Clearwater Christian College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Work hard, be patient, and relax. Develop a diligent study method, master the art of time management, and consistently work hard. Trust that your blood, sweat, and tears will pay off because the universe will bend towards the good you have done, therefore, when the good opportunities presents itself, embrace those moments because you have done the hard work to deserve it. And lastly, live your life because no one else will live it for you.


I would advise myself to challenge myself in every subject. I would tell myself to develop a studying method, and actually learn the material not just study to pass the test. I would tell myself to stay ahead on all assignments and not procrastinate, because it leads to unnecessary stress. I would start saving every extra dollar I had, and apply for as many scholarships as possible. I would tell myself to figure out what major my heart was telling me to pursue, and narrow down my school options that offer my major. I would tell myself that waiting to the last minute to chose a college and fill out scholarships, results in missed deadlines and just randomly choosing a college and not even being sure if they offer your major. I would emphasis the importants of my grades regardless of the class, they will be looked at. I would tell myself to actually study for the ACT, not just go take it. The grade is very important and is always looked at. I would tell myself to take all the dual enrollment classes offered in high school that would benefit my major.


If I could go back in time to when i was a senior I would of tiold myself to take school more serious. I would of advised myself to do better and pay more attention in class and to also make a college a priority to do after high school and not wait so long to go back. I would tell myself that education is number one and when you let that past by you have nothing.


If I were to go back and have the opportunity to see myself as a high school senior, this is what I would say: nothing. The reason for this is that I have been doing very well my first two years of college. I have been awarded Outstanding Psychology Student of the Year, I became and officer of the Psychology Club, I had a great volunteer experience with patients with brain injuries, and I became a member of the honor society Phi Theta Kappa. Socially, I have made the best friends I have ever had and have gone through great experiences.If I were to tell my high school self any of this, what would it change? Maybe I would have taken these achievements for granted and not worked as hard. Perhaps I wouldn’t have branched out the same way to meet the people I have. I do not wish to risk that. Instead I would look at the younger me and smile in reminiscence. She would ask about her future but I would tell her nothing. I would just be happy for what I know she has ahead of her.


If traveling back through time to my high school self would not create a paradox and destroy the world as we know it, then I would tell myself three things. 1) Don't be afraid of the unknown. I remember how I would shy away from applications of all kinds, ranging from jobs to scholarships. It's okay to put yourself out there and let people know what you can do. 2) Don't follow the crowd. If you know something is right, but others don't understand your point of view then forget the others! Stick with what you know to be true. It will be, at times, a very lonely road. But you must remember that even though you're out on your own, you are never going through life by yourself. Lastly, 3) Listen and obey your parents judgement. They really do know great tips and hints about life. Don't be stubborn wanting to do your own thing because it will often times result in heartache. This is a quote I'd like to leave my younger self "You can do whatever you want, so long as you are willing to receive the consequences. "


Be yourself and just fit in how you are. Study hard and don't slack off because it's not as easy and laid back at high school was.


I would tell myself to follow my heart even if my parents are not on board. I would say that teaching is my dream and my passion and that I should go into math ed instead of physcial therpay to begin with. One big piece of advice is to really study, becuase college is so different from high school and you have to study to do well, but not forget your social life; you have to have balance in your life to do well. Also, yes the school has rules but they are for your benefit. I realized that the teachers here while they are hard they really do care about you as a person and want you to do your best. Also, do not take biology because science is not yor strong point but don't give up because you don't want to be struggling to pass. Finally, i would tell myself to listen to what my parents say, they were in college to and know what their talking about and call your family and talk to them. They miss you. I did not come to college to find a soul mate but to get an education.


College life is different from high-school, yet not drastically so. High-school students should set their priorities before actually arriving at college, and they should often remind themselves that the reason they are at school is to study, not socialize. Keeping one's long-term goal in mind- graduation (with a high GPA)- is also critical to remind one's self constantly. For college life easily is an existence of immediate gratification with people, with food, or with one's new-found freedom, and many college students forfeit their long-term goals for these.


