Clearwater Christian College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would have been a little more prepared for the level of difficulty that college would be compared to high school.


How solid of an academic program they had, and how financial aid was so willing to help you with finding scholarships and such.


I wish I could have known how hard college was


That I would have to make sure I always kept my grades up because if I slacked off once I would behind the rest of my college career. Also, take every advantage to be involved with the schools (via clubs and community service) because that's how you really get to know students and it feels good helping out. It gets you out of your box and provides an opportunity to meet people you never would otherwise.


I wish that I had known to be aware of infractions that merit fine penalties because it is really annoying to get fined and not know why.


I wish that I has known more about college life and about managing my time. College was big adjustment, and the freshmen coming in didn't always have the preparation for their first year.


That you have fines for failing to do certain requirements and also the twice monthly Christian services.


I wish I would have known the temperatures that Florida has.


How they don't offer the courses that you need to graduate every semester because of the size of the college some classes are only offered every other year and not as often as they are needed.


I wish I would have known some of the rules. While they aren't horrible, they can be somewhat annoying at times.


I wish I had known more about scheduling classes, and what was required for certain majors.


I wish I had known more about the majors offered at CCC.


I wish I would of known about the dorm life before coming, but thankfully I have good roomates which make it such an enjoyable experience.


I did not know all the requirements a student must go through to be looked at to get in this program. In all of the science classes a student is required a C or above. If that quota is not reached that student is first put under an academic watch and if there is no progess evident he/she is kicked out of the program. All of these are extraordinary qualities for a student to be held to. It teaches self-discipline and time manangement for later on in the work place.


The different opinions possesed by the students on theological issues.


I wish i had known more about some of the teachers. I also wish i had known about some of the rules and legalism, although i am happy at clearwater.


I simply wish that I would have been a little more mature and I wish I would have taken some of my classes more seriously.


I wish I would've known that the rules are pretty strict and people sometimes are mean when enforcing them. Otherwise, everything was pretty much what I expected.


I wish I had known how much I was going to like this school. It's a great,close-knit environment and the faculty and staff are amazing. They are great about working with the students and they do everything they can to help the students. It's an awesome school.


That I was going to change my life...


That some of the rules of the have double standards, and a lot of the students here are fake.


I wish I had been aware of more of the rules.


I really don't know. Everything that I have been finding out is good.


the school is not open to different forms of christianity but is only fundamental baptist.


how awesome it is to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, know God personally.


I wish I would have known how frienly the people here are, so I would not have been as nervous about coming.


There is regional accretidation


I wish I would have known some more of the proceures and some of the class schedule things, but I have adapted and now I am enjoying my time here at CCC very much.


I knew alot about the school before I came. I can not think of anything specifically.


That they really enforce the rules, though you can get around alot by being sorry.


I wish that I would have known more about the rules. They rules here are much stricter than a secular school, but at the same time they aren't too overbearing. However, now that I am a senior in college and getting ready to graduate in May, I'm definately ready to step out on my own and begin to live my own life by my own rules. I will however, ever be thankful for the school and the rules that I was placed under because it did help me to become a stronger individual.