Clemson University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


There is a hugely wide variety of talented, dedicated, intelligent, and hard working students. The students around me are also diverse, and from different backgrounds or cultures. This has given me a great learning experience at my favorite college.


My classmates are strong and enthusiastic, they are always willing try work their hardest and are alway willing to do it with a smile on their faces.


Students at Clemson are very friendly and love their Clemson football. Students who don't like large schools will feel out of place.


There are a lot of them, but they known when it's time to study from when it is time to have fun.


Most of my classmates are very intelligent people with alot going for them.


The Clemson student is an academic, proud of his school and all of its accomplishments, unselfish towards other students, and most importantly motivated to learn for learning's sake.


1. Pretty much every student can find their own niche in Clemson. We have all sorts of clubs and groups for all walks of life. 2. A student that didn't like to meet new people would definitely feel out of place here at Clemson. There are new people to meet literally everywhere. 3. Most students wear tshirts and jeans to class, or athletic shorts during the warmer months to make frisbee after class a lot easier. 4. Yes, I know people who differ ideologically greatly, and are still good friends. 5. Well, while clemson does not have major social cliques, and anybody can get into any of them, you would have your fraternity brothers, your sorority sisters, your average joe's (80{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of campus), and a very very small proportion of people that prefer to be alone rather than at a large table of friends. 6. Most of the students are from right here in SC! And, you can visit them at their houses during school breaks! 7. Middle-class 8. Yes, I have political debates with lots of people frequently, and the ones that I have see are mostly right, but some are more left. 9. It is in the student's mind how much money they will make, but a lot of students care more about doing what they love than doing what makes a lot of money.


Students at Clemson generally wear greek shirts; t shirts, hoodies, monogrammed name it! They tend to study engineering of some sort and have a good amount of free time to balance work, school, and social gatherings. It seems like many students work part time which seems to establish a sense of maturity. Students tend to be pretty conservative and sometimes its obvious that they were raised in a very conservative household where someone wouldnt dream of addressing a parent without using ma'am or sir. As a result, people from much more liberal states (northerners, westerners) might feel very out of place here.


One thing that I love about college is that cliques no longer exist. There is no social tier of who's the coolest, prettiest, etc. I don't think there is a particular type of person that would feel out of place at this school because there are so many different types of people here. The majority of students here are white, catholic, republicans that most likely come from a well-off family. There are people that dress nicely for class and there are others who just wear something comfortable. Most girls wear norts (Nike running shorts) and a t-shirt or jeans and boots with a cute shirt. The guys will either look super fratty (button down, Sperry's, some even wear blazers) or they'll show up to class in jeans and a t-shirt. Different types of students definitely interact, but you are naturally gravitated to the people who share the same interests as you. One social barrier here that really bothers me is that they separate Greek life into whites and African-Americans. Clemson is about 65{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} in-state. Being from Philadelphia, I thought I was going to stick out, but there are a lot of kids from the north. There isn't a large barrier between north and south either. I have friends from all over the country. Engineers like to brag about how much money they'll be making in the future, but they deserve it because their classes are pretty difficult.


There is something for everyone on Clemson's campus. There are many students from many different backgrounds and they make sure everyone feels like they're at home. There are religious clubs, LGBT clubs, and groups that cater toward secific cultures and races. I'm not sure who would feel uncomfortable here. The majority of students are very preppy or jock style in what they wear. All sorts of different types of students interact, whether it be in the dining hall, class, clubs, or other activities. Most of the students here are from South Carolina or Georgia, but there are also a lot of out of state students, I'm form Massachusetts and I consider Clemson my home away from home. There is great involvement in student government if you persue it, and they send emails out to the student body with updates quite frequently, I would say there is a majority of conservative students here, but still a fair number of liberal students as well. Students here have a good grasp of what they want to do in the future and how much money they would like to make.


At Clemson, there is a wide variety of students. You can walk to class and hear many different languages being spoken. Most students are from middle-class families. Not many students discuss how much money they will be earning in the future. There are many religious clubs on campus and a lot of students attend these weekly.


My classmates are enthusiastic, friendly, hard working, and loyal to our school, especially to our football team!


My classmates in Clemson University share very similar standards in terms of school and our future. I feel as though I can connect with my classmates yet learn to appreciate their own opinions in any matter. We go through the same course so that we can also understand what we have to accomplish and help each other in places we are weak in. We understand that we are all students who go through the same things most of the times therefore we try to help each other before we meet with our professors because it feels more reasonable and responsible.


My classmates are helpful and easy to talk to


Some classes are much bigger than other, but it is very easy to connect with students.


My classmates all seem the same to me with the exception of a few who are quite interesting and different from the rest of the conservative bandwagon.


All of my classmates are motivated to do well.


The students at Clemson University are excited for life and are extremely friendly and motivated.


The students at Clemson University are very a interesting set of people but always welcome you to the school and are very friendly. My classmates were always willing to help me with classwork. It is also a great way to communicate with all cultures in order to become accumulative to the different people that you will meet when you get into the work force.


If I had to describe my classmates I will say that they are like family.


My classmates are friendly, encouraging, and academically competitive.


My classmates are very friendly and helpful.


My classmates are supportive, friendly, and care about helping me as much as getting their good grades too.


My classmates are nice, talkative and smart.


Upbeat lively people, who have a passion for the university.


My classmates are somewhat quiet, energetic, argumentative, and somewhat cool.


My classmates are as focused and career-oriented as they need to be in the classroom and wild outside the classroom.


My classmates are awesome, smart, well-rounded people that I can learn from as they learn from me.


Friendly people that I have enjoyed being around but they are very competative.


They are friendly and helpful


Mostly white, most in frats or sororities


Focused and responsible.


They are very bright and diverse.


Rich, intelligent, friendly people who know how to get their work done by hook or crook.


Many of my classmates were from the southeast and were white conservatives. However, in my later years I noticed a trend of more poepl coming from all over to attend the school. Most students are invloved in greek life or some form of sport team. It is a fairly large school, yet many people are connected and know each other.


Most of the campus is either part of Greek Life, or caters to it, and I find that discouraging, but overall, you can find a group of people to be friends with that share your interests no matter what that means to you.


Classmates are smart, witty, laid back, and willing to help.


conservative students with generally open minds and a decent desire to learn and succeed in the world.


MY classmates were very helpful and engaging


Most of my classmates are kind, funny, willing to help, and i hang out with a lot of them.


There is a large variety of races and ethnicities, athletic and artistic ability, as well as academic focus but balance in life.


My classmates were very sociable and it was really easy to make friends in class. Everyone was helpful as well


My classmates are friendly, helpful, and proud to be at college.


Most of my classmates were friendly and willing to help each other by sharing notes and forming study groups.


My classmates ranged in personalities but, for the most part, were southern.


Very nice, friendly southern kids who like to have fun and work hard.


They are here for the same reason you are, school, fun and football.


My classmates are full of Clemson Tiger spirit!


It's the typical variety of people: there are the jocks, the girls that are into high fashion, the sporty girls, the frat guys and sorority girls, the artsy kids, the punks and rebels, and the good ole southern girls and guys.


A student who is not very into sports, school pride, fitness, or being active would feel relatively out of place at Clemson. All different types of students interact. Most students are from the Carolinas. Middle class is the predominant financial background. Students are very predominantly right in political views.