First, I would recommend taking a few dual-enrolled classes as a senior in high school to help kick start my college career. I would also recommend that I look at several colleges, talk to other students who attend that school, and visit the schools before making any decisions. I would slowly prepare myself over the summer to get adjusted to a school schedule (sleep, etc.). I would also recommend creating a schedule that allows myself at least 3 hours a day of study time. I would also say that the first year of college is not all fun in games, and you should make sure you keep on track with your school work. Learn to balance your time. I would also recommend that you should save as much money as possible before starting college, and don't spend it on unnecessary things. Finally, it is ok to ask for help, go talk to your professors or upper-classmen for help.


Not only have I received an immense amount of knowledge in just the year and a half I have attended so far, I have had the opportunity to cultivate amazing relationships. I have found in my peers deep, lasting friendships, and in my authorities, care, concern, and love to help mentor me. In attending a Christian college, I have learned more about how intricately God designed His creation. I appreciate that I will be receiving a Bible minor along with my Biology degree. College has also given me the opportunity to meet professionals in my field of study and ask questions of them. I covet the time professors have spent with me, explaining and answering questions about course material and otherwise. My job as a Biology Lab Assistant has also been a tool for learning which I would not have gained elsewhere. I am deeply thankful for this opportunity I have to attend college, especially at a school that I love so much.


I started out last semester at Southeastern University as a music major. It was a great school with quality education and amazing campus living. This spring I transfered to Clearwater Christian College for a few reasons and it has been a pleasent switch. The teachers and faculty are all very sweet and welcoming and they are all willing to help you with whatever you need. The classes are challenging which has taught me discipline since I have to stay on top of things. I have also learned and am currently learning responsibility because of all of the rules and guidelines. The college is very Bible-centered and they do not compromise their beliefs to get more students or impress people. I have been impressed with their integrity and it is an example to me. I have not even been at the school for a month and I have already started to gain better qualities that are improving my character because of the atmosphere of it.


My college experience has given me lifelong friends, a great education, a connection with professors with much knowledge, and also a closer walk with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Clearwater Christian College is non-denominational which has opened my eyes to beliefs of those of other religions and strengthened my beliefs. I have been continually stretched and forced to make decisions to solidify my position in certain standings. I am so thankful for this probing and stretching because it will help me in my major. I am a Pastoral Studies major wanting to focus on youth education specifically. We are continually faced with questions and problems from the professors which we will face during our ministry times. Teens ask many questions and need to be given answers. Right now is giving me that opportunity to plan my answers ahead and be able to think logically through answers before giving them.


Well I have learned how to live with other people and get alone with them, even if they are diffirent. I have learned that life moves so fast and that soon ill be done with colloege and out in the world. Ive learned that not every time you will succede at something ,but the one that continues on will. This college has been an awesome place to me. Ive restored my broken relationship with my family, the college gave me a job and a place to live during the summer when I did not have anywhere to go. The staff here is like my family when I did not have one they were my family and im truely humbled and thankful. The college has helped me in so many ways and I hope to finish off my college years here at my Home .


I have learned so much about myself while being at college. It has shown me how important it is for me to be organized, focused and responsible. Balancing all the different responsibilities and aspects of college is such a dramatic change from living at home with my parents while attending high school. I've had to learn to prioritize, and especially not to procrastinate. Obviously I am here to get a good education in order to have a good career in the future, but I have learned so much more than just academics. Living with other dorm students has also taught me a lot of patience and self-sacrifice. Being in close quarters with strangers has forced me to learn to quickly make friends and to appreciate what we have in common. Overall, even though I haven't quite been here for a full year, I have learned so much from being at college, and I hopefully will come out in the end after 4 years as a better, more rounded person for it.


