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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Back when I was in high school, I was very laid back on the decision process of deciding which college I wanted to go to. I never asked my mom to take me on college tours because she was so busy and did not have that much time. I also let people hold me back that I was really close with. If I could go back in time, I would tell my high school senior self to take the time to go and visit as many colleges as I could. I would advise myself to talk with counselors about the degrees that were offered and what I might be most interested in. I would also advise myself to apply to a ton of colleges, not just the ones I wanted to go to because if one thing does not work out, then I had a back up plan. Finally, I would advise myself to take time and really consider where I see my life in the years after college and figure out what school could have helped me best.


Dear, you may not know it now, but , this is just the begining of your life. you probably will never see these kids again in your life if you do aybe one or two thats it. they are mud under the tires. you will eventually grow up and make new friends and become a lawyer for kids, who need you to be their voice. esspecally those ones who no longer have a voice. You have been told by so many loved ones; "you will never graduate, you will be a teen parents just like your older siblings, and you will never be able to live your life." you set your mind to it to prove them wrong just to shut them up, and you graduated weather is was for you or prove you could do it, you did it! the differance now in your life seeing i know how things turn out in the end, is to just focus on your schooling, study hard for test, and dont make up excuses to do what you want, you have it in you to make a differance in not only your life but the lives of thers too! GOOD LUCK!


Dear Michelle, There was once a time during your upbringing where someone told you that "you are just not college material and that you will not amount to much". You assumed that since your were not the best academic student based on situatuions that were not of your control that statment was your future. What that particular person should of told you is that you can be anything that you want to be. With hard work and positive infuences in your life you can go to the moon if that is what you truely want to do. You should think about what your dream is, set a goal with small steps to succeed at and take one step at a time. You are smart, beautiful and as long as you are happy anything in this world can be at your beck and call. Be positive and it will lead you to success and help you along the way. Love yourself and love will follow you. Follow your dream, study hard and smile, smile, smile. You can do it, I promise. Love, Michelle