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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


#1 is not accurate, as many students at Clemson do care about class and most are very intelligent. This school has morphed into a technologically-advanced school recently, and has distanced itself from its agricultural 'roots' (no pun intended!). #2 is accurate, because students that go to Clemson ARE very very involved in extra-curricular's on Campus.


Not at all, people of all races interact with each other.




yes the greek life is really do get the feeling that they think they are better then everyone else the football game stereotype is also correct...they are what you look forward to every year! soooo much fun! Clemson games have a certain feel that no other school has...


they're accurate to an extent. for those die-hard clemson fans, absolutely. for those of us who just like clemson's education, probably not so much.


unsure as of now


I think it's true that the students have a lot of pride, and if you haven't experienced it yourself, it could be mistaken for arrogance. Like every other college, college students attend Clemson. Parties happen. On the other hand, it's fairly true that Clemson is on the conservative end as far as public universities go.




Yes, I believe these stereotypes are very accurate.


The stereotype about the country and not being able to compete is not true at all. The other stereotypes are as true as can be and that is the way we see this school, community and the great friends that you will make here whether you start here or transfer in.... we all make this university and care about it greatly along with one another.


Wouldn't know.


not true at all


These stereotypes are not true. Once you become plugged into the school and meet other students, become involved in extracurricular activities, and become familiar with the area you are apart of a special "click". It is hard to describe but it is a special feeling you cannot get at another institution. The students make up the town of Clemson. During the summer it is a ghost town; but during the fall and spring semesters it is alive. 17,000 students from across the world, nation, and state make this a unique place to learn.


To a certain degree, but then again; some of my best friends come from places like California, Texas, Florida and Boston who fit in great.


Not quite sure... but sports are indeed a major part of campus life here at Clemson.


These stereotypes are inaccurate, Clemson has developed an excellent science, math, and enginneering curricula. Also, the Clemson Carolina rivalry is a healthy one there is excess in animosity.


100 %


There are all types of students at Clemson. There are some who are into fraternity and sorority life. There are some who are into agriculture and are proud of it. But these are not the only people. There are all types of people. Clemson is not as diverse racially as it could be but it's getting better especially because of students studying abroad from other countries.


clemson students to party a lot, but only if you are into that scene. there are a lot of other students that don't party, like me. i'm just not into that stuff so it is easy to find other things to do.


I think a lot of the students come from wealthy families, but it is not true that most of the students fall into this category. Many students have second jobs and scholarships! Clemson may be a small town, but it is on a system of lakes and only a short drive from the mountains. The people are friendly and helpful.


the majority of the school is white, it is a public university so money is just like any other university, it is a small college town but there are students from all over the nation. we are not redneck


For the most part both of these stereotypes are completely false. There are so many people at Clemson that you see every type of person. Of course there are some country folk walking around but than you also have your goths, ghetto people, and every other mix you would find on any campus. There are alot of wealthy people at Clemson but that means nothing. Both these stereotypes are not accurate.


Absolutely not! Just like any other school, we have people who value all different kinds of things, and we all know how to have a great time. From crazy football games to the Botanical gardens to musical productions in the Brooks Center, Clemson is full of great things to do, and fantastic people to do them with.


Not necessarily, and if it is true, nothing bad has come of it. In comparing the student body of Clemson to the school I transferred from (University of Tennessee) I would say overall they are more ambitious, knowledgeable, helpful, and, most importantly, more cultured. Clemson alums are all over the world and its obvious they would rather their children graduate from Clemson more than anywhere else. As far as it being a "good-ole-boy school", I would have to agree with that. Fraternity life can't go unnoticed at Clemson and there are students enrolling every year fulfilling their time on campus as to adhere to their lineage. Being a Clemson alum in the south is a godsend, I know I've at least gotten a summer job as a result of being a student. Yes, it's true there isn't much as far as commercial life is concerned, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I've learned a lot about myself and people in general as a direct result of the rural surroundings. Almost everyone is involved in some sort of charity, or volunteer work and it their attitudes show it in class and around campus, even on football games. Yes, it's a football school, football is the predominant subject on everyone's mind around the Clemson area, but there's nothing wrong with that. I didn't know a thing about college football going into my undergrad, and I guarantee telling that to anyone who has known me since then would surprise them. Tying back into the "Being a Clemson student is a Godsend" comment, people in the south love college football, and as soon as they see you attend a football school you instantly stand out from your surroundings and a long conversation is inevitable. This is especially helpful for interviews. On top of volunteering, pretty much everybody plays at least one intramural sport, Clemson students are focused on keeping a balanced mind and body (spirit, too, as evidenced by the church attendance and particularly restaurants on a Sunday afternoon).


Not at all. Clemson and it students are a diverse collection of intellectually stimulating and driven individuals as you would expect from one of the top public universities in the country.


These stereotypes aren't correct. There is plenty to do if you look for it and the students here come from all over the world.