When I was younger I hated grade school and never wanted to go to college. Now that I am in college I have a passion for learning and acheiving my goals. I enjoy every class and I work hard studying. I don't understand why some kids skip class. I'm there to better myself and become successful in my career. College gives me a purpose and drive that makes me very motivated to achieve great things. I hope to be a youth minister one day and that will take some time in school. I want to be educated not only so I can get the job but for my own knowledge and interests. I have goals to learn new languages, for example, Hebrew and Greek. Being educated is very valuable in this world and I never realized that before I started going to college. Now I see the light.


From my college experience, I have gained a valuable amount of responsibility, knowledge, and fun! I have met wonderful, new people that make the struggles worth while. I love lerning new things an challenging myself and thats exactly what college does for me. It has been valuable because I am learning things i couldnt have learned anywhere else. I am the first in my family to attend college, and I can share my many experiences with my mother and father. I would say my most valuable experience is seeing the faces of my family light up with joy when I tell them what i've learned or show them my grades! Its an incredible feeling to make myself happy, better myself and have my parents ever so proud of their only little girl! I love it!


The college gives me the option to mature as a young adult. I am becoming more independent everyday. This is a christian school so I am growing day by day closer to my Lord and Savior. Trying to make the rights steps, treating people in the right way. Since this school is small you know lots of people and many of them become very close friends. Its wonderful because you can actually talk to them about it, and they actually care to listen. This is still an academic institution and so I still have studies and other things over my head. So I must stay on top of the 8 ball. Cannot fall behind. It is teaching me self control. To know when I can hang out with my friends and when it is best to stay in my room and study. I believe that this is a great trait to learn now because I will be expected to do the same out in the workforce. To be asked to do something, and to get it done quickly without delay to the best of my ability.


I recently retired after serving 16 years as a law enforcement officer and decided to go back to school after 19 years. Since starting back on January 12, 2011, I realize that it's not easy. There is a lot of hard work that is involved however, I wouldn't change the experience for anything in the world. I have been surrounded by an awesome group of Professors and young people alike who have embrassed me as a true family member. When you find yourself starting anew after so many years, you often wonder what college life is going to be like. Though it has been a challenge, it takes somewhat of a load off my back when it comes to the stress of starting anew, when the people around you embrass and welcome you with a sincere heart. For so many years I have encouraged, motivated and even inspired those younger than I, but now the shoe is on the other foot. They are encouraging, motivating and even inspiring me to stay the course. You are never to old to learn, to be inspired nor to dream. That's what has made my experience in college most valuable.


This college experience of mine has been an enlightening one. I've learned so much about my personality, my spiritual beliefs, and what I want out of my education. I've learned that highschool is something that comes and goes, but what I learn and experience in college is most likely to stick with me. Attending Clearwater Christian College has been a valuable experience because I've learned a lot more then I think I would've been able to learn on my own, or even at another college. My professors are incredibly encouraging and helpful, and as each day goes by, I realize how blessed I am to be able to attend this institution. Of course, it does have it's flaws. The food's not always good, and extremely rainy days are the worst because certain areas of campus flood. But overall I'd have to say that I love this college, I love all that I have learned, and I love the God Who's allowed for me to attend!


Attending college out of state allows a student to broaden his or her horizons. When one grows up in a rural area as I did, the worldview in that community is relatively small. But upon attending college, the students are forced to cross paths with people from all over the country with different backgrounds, stories and struggles. One's eyes are opened to the vastness of our country and the diversity of people. It has been valuable to attend college because it expands one's goals and reshapes their dreams.


I have gotten so much out of it, I don't know where to start. I have been academically challenged, and encouraged to keep studying, and do even better, I have made some fantastic friendships with friends, faculty, and staff. They really do care about you and your well doing. They have so many oppertunities. I have been able to do a Bible study at a Juvinille Detention center in town, and be a part of the pro life club. As well as being involved in my greek, and the political club. And last but not least, I have learned the importance of saving money, and stretching your dollar to the last penny.


