Clearwater Christian College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Study hard and go into ROTC.


Save your money more.


Angela, I know that you love to have a good time, and you're all about the social life. However, you need to take your school work more seriously. Stop procrastinating. What comes around goes around; you will dig yourself into a hole that you won't be able to get out of. Don't let that opposition bring you down though because college will be one of the most memorable experiences of your entire life. You're used to a small Christian school. You're used to being around the same friends since you were in kindergarten. Going to Clearwater Christian College will place you out of your comfort zone. You will be forced to take a stand and be independent. Take this opportunity to let God mold you into who He wants you to be. Love Always, Yourself.


I would tell myself to enjoy school while it is easy, but to learn all i can in school and to keep doing my best. I would tell myself to learn to be self motivatated because that is a much needed skill at college.


I would spend more time studying to prepare myself for the college work load. I would have developed good study habits then so I would not have to make them with college level material. I would have payed much more attention in all of my classes because it would give me a better foundation for the material I would learn at college.


Do as many clep tests as possible! They help so much!


I am an overachiever and a perfectionist, so I would have to tell myself to relax a bit. Work hard, but don't stress about every detail. Worry doesn't accomplish anything. Just be faithful and diligent, and everything will get done. Trust in the Lord God; He is so faithful! And because of salvation in Jesus Christ, you can know that He will never leave you and that He works every detail into His sovereign plan. Nothing in life escapes Him, and He is always with you. Keep seeking Him, reading His Word (the Bible) and following Him with eagerness. Remember not to neglect meaningful relationships with family and friends. Studies are important, but so is encouraging and spending time with the ones you love. Be excited about the future!


Right now I still don't really know where I am headed but I know you won't figure that out until you try new things. So I would tell myself to live without fear and learn to experience and attempt. Also go for what you love to do. You won't want to spend the next 4 years of your life in a Major you hate. If you aren't sure what you like, write down some of your srenghts and goals and hobbies to help you decide.


Work harder. Listen better. And cherish the time you have. Don't stress about the stupid things of high school. There's so much more to life than boys and being popular. Be real. Show the love of Christ. Befriend Melissa Clark.


I would try to discern whether or not an institution could shape my thought processes as much as I assumed. First, one reason I selected this college was because I assumed that it was a "safe" environment which would help me grow in my faith and religious beliefs. However, I now realize that being in an instutition that challenged and questioned my belief system would ultimately have strengthened my trust in God. In retrospect, I would have advised myself to attend a college that would challenge my convictions and thought processes. Such a place of higher learning would cause me to grow intellectually and provide me with the opportunity to broaden my perspectives. Also, I would have attempted to keep my career goals in mind as I chose a college. I am desirous of becoming a surgeon and would have done well to attend a more competitive university. Thus, I would advise myself to attend a school that has a proven track record of students attending, and succeeding in medical school. In closing, my advice to myself after two and a half years of college would be to attend a school that challenges me academically while facilitating my career goals


Start your study skills early in life!


I would probably warn myself that being a resident college student is like reliving high school. The responsibilities of life are actually a heavier load than I expected, so I would also warn myself that I am going to need to be tough to make it through college.


As a senior I did not realize how hard it would be to pace myself school wise. I tend to work at my school too much and never relax. I would have told myself to learn to let go sometimes and enjoy life. I would have worked harder at my studie skills in learning how to study for timed tests. I would have timed myself on tests. One major thing I wish I had learned was how to take tests. I would tell myself to learn to stand up for myself more and learn to say when something is wrong.


I would say that going to college is a very important decision to make and most likely the smartest decision to make. College is not a "walk in the park" like some highschools are. Going to college is a fantastic tool that teaches responsibility and will help a young person coming out of high school become an adult. By going to college, you are basically out on your own and no longer under the protection of your parents. You will have to learn to manage your time, school work, finances, and social life responsibly. Going to college will give you most of the tools you need in order to become successful in life. One of the good things about college is that you will make potentially life-long friends. College will not only help you grow academically, but also college will help you grow up and become an adult.


High school seniors think they know it all. When I was a high school senior, I thought I knew all I needed to know academically and mentally. If I could go back in time, I would tell myself that I do not know everything. I would tell myself that living eight hours from home is more difficult than I thought it would be. Not having parental supervision is not all I thought it would be. I would tell myself that I could not even begin to imagine how much more I could learn about academics and simple every-day things in life. I would advise myself to develop better study skills, because while schoolwork is overall easy in high school, it would not be so easy in college and I would need to know how to study in college. Finally, I would tell myself not to be so consumed with being liked by others. I would tell myself that college is full of differnt people and I need to be myself, rather than what others want me to be because there are too many people to please in college.


I would tell myself, to stay focused and not let myself get so stressed. The financial burden of attending Clearwater Christian can sometimes, make my outlook be negative. For example, my first year I contemplated if the money was worth it. I can now say it is, and that money is something I never should have focused on. I would tell myself to relax, have fun. I have a hard time interacting with people, and Clearwater made that easy. Another friendly reminder would be not to worry. There are always going to be challenges and bumps in the road along the way, but I can push through it.


