Clemson University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Football. Everyone around here knows football. Also synthetic marijuana.


Clemson University is best known for the amazing football team and the dedication of the students. Anytime I tell someone I attend CU they ask me two questions, how are the football games and how do you make time for fun and school? Everyone that is familiar of Clemson knows that we love football and love to work hard not only academically but in all aspects of our lives.


Clemson is best known for their determined sense of pride. Over the course of four (or five) years spent nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Clemson manages to cultivate a strong sense of Tiger Pride in it's students and alumni that is unrivaled by other university. Tiger Pride is that sense of familiarity the remains the same regardless of whether it’s experienced collectively by 85,000 fans on game day in Death Valley, or between passing strangers who acknowledge one another simply because of the instant, unspoken connection forged by their Clemson rings. Tiger Pride means Tiger Family.


Our school is known for its pride. When you come to Clemson you know immediately where you are. Students proudly wear orange on Fridays to show school spirit and they show up for events ready and excited to prove why we love our school. We are rated for have some of the happiest students in the country and when you come to Clemson our love for this place is evident in eveything that we do.


Clemson is best known for having the happiest students. Students at Clemson tend to not only feel like their at home, but they feel content with where they are. Clemson is also known for their prestigious sports teams. We are ALL-IN for Clemson!!!


Clemson is best known for it's all-encompassing school spirit. It engulfs everyone in a sea of orange (especially on fall Saturdays). It is known for great academics combined with great athletics. But I think above all other things it is known for its Southern charm. Everyone is so friendly and willing to make your trasition so easy from home to college life.


Their football team and engineering program


Our alma mater says that there is something special in these hills that bonds us all together. I think this is exactly what Clemson is best known for. It has something different to offer because it holds itself at a higher standard than most universities. When people visit our campus, they are shocked by the curtiousness and class that students and faculty alike demonstrate. There is an atmosphere that follows any Clemson student or graduate that forces people to aknowledge that there is something different about this school.


I think we are best known for our happy students. We are ranked very high on the happiest students. You can feel the pride and joy when you walk around campus.


clemson is known for it great engineering and science programs along with its agricultural department. Clemson is also know for its sports teams, mostly football and the great atmoshopere that goes along with those sport. Clemson is know for its loyal and pround students and alumni that come together for there sports and in times of need.


I think my school is best known for the school spirit and best known for its academic excellence. We strive to be the best and to be the top at everything. We take pride in our university and the tradition. When people leave and graduate they are forever tied to Clemson. A lot of the people who end up graduating or have an affiliation with the university have a strong tie to the school. The school is just unique in its own special way and it stands out wanderfully on the nation stage. The paw says it all for clemson.


Clemson University is best known for its happy students. This university is not only known for its high academics and athletics, but he happiness and community that students feel when they are here. Anything that you could want to be involved in is available; and if it's not, you can start it. The students on this campus are spirited, smart, and happy to be a Clemson Tiger every day of the week. I wouldn't want to attend any other university because this is the best fit for me and I know it will be for other prospective students.


My school is best known for the football games. When the football players rub howards rock and run down the hill, they call that the best 25 seconds in college football. When we have football games you see nothing but orange in our stadium.


Three things. Orange, Clemson paw trademark, and football. Clemson is known for its pride. Students who attend Clemson are very passionate about their school and have much school spirit. It is said that students bleed orange--the school color. Since I have been at Clemson, my new favorite color is orange and I am proud to be able to call myself a Clemson tiger. Whenever I see a paw print on clothes, flags, or the back of a car, it makes me feel good to know I am apart of that culture




football team


Clemson is best known for it's sense of family both during and after school. They see it as a common bond and do theitr best to help eachother out in life. It is also known for it's very enthusiastic sports fans.


Its pretty well known for its football in the ACC, but academically it is one of the top public schools for engineering.


Death Valley.....GO TIGERS


The school is best known as an agricultural school. We have an excellent engineering department also. Clemson focuses much of it's time on research. Also, Clemson is a very tight-knit family in the eyes of most. The school spirit is overwhelming in Clemson.


My school is best known for football in my opinion. Whether the opinions of the team are good or bad, that's what we are known for. From Death Valley to Howard's Rock to running down the hill the majority of our traditions surround football and even when alumni come to visit its for games mostly.


School spirit and friendliness. Everyone on campus is a big family. When you decide to become a tiger, you are a tiger for life, and its a great thing.


Clemson is known for it's school spirit and unity that is always present and radiating on campus. Everyone genuinely wants and loves to be at Clemson, and are always willing to spread that pride to anyone who comes to visit. As soon as you step on campus, you are greeted by friendly people who want to make your experience the best possible in hopes that you will one day be a part of the best family in the world: the Clemson Family.


The football team.


Clemson is best known for being a top national university that puts emphasis on many aspects of the college experience. Clemson was just recently ranked the 22nd best public university in the nation because of the schools strive for excellence and its focus on areas such as writing around the curriculum, being environmentally concious, and quality of student life, to name a few. The Clemson environment is very friendly and inviting, and anyone who visits the campus will notice this right away. Clemson has exceptional business and engineering programs that produce excellent employees. Oh yea, and football. Go Tigers!


Extremely good academics, Football, Basketball.