day at a time!


Okay, so now you have made it through high school, congrats! Now as you enter the college scene keep in mind that it will not be easy. This will require lots of hard work and lots of support from family and friends. At times, you may feel that it is not worth it as you cannot see the end, but my dear friend these are the times that when you get ready to take that college diploma you will laugh. Remeber allways to make time for your family and friends. Your schoolwork is highly important, but without these people you really do not have much. My friend, be encouraged. Even though the work load may never cease to end, when its all said and done, it will all be worth it.


The only thing I would change would be to listen to those who were older and wiser than me before I decided to make decisions for myself. They really knew what they were talking about.


If I was to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to not take such a liad back light schedule. Take a couple challenging classes to keep your brain working. College is tough and your brain must constantly be working. Being "lazy" senior year will only hurt you your first year of collge until you get back into the groove of working hard and studying hard.


Well, I was homeschooled. I dual enrrolled and the transition was smoother than it is for most people but it was a huge surprise at the same time. I would tell myself to prepare for the copious amount of school work. I would also tell myself to study harder. And I would urge myself to focus on my life goal from the first day on.


College is not as easy as high school. You have to study hard to do well in classes, so be prepared for that. A 3.97 GPA does is not an easily attainable thing when you're in college. Find a group that you can study with and study hard so that you can get good grades.


Contiue to work hard and manage your time more efficiently. College is a blast, and the best way to have a great time is to keep an appropriate balance between the social life and academic life. Manage the time well, and you'll be able to have a great time with the least possible stress.


I would tell my self to be flexible and trust in God. My time here has been up and down. I have been in the hospital for a week and just recently started to have back problems. The most important thing to do is trust in God because you never know what God will put in your life.


There were alot of things that I was worried about as a senior. I had only enough money to pay for a plane ticket out here after that I had nothing. I was worried and scared because I had never been to the school. In fact I had never been to Florida and I was tempted not to come at all. It would have been so easy to stay on my island in the pacific. If I could tell myself one thing I would say, "go for it! it's everything you want in a college. Be ready to work and make the best friends you'll ever have. Don't think it's gonna be a piece of cake. It will be hard but it will also be worth every drop of sweat and every single tear. When life seems to fail and everything is crashing down, hold on because everythings gonna be ok. You're gonna make it and you're gonna graduate. So go for it!" I know that I would listen and I would go.


Focus! There are a thousand things to distract you from learning, but that is your primary goal and focus in continuing your education. Decide what you want from your college experience and go for it. Enjoy yourself and have fun, but not at the expense of your education.


I would give myself the advice of praying about the right school, considering finances, and what scholarships are availabe. I would vistit the schools and meet the proffesors, to get a feel for the environment. I would make sure that I would not attend a school for the wrong reason, and make sure that i'm at the school I am interested in.


I would tell myself to stay focused and don;t think college is like high school. You need to keep your head in the game and don't goof off because when you do its hard to ger back. Start acting like a mature adult and start puting things in proper priority. Do not be afarid to let your professor know that your struggeling and need help, thats what their there for. Be your own person, do not try and be the cool one and go with teh crowd. Make a diference, get involved, make your name know for the good.


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself college life is not as hard as I was anticipating. I would also tell myself to get as involved as I possibly could! Make friends and go for freshman class president.


There would definitely be a more serious focus on my studies. I have learned that a person will only do what they put their mind to. Time managment and self-discipline are two main characteristics that will help a college student be successful in their studies, but also in the work place. Spending time with other students that have the same focal point as you will help it be more easy to stick with the goals. If a person has nothing to work towards then they will get no where, even if they believe they will. Parents are a key factor in being successful. There pushing and curfews are for a good purpose, even though as a Senior it is sometimes annoying. Having a teachable attitude will get an individual far in the classroom, on a sports team, and most importantly later on in the work place.


Hey! I am from the future and I am here to prepare you for what's to come. When you go to college you should bring a lot of cash because where you are going they will milk every last cent from you. Another bit of advice is to make sure to turn all of your computer homework in because it will affect your grade greatly! Oh and one last thing, do not go to college with a girlfriend!


I would tell myself that it is going to be alot harder than I imagined. I would let myself know that I need more Bible study and that my own personal walk with Christ would be challenged. I would tell myself that the freshman 15 would end up being the freshman 45... And that you DO NOT NEED TO DATE ANY GIRL YOUR FRESHMAN YEAR.... PERIOD!!!


Relax girl... its not as bad as you think. Stop procrastinating NOW. Learn to love learning. And get ready to grow, meet new people, and be open to a world of opportunity.


Relax! Think about what you can see yourself doing for the rest of your life. What do you love most? What major will help you to develop your gifts and loves? You don't need that much stuff! The less the better. Be strong, not everyone is as laid back as you and not everyone will like you. ITS OK !!


"Caitlin, enjoy every minute of it. College is one of the best and shortest experiences of your life. Make the most of your classes and friendships; they will all serve you well once you leave. Do not be afraid of hardship; it's going to change and better you in ways you would never imagine. Be yourself, and do not be afraid of who you are. Other people may make fun of you, but if you can learn to laugh at yourself and find wisdom, even in the most stinging rebukes, you will learn a lot more than you would in a classroom. Do not forget where you came from, because it has prepared you for where you're going. Just remember to keep smiling and doing your best; college is an adventure!"


There are many things that I wish I had known as a high school senior that I know now. Some examples would be, first of all, CLEP anything and everything you can. It is such an asset to come into college with some general credits already under your belt and not having to take an entire semester of English Comp II for example and already have those credits. Also, this frees you up to do the second thing, which is have a minor or double major. I would have absolutely picked a strong minor or double majored. It is well worth it to get all of your money out of it and to jump on the opportunity for further your education in any way possible. Those are some of the main things that I would have advised myself on. I also would have told myself to be something other than Business....maybe ESS? :)



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