Don't take advantage of your friends and family. Learn how to play an instrument. Workout and take care of yourself. Don't believe everything you hear or read. Know what you believe and why you believe it. Stand up for what you know is right and don't be afraid of being wrong. Spend your time focusing on others and not so much on yourself. Strive to keep a strong relationship with God. Don't wait to get involved in whatever Church you join. Set up accountability partners right away. Learn to live with no regrets and make goals and focus on them. Don't be afraid to ask advice, you don't know everything. Listen intently to everything that your professors say no matter if it will be on the test or not, they all have a lot of wisdom and experience. Stay in touch with home and make sure they know that you love them. Most importantly DON'T PRCRASTINATE!!!


I would tell myself to stop worrying so much and being preoccupied with what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I would also tell myself that college is much more of an important time in life than high school and that the transition isn't as hard as expected. Letting go of the worrying takes off stress and helps getting the assignments and work done quicker and with better quality.


College is a great place to learn and grow, and it will certainly throw life experiences your way that you never will have imagined. This being said the most important thing to learn, going into your first year, is the people you choose to spend your time with will, without a doubt, affect the way you make choices. They will warp or shape how you react to these situations you will be placed in, and they will discourage or motivate you for scholarly acheivement. I know you think you know exactly why you're going to school and just HOW MUCH you will work on your education, but the truth is your success at this college will be directly related to those you choose to spend the majority of your time with. A concept hard to assimilate is that you can actually choose your friends and decide FOR YOURSELF what kind of a man you will become. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there and have fun, but decide now what your FIRST PRIORITY will be, in your new and suprising world, that is Clearwater Christian College.


Find a college that is accademically and soccially balanced. one that doesn't discriminate so strongly


Take your education seriously. It's something that requires a lot of work and discipline, but is invaluable.


Work harder than you think you will have to.


If I can go back to my Senior year in high school I would have told myself to get a job because college is expensive and it only gets harder every semester. You never know if you're going to have enough money to come back next semester. I would have also made sure i went to a tutor for the SAT so that I would have been able to recieve money to help me for college.


I would say to myself that there is no need to worry. Sure it will be a big change but it is nothing that can't be handled with the help of God. God can get you through any situation. I would tell myself that it would be a big transition , but I could figure things out pretty quickly and adjust to the difficulties quickly.


I would tell myself to pick a place where I know I will want to stay for four years. Definitely try and choose a school that has your major, is in an area that you would like to live in, and has any kind of other activities that you would want to participate in.


The first year of college is not that big of a change from high school academically. However, getting adjusted to living with lots of people is very difficult. You must learn to share, communicate, respect, and be friendly. This part of college greatly aids in helping students grow up and mature. Even if there is an alternative to living on campus, it is a good idea to try living in a dorm at least one year. This is a great time of maturity for students. The coursework gradually gets harder as each year passes, but it will normally ease you into the worst classes and work. Drinking is a big part of many college students' lives, but you don't have to join in. It is a habit that can lead to many awful things later in life, and people will respect you if you say no. Be willing to stand up for your beliefs and don't let people push you into doing things you don't want to do. To get adjusted to college, just take each day as it comes and do your best, but make sure to have fun!


I would have taken my schooling more seriously and realized that college is not like high school. I would tell myself that it's important to find a balance and choose my priorities. I would tell myself that I should be ready to work hard because college is a different ball game.


I would tell myself to pay more attention to English class. And to start looking for scholarships earlier.


If I could go back to my senior year in high school, I would tell myself to enjoy the friends you have now but be able to open up to new people with same or different ideas from your own. I would tell myself to put all you can into your work, but remember that God is in control and He will take care of you. Do not worry about what other people think because in the long run they do not matter only God does. Lastly, I would tell myself to enjoy life because it is too short to speed through it.


Research in more detail, the colleges that offer the major that you want to take. Know the major that you want to take, or try to come as close as you can to a decision about the major you would like to take. Then look specifically for the colleges that interest you and are highly qualified to teach that major. Consider, even before you're out of high school, a backup college in case your first pick does not work out. Take a good look at the professors involved with your major, and the success of people who have been through that program. Have fun, but take it serious, even before you get there!