The idea that Clemson is a big party school isn't really accurate - it's big into the Greek system, like most southern schools are, and if you're in a frat there's always something to do, but it's expensive. Outside of frats, there's really not too much to do. Most kids that go to Clemson live in SC or GA and a lot go home on weekends, especially spring semester when it's not football season. Clemson is a big redneck school. I'm from out of state, and most of my friends are from out of state too. The southern kids really try to separate themselves from kids that aren't from the South - it can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you look at it. Clemson is a big sports school - if you love football and baseball. Basketball isn't too big. Home football games are huge and the whole weekend surround a home football game is insane - fall semester overall is a lot of fun. Spring semester is more laid back, like I said a lot of kids go home more, but baseball games are a good time.


All of these stereotype are pretty accurate for a lot of the student body, but if you don't fit into any of these, no problem. There will be a lot of other different kinds of people too.






Clemson is the Agriculture school of South Carolina. However, that doesn't mean that we're farming hicks. Clemson is known for parties, as well. Of course these are optional, but I haven't heard complaints from those people that have attended.




No, this is not accurate, I know many people from the north and the south, and I haven't met any rednecks yet, although there probably are a few. Also, there is plenty to do.


Football...YES, ABSOLUTELY. On game days, people start getting there at the crack of dawn and tailgate all day long both before and after the game. You're whole Saturday will be consumed by the game on game days. Clemson is really big into Engineering, but it offers just about all other majors as well. Clemson is definitley known for it's Engineering, but it definitely has a lot to offer to non-Engineering majors.


The football stereo type is pretty accurate. The population of Clemson, SC swells by about 80,000 people every home game. It's pretty intense. Personally, I'm not a huge sports fan. My freshman year I somehow managed to avoid going to a single game which, in retrospect, was a poor decision. The drinking stereotype is really only accurate around said foot ball game times. Then the streets runneth with streams of alcohol (and I mean that literally). The girls being attractive is, to put it quite plainly, true.


no but there are some rednecks.


most people on campus go to at least one game a year, you can be involved with greek life if you want OR you can totally avoid it easily, there are a lot of these majors but there are equaly as many liberal arts majors or many types and so on


In some light, yes. We do drive alot of trucks and SUV's at Clemson. Everyone that visits Clemson notices this aspect. We are definitely smarter than people stereotype us to be because we aren't "dumb country folk". Our cow pastures are not an attraction that people who truly experience Clemson will remember.


The part about white, redneck and agricultural is somewhat accurate. Some students do fit this stereotype, but the overwhelming majority does not fit this stereotype. Clemson students are intelligent overall, in part due to the rigorous curriculum.


We definately are not. We have a large variety of people on campus. We do have country people but we also have a lot of people from up north. We have liberals, democrats, repubs, and everything in between or outside! The diversity at Clemson is wonderful. One of my best friends is from Australia!!! How awesome is that? We have students from all over the world.


For the most part, yes.


Yes and no. I'll break down which are true and which are false. True: Clemson students are smart, very smart (Minimum SAT scores are 1200 and we have had football players nominated for Rhodes Scholars). Clemson students are dedicated fans. We sleep outside Death Valley for South Carolina tickets and Littlejohn for Duke/UNC tickets (if that is not dedication, Webster needs a new definition). Clemson students are a huge family. No matter where you go in the world you can find a Clemson fan and have an instant connection. (All it takes is to see a Tiger Paw and you are friends) Clemson students don't know their history. I hate to admit it, but many students have no idea when Clemson started, how it started, why certain places/people/events are important, etc. Many have no idea how many important things were invented at Clemson. It is also a same to admit many seniors do not know our alma mater. (They have to put up the words at football games) Clemson is in the middle of nowhere. It is true, but it adds to the charm. But it is 2 hours from Columbia, 2 hrs from Charlotte, and 2 hrs from Atlanta so nowhere is a perfect location. Clemson is not as diverse and they appear. I hate to admit this one also, but it is true. The amount of activities focused on diversity are relatively low compared to other events. The student population not including athletes has a low number of minority students, and now with rising admission standards the number is not growing. Clemson is dedicated to the goals of the Board of Trustees. We have a goal to become a top 20 university. Currently ranked 32, but have been moving up the rankings for the past 7 years. Even though tuition has raised by almost 200% since I entered as a freshman, it is all worth it to have a degree from one of the best univerisities in the country. Clemson is off the map. Most people have NO IDEA where Clemson is located. I don't understand why no one realizes it is in Clemson, SC, not Florida!! False: Clemson students are boring. We are all diverse and located in the middle of nowhere..have to find a way to have fun. (Do boring people sled down the dam on trays from the cafeterria?). Clemson students are country. We have students from all 50 states and 119 countries...enough said. Clemson students are fair weather fans. For the most part this is false. Many of us follow our teams passionately and actually stay till the clock reads 0:00. However, a few bad apples made this stereotype. Clemson students are bad Greek members. Our Greek system is contained on campus to make a tight community. Highly involved in the city and philantrophy. Clemson students show bad sportsmanship. While there is always that drunk frat boy/non-student fan which ruins things for the others, but our alumnis are some of the most open and well behaved fans I have experienced. Clemson students can be unsupportive of other places. Whenever a disaster occured somewhere outside the Clemson world, our students were the first to step up. Many fundraisers