Clearwater Christian College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People who are going to complain about the rules instead of trying to understand why they are in place.


Some factors that might keep you from attending Clearwater Christian College are a lack of respect for rules, or if you aren't fond of a smaller student body (CCC is made up of roughly 600 students). Also if you are not a Christian, and not seeking a Christian education so that you can use your future career for God's glory, then this school is probably not the place for you.


Any type but I would say someone who likes to have fun but don'y mind following rules.


Students who are not interested in being mentored in preparation for their careers should not attend Clearwater. The school takes a personal interest in each student to help them mature and grow in every area during their time here at Clearwater.


Anyone who is a believer in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and is looking to grow in their relationship with Him.


Someone who is not looking for Gods leading in their life.


One who has not accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. Anyone who wants to live a worldly life and doesn't like to follow more strict rules. Anyone who does not love God, his/her fellow man/woman, life, and grace. Anyone just looking to party their way through college would not fit in well here either.


Someone who doesn't care about where they are going in life. Someone who has no desire to do good or follow Christ.


Someone who can't respect authority or someone who can't take school seriously should not attend this competitive and conservative school.


Any person seeking a liberal arts ecuation who wants to advance their Christian faith and enjoy the Florida weather.


Someone who does not believe in God would probably not feel comfortable at this college seeing that it is a Christian College, but they will still be welcomed and loved.


Someone who does not believe in God, who does not care about academics, who is lazy, or who likes large universities.


The kind of person who should not attend is a person who sturugles with a structured enviorment. If you are a little more free spirited choose another college.


someone who is not a christian who engages in activities such as: alcohol, drugs, or anything that is nonbiblical


Anyone who isn't a born again believer.


Any individual who is not a strong Christian or evangelical should probably avoid this school.


It is a very conservative school, so people unwilling to have strict rules on conduct and externals such as dress and hair should not attend. It is also a fundamental Christian school.


Someone who has low morals. Someoe who doesn't care about academics. Someone who hates rules.


Anyone who does not like to follow rules. It is a Christian based school, so anyone that is not religious I would not advise to go here.


People with very liberal views would be discouraged from attending.


People who cannot follow rules well. Someone who is on drugs or is an alcoholic should not attend my school.


If you are looking to be a history professor or teacher. That aspect of our campus is a little down right now.


someone that likes big schools and lots of people


Someone who doesn't find his ultimate joy in loving and serving Jesus Christ.


I don't think that people who do not agree with the religious affiliation of this school should attend here; they will not feel comfortable and probably not do very well, although the school would like to talk to anyone.


a non christian who is not serious about a good solid education and christian enviorment.


A person that does not care about his or her spiritual or academic life should not attend this college.


A very liberal one who only wants to party.


Any person could attend this college, except if they could not speak English some.