My college education has been full of opportunities for growth, both in the formal learning and in the experience itself. The experience of learning to live with roommates I wouldn’t have picked, learning to adjust to a very different culture of choices and freedom, and learning to discern beliefs for myself when immersed in a variety of worldviews has taught me as much as the required credits could have. Education has been extremely valuable in my life. Not only has college expanded my mind, but it also has taught me how to learn by providing the resources to start. This experience will affect the rest of my life because it has taught me how to continue growing after I walk off the stage with my college diploma. Because of college I have learned perseverance to accomplish a degree, discernment of my personal abilities and limitations, and adaptation to other people and environments. The actual classroom learning has been mind-opening and invigorating, yet I have received so much more than classes and lectures out of my college education. I’m beyond excited to see what future opportunities and challenges this education will bring.


The most I have gotten out of college is , discipline. I had to learn the hard way by discipling my self to do homework and taking care of my self and not staying up all hours of the night. That has been very valuable to my college education. Why because if I had not done this I most likely fail out of college.


With attending CCC, I have grown in the Lord and have made life-long relationships with people from different parts of the United States. This is valuable to me because I get to learn about others and their life and take into account wisdom or knowledge they can pass onto me, and vice versa.


Great experience! Love being apart of what God is doing in our school!!


College has taught me that everything can be worse. Last year when i was in High School, i thought i had it rough. College has taught me otherwise. I now have to worry about paying classes, paying for books, weekly essays and finding a means of transportation are just some of the worries college brings forth. It has taught me one other lesson: You're smarter than you think you are. i could never fathom doing some of the things I'm doing now. College has been a bittersweet experience so far.


I have learned from college to be honest in everything, to always do what's right, and to work hard and give it my best inwhatever I do. I have found it to be valuable because it applies to everyday life and these lessons and qualities can be used at work, at home, and anywhere you go.


I would say the college experience that I have received, as a result of attending Clearwater Christian College has been a little different from the "College Experience" everyone anticipates. I have enjoyed almost all of my classes and have had the opportunity to be involved with so many wonderful outreach ministries. I have made friends that I know will last a lifetime, and have matured in my perspectives. Friends and teachers have challenged me to be examine my life and begin making decisions that will not only carry me through college, but into my career and throughout all of my life.


I have learned that not all adults just ignore younger people. Here at this school all of our professors want to help us in any way they can and I am so grateful for that. Being at this Christian school has brought me closer to God and has taught me how to open up to people. I feel that without the students and professors I would still be one of those types of people who did not like being around others. This place has really brought me out of my shell.


I have learned so much in my education major requirement classes that I feel incredibly prepared to step into a classroom the second I graduate. I have also have learned so much about God and have grown closer to Him through my experience with this school via classes, dorm life, christian services and personal time set aside. I have been able to learn how to live with people with different views and living styles. I have learned self control and open mindness through different room and suit mates. My greatest gain from my college experience is the life long friends I have made. Even with people graduating ahead of time and transfering out for various reasons I have kept in contact and always have a chance to receive Godly advice when I'm struggling with something. I know I can count on them and the even the staff here whenever I need something, even after I graduate.


My experience here at Clearwater has been invaluable because of the faculty. They are like parents to me. They truly care about details of my life, not just my academic affairs. They are concerned when I am sick; they are excited about things going on back home; they understand when I'm not having a good day. People always talk about how it is in college that you'll make those friends that you keep for life, and they're usually referring to fellow students. While I do have close friends among the student body, some of these lifelong friends that I am gaining are actually faculty members with whom I have worked very closely and spent much time in my college career. These are the ones that I will miss the most. It has been so valuable for me to attend Clearwater because of this one-on-one mentorship and encouragement from people who are not afraid to impart wisdom and become actively involved in my life.


I have grown up a lot these past two years in college. College helped me see who I was, be focused on my goals and what the future possibly holds. It has been so valuable because I have made life-long friends, realized how much I do not know/am learning, and has shown me what being a woman of character looks like. My professors are phenomenal: challenging, encouraging us to do everything with excellence. I have realized the joy in slowing down, enjoying the time I am spending now preparing to impact people through my job.




I have been able to play intercollegiate basketball, and I also have been able to learn different subjects from a Christian perspective which shows you that God is the key to success.