Knowing what I know now about college life and the transition required from high school to collegiate level school work, I would advise myself to read more books and watch more news shows before graduating high school. Had I known what college would be like, I would have read more classic literature, academic journals, and biographies. It is very important to have as wide a knowledge base as possible before entering college. It will help you discuss and confer with your professors and fellow students about the important issues of life. History, Literature, and English Composition all would have been easier if I had read those types of books back in high school. Secondly, I would have watched more news shows so that I could hold my own in a discussion of current events and present good, challenging points and opinions. I always feel disconnected from the world while at college because I never established the habit of seeking out the news. Now that I do not have the opportunity to just switch on the television, my knowledge of current events has disappeared. Thinking and researching what is going on in the world in imperative to a balanced school experience.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would say, ?Kaitlynne, everything is going to be okay! Take the leap without hesitation.? The transition between high school and college can be a very difficult transition but I wasn?t moving out, I was still going to school in the area and I was still working at the same place. It was a hard decision to pick where I was going to attend school and I let other people's opinions worry me and make it an awful period of time. I would encourage myself to stand firm by my decisions and not to second guess myself and my choice of school and the major I chose. The last piece of advice I would give myself is to remember to take some time for me. It?s tiring always trying to please others so make sure you get a break for yourself every once in a while.


Looking to change your life. Make Clearwater Christian College a main destination. Your going to be challenged academically and spiritually. You will develope yourself and your confidence will grow!


If I could go back and talk to myself when i was a senior in high school i would begg myself to be more responsible with my finances. Making the transition from living in financial freedom to paying for everything is very overwhelming. I wish I would have established good saving habits earlier in life. I am convinced that the answer to finical difficulties is not having more money but rather it is being responsible with the money you do have.


Take your academics more seriously. Grades are very important in college. Start being disciplined with different activities and time management so you dont have to learn it when you come to college. Put in some more time practicing basketball. Be smart with you money. Its going to be easy to just go out and spend lots of money hanging out with your friends but you can have a good time without spending all the money. Have fun with what you do. Be focused on grades and everything but don't be so focused that you do not spend any time with your friends.


I would tell myself to make more friends and to treasure their friendship. I would also study alittle harder and make wiser choices. I would tell myself that time will fly and I got to be positive and enjoy every minute of it. I would take more time to get on my knees and pray to God.


I would advise myself to go into a major that would transfer easily, I liked the school, but would have transfers after a year and a half. This school is really small and I would have wanted to go to a school that was bigger than this one.


Studying and preperation are much more essential parts of college life than they at first seem. The work in high school is nothing more than a warm-up to the papers and assignments in college classes. Paying attention and participating in class are crucial to succeed.


To go work hard and just be yourself. Do your best in every area of school. It is well worth the time and effort that is put into it. What you decide now will affect you for the rest of you life. Pick a major that you are really passionate about and can excel in.


Get ready to work. As a high school senior, I was used to coasting through school. I had done it my whole life. Studying and homework took up a very small portion of my time and I still got all As. College requires a whole new mindset. Students can no longer expect to find the answers to homework word for word in the text book. Earning money to pay the college bill and trying to maintain somewhat of a social life leaves students with hardly any free time. Extra curricular activities such as sport or music involvement takes away from the already non-existant free time. College requires students to use the little time that they have very wisely. Every second must be used to gain all that can be gained from that second. It is not easy. Get ready to work.


The advise I would give to myself would probably be to grow up! Being a senior in high school caused me and many of my friends to become arrogant and think we're all that. But we were only ending one small stage in our lives. And three short months after graduation we were awkward little freshman again. I wish that I could've told my selfelf to be more responsible. I spent the majority of my time with friends when I could've been working. I didn't realize that soon I would be responsible for my finances. I wish I could've told myself to learn good spending, eating and study habits early on so it would be easier in college.


Make sure to be thankful to my parents for all they have done for me and how much they care for me. Also, make sure to establish a solid study habit and ritual.


College is not high school anymore. You have to put lots of time and effort into work and classes in order to succeed. You are the one responsible for everything that you do and not your teachers or your parents. Work hard, study, don't procrastinate, and prioritize.


It is a great experience to be away from home. I would strongly advise someone wanting to choose a college not to choose the easy way out. Really try to experience the full college experience. It is worth it.


If I could go back and give my high school self advice i would begin by telling her that she really needs to focus more on her school work. I know that school is difficult for a high school student but it will pay off in the end when she enters college. She will feel more prepared to do the work that is assigned. Studying hard will also bring about a higher GPA which will help in receiving scholarships. Do not take the SAT lightly it is also important in getting into college and getting the financial aid that is needed. I would tell her to begin thinking about her future plans early and know exactly what she wants to do as a career before entering school. This will help in saving time and money from studying the things that does not interest her. She should speak to a college guidance counselor early about what major she is interested in so that she knows and is prepared for what is ahead. i would let her know that college will be difficult but it is a great experience and a very rewarding feeling of acomplishment so work hard


Study hard


study now because your all your grades count. get ahead


I would tell myself not to stress out about college. There are so many people at the colleges you apply to that are willing to help you out. Don't feel like you are going about it alone because you can always find someone who is willing to help you.


Don't be lazy. Know God, know yourself, know the gospel, know your purpose. Learn all you can, save all you can, give all you can.


Check out a bunch of colleges. I only checked out one but I wonder if my choice would change if I had looked at other colleges. Work hard in college cause every grade does count. Dont slack off at the beginning of the semester and try to catch up with your grades and improve them at the end of the semester because it gets harder through the year.

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