Clearwater Christian College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


I think the most frustrating thing is the random schedule of chapel services, class meetings, Greeks, and whatever else goes on in the 9 o clock hour. It doesn't seem consistent and as a new student in the Spring semester, I have found it very difficult to keep up or even find where I am suppose to be at times.


Clearwater Christian College has excellent faculty but not enough of them. The faculty teach very well but are often overloaded with work. Scheduling classes can also be a challange. Because of the college's small size certain classes are only offered up to ever other semester. Other classes are offered every semester but at only one time--example Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10 AM. Still other classes or groups of classes are only taught by one professor, giving students no varitety.


Probably the curfew rule that we have to be in our dorms at 1030 pm.


The most fustrating thing about my school is that the rules, although set for our own good, sometimes feel like a weight.


The school was a bit too small and the academic culture was lacking.




Since my college is a small private college, some classes are only offered once a year. This was frustrating to me because I would prefer to take classes that begin after 10:00 a.m. since I am a commuter that has to drive 30 mins. to get there every morning. However, the classes I needed to take are only offered at 7:35 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. next semester.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that the small number of students leads to everyone knowing or getting involved in others' personal business.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that the number of credits at which you are conidered to be taking an overload is above 16, and you have to pay extra for every credit hour above 16. My major requires that I take 18 credits in some semesters which means that, even though I'm just following the plan to finish my degree in 4 years, I have to pay extra money for those semesters. I think that if you are supposed to take above 16 credits that you should not be penalized for that.


The most frustrating thing is the rules. I understand I chose to go to CCC but it is still very tough. I understand the rules are in place to keep order and five students a sort of guide as to what they can and cannot do, but some of the rules are just... stupid, for lack of a better word. In all honesty though, Its only a few rules, the mahjority of them are fine.The few dumb rules are the only complaint.


Sometimes the rules can get a bit tedious. This school does a great job of providing an amazing environment to learn and an amazing way to get a great degree, but the rules can be frustrating sometimes. Also, the shelterdness of some of the students you have interactions with can also be very frustrating on a day-to-day basis.


Curfew is the most furstrating thing about my school.


the rules can be a little rediculous, and your are fined instead of getting demerits


Some of the dress code rules are a little extreme. Not being able to go to the movies can get frustrating.


Privacy, but that is just dorm life for you. I love CCC still.


The most frustrating thing about my school is all the demerits and fines they give out. Also, alot of the rules are strange and not biblicaly backed.


That it is too small, there are many times that the school feels like a highschool instead of a college, because of all of the drama that goes on with the students that live on campus.


I can't think of anything, I'm very satisfied here.


Some of the rules such as dress code, going to movie theaters, and staying over at people's houses. You have to get permission to stay over at people's houses. Movie theaters are never allowed, and some of the dress code requirements are difficult to follow semester-long especially as you get into your internship.


limited opportunities due to a small budget and little/no federal endowment.


I would say the most frustrating thing about my school is some of the students who profess to be Christians and attend a Christian college have no respect for the rules that are enforced.


The rules are not the same for everyone. If you are on a sports team here at CCC, you can almost get away with murder and you will not get in trouble but if your a regular student, you get nailed for everything. It is a joke how they inforce the rules. Very strict rules. No ablity to live off campus unless you are 23. Really expensive for the quality of the experience we get.


The curfew doesn't give you enough time to study outside the campus facilities. The Campus doesn't have a big enough library.


All of the rules and regulations that we are required to follow