Going to college has done so much more than broaden my education; it has been an all around learning experience that gave me both education and life lessons. My classes gave me vast amounts of information that will be valuable to my success later in life. For example, my english class taught me how to clearly and effectively write, and my math class taught me how to solve various types of math problems that have real life applications. Other than education, attending college has taught me life lessons. I have learned organizational skills and how to prioritize. Also, I have learned how to adjust and be respectful to people even when our personalities vary greatly. It was through these lessons that I have learned that my college experience was truly valuable. The minute details and previously unknown side of my desired profession were revealed to me, shaping me into the knowledgeable person I need to be. Likewise, through newly gained independence, my character, integrity, and ethics developed depth and stability. In conclusion, college is not all about education; attending college gave me education and life lessons in an all around learning experience.


I would tell my self that I should study more. It may not seem like fun and it may seem pointless but you wont regret it because it will give you an advantage and skills that are harder to learn later on. Pick a school that best fits you and what you beilve in. Look at everything about the school and talk to the students because they know more about the actual day to day then what the school tryis to show you. Enjoy college do not spend your time wishing it away when it gets dull. Make lots of friends because they will beable to help you out a lot with your classes and with adjusting to being in college. Get involved in campus activities it will make your experience more worth while. Go to your teachers for help they will respect you for your effort to do well in there classes. Never take anything for granted college is an amazing opportunity and not everyone gets that opportunity.


I would tell myself to work as hard as you can in high school so you could attend a great college, ty to get as many college credits as you can so when you go to college you wont have such a hard time. Also, it will provide you with better study habbits in the future.


If I could go back in time to when I was in high school I would tell myself to not focus so much on the price of a college, but instead, base my decision on what the college has to offer me and what it will contribute to my future in business.


College is more in-depth than high school is, therefore, college needs more concentration. Statistics say that 85-90{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of high school work is done inside of the classroom, but in college only 15-10{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the work is done in the classroom. Each subject in college is more thorough than that of the high schools subject. If I were to go back in time, I would tell myself to pay more attention to the details of each subject, and to study a few days in advance instead of the night before so that I might retain more of the information. This would make the transition from high school to college easier. It would create the habit of studying before-hand, and would prevent college students from having to pull ?all-nighters.?


Dear Alicia, You're almost ready to graduate from high school and will be making an amazing transition to college studies and life. There are few things you should know before you take off. Work hard in everything you do, including studying, planning, writing--even thinking! Spend the time to do every assignment with excellence. College professors are absolutely thrilled when they meet a student with a critical mind, one who learns and is eager to do so. Follow that example. Glean from them as much as possible. They are absolute treasure troves of information and knowledge. Be kind, friendly and open to those around you. Smile even when you don't feel like it. Behave with integrity and sincerity. Even as a freshman, people will be watching you. Be worthy of their attention. Finally, and most importantly, love God. Spend time with Him fervently as you learn to love Him more. He is your strength and renewal. The quality of your relationship with Him is directly to related to your relationship with everything else. He is worthy of your time above all else. Take heart to what I've said. It comes from experience. Love, Alicia


If I could go back in time I would tell myself to be ready to study more than I did in high school. I was able to maintain a 3.3 GPA in high school with minimal studying, and it has taken much more studying once in college than I had anticipated. I would also advise myself to prepare ahead of time for varsity sports. Playing a varsity sport at college takes much more work than playing in high school. It would be beneficial to prepare ahead of time both academically and physically.


In general, college only happens one time so make the most of it! Even though you may think that it is a going to be nothing but parties and fun, you are mistaken. But if you think that it is going to be nothing but sitting through long lectures and having to read boring text books, you are also mistaken. My advice is have a balanced life. Make sure you schedule time in to work on your studies during the week so you can have some free time on the weekends. Be yourself because no one likes a fake. Work hard to get good grades in your classes because a good gpa is earned one class at a time. And lastly, make friends if only so you can get connected with study groups. Do your best to be the best student, person and friend you can be in college. Because in general, the reputation you make in college may be the only memory people have of you during the rest of your life.


