Clearwater Christian College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I honestly have nothing bad to say about Clearwater Christian College. My first year experience was more or less what I expected it to be.


The worst thing about my school is the hypocrisy. We are a Christian school. Although we are a Christian school, there are students who say they are saved but their lifestyle speaks completely against it. On the outside, They may act like they are in a right relationship with Christ but they are living in sin and against the laws of God.


Well to be honest I do like that the school is small. You get to really know people. You get to know what your professors are really like and they know you by name. Not just a face. We are all just like a big faculty here. However since it is a small campus there aren't many things they can offer other than academics. There aren't really any activities that you can do on campus when you have to clear your mind. That is probably the biggest problem I have with this school


The worst thing at the school would be the food. why? becasue its not cooked that well or just taste nasty.


Dissipline for the sports teams, because it seems like they get away with more then other people.


The administration treats the students like children instead of letting or expectin them to act like adults but still tells the students they should act like adults.


While the small size (approximately 600 students) is nice, it is often a detriment. Fewer opportunities exist here than at other colleges and universities I considered, though the faculty and staff do their best to give the students as many opportunities as possible.


The worst thing about my school is the only inter colegiate sports are womens vollyball, basketball, and soccar, and for men's sports there are soccar,basketball, baseball and golf. I think sports like cross country, track , football,and softball would give moe students to become involved in sports.


I like everything about my school. There is really nothing bad about it. The only thing that I particularly don't like is the food. The food is okay, but some of the things that the kitchen comes up with is not very good. Also, the food can be very fatty.


The workout facilities could really use some help. They are working on improving them, but for the most part they are not very helpful. The food isn't that good, and the meal plan is horrible. You have two options and that's it. There are really no places for the students to hang out on campus, and the weekends on campus are like a living in a graveyard.


there is a lot of dumb rules


I think that the worst thing about my school is that students are always in cliques.


The worst thing at Clearwater Christian College are the ultra conservative rules.


some of the rules are very extreme such at 10:30pm curfew


This school tends to be a bit strict in their rules but compared to other Christian colleges it is fairly lenient. It is also on the smaller side with not as many majors to choose from and not as many sports.


PETA wont let us build on the property behind campus.


I would have to say the food. It is not terrible all the time but it is the only negative thing that I can say about the school.


the administration


The rules are the worst. They are very strict, but I do realize that in order for our school to maintain the core values that it has, the rules must be tight. I think it could loosen up on some though.


I think the worst thing about our school is the lack of guidance counselors. We don't need many because we have a small student body. The department head of your major is your guidance counselor and I don't think they always do the best job because they don't always have time to sit down and figure out your schedule with you. I feel like they could improve greatly in that aspect by hiring guidance counselors specifically for the students.


There is little freedom when it comes to life style. There are many rules that are enforced that should not be deanded of the students but rather the students should have more freedom.


The fines you pay for infractions instead of getting demerits. College students can't afford to keep handing out money to a college where they are giving thousands already. I believe demerits are an effective punishment.


Rules and fines. Authorities do not listen to students ideas and interest.


I can't really say anything bad about CCC, the facuality and the staff are always looking to help u succeed in your carreer and your future. They care only for to see the students to succeed in life and in all they do here at CCC. The administration and the rule are that to be aspected at a private college, but for me they keep me where and what I am suppose to be doing so for me they are a plus.


Some policies are outdated and unhelpful. I came knowing CCC had a traditional, conservative background, but would like to see more steps taken to meet students at a more modern context.


With a smaller enrollment (c. 600 students), CCC is quite limited in its financial resources. For this reason, some of the facilities aren't as brand new or nice as larger colleges, but the administration does try to do things as much as possible... even if it means rennovating dorm rooms 2 at a time. Another thing is the food- it's often sub-par in quality.