In many respects your education is not in the hands of the school you will attend or even the professors in whose classes you will sit -- it is in your hands. What you get out of the next four years will depend mostly on what you invenst. You can do enough work to get by, or even enough work to earn a high GPA, without necessarily receiving an education. There will probably never be another period of your life which will be ostensibly dedicated to learning, so take advantage of this one. Read the books, and read the good ones again. Ask questions. Seek out those professors and fellow students who challenge you and open new horizons to you. Discuss, debate, argue. Read. Attend lectures by visiting scholars. Read. Don't look for the easy grade, take the challenging class. Read. Dare to think.


Remember that poem "Our Deepest Fear" by Marianne Williamson? Well in it she asks, "...who are you not to be ( that is; brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous)?" Then she goes on to say, " we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same." I want to tell you to live by that. You are very special. There's a whole world with millions of people waiting for you to come and show them that they too are special. That they too can fly. So go ahead. Fly. The world is waiting. And remember...Never, Never give up on your calling. P.S. Love God. Love others. Nothing else matters.


Making the transistion will be easy. Being at a small school, it is easy to make friends, not only for the semesters, but friends for life. The teachers will be very helpful and being away from home isn't so bad. Being away gives an opportunity for independence while still being connected to family no matter where they are. The work is a little bit more challenging, but if you apply yourself and take the time to do it, you will be fine. Social life is great. There are more than enough opportunities to hang out with friends on and off campus.


Stay focused on the goals you have set for yourself. Make your own decisions based on what is right for you. Trust your instincts not your heart. The heart will deceive you, but your instincts come from a more rooted place inside you. Ask for help when you need it, and take time to extend help to others. Finally, trust the Lord in all things. Lean not on your own understanding, but seek God's guidance and wisdom to lead you.


To continue to stay focus and look at the bigger picture, because in the end thats all that counts


If I were speaking to myself as a high school student, I would be sure to warn of the academic distincitons of college life and the difficulties they present. While the college format is more enjoyable in some respects, it definitely is a new learning experience that any high school student could use some pointers on. One of the major differences between college and high school is the amount of time the assignments consume. It is vital to know when exactly everything is due so that you can begin your preparations with enough time to do a good job. You will not be reminded constantly of your assingments and doing them the night before gets harder and harder to do. Taking time to write each of your assignments on a calender is a valuable and efficient way to keep track of everything. Be sure to pay attention and take notes in class as it will save you from having to cram for exams. You will for certain have some very late nights studying and working on projects, but just know that they are necessary and are part of the college experience.


Focus!!! The key to staying on top of college life and classes is focus. There is so much going on during college life, and you need to keep your focus on your studies and also on extra-cirrucular activities. College's main focus is to do well, but you also need to have fun and enjoy it. Manage your time so that you get all your homework done and do not fall behind. And then set aside time to hang out with friends and establish friendships. Remember to enjoy your college life, for that is when your life starts and where your whole life ahead of you is determined. Keepy your focus on God, and He will direct you. He always knows what is best! Whatever you do, think about your decision. Do not just jump into doing something just because it sounds good. Analysize the end results. Mostly enjoy life and strive ahead for the goals that you have in mind!


Matt, listen up, this is future Matt talking, and you have a lot to learn. First of all, you did alright. You got a good grasp of the English language, and your'e steps toward learning Spanish have really helped in your two upcoming trips to south of the border. Good job on the reading, you would be suprised how many friends I have at college right now who have never read a book just for fun! And playing football was not a mistake or a waste of time, those lessons learned will last a lifetime... Secondly, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING! You need to get involved more! Try volunteering, even if it's just for once a month at a homeless shelter or cleaning local parks. Don't waste your weekends on all those stupid video games, do something productive with your time! Also, you are too young to be set in your ways already, try new stuff! Take a dancing class, try Shakespeare, pluck a few notes on a guitar, learn to surf at the beach instead of just being lazy in the sun. Go out of your way, you never know WHAT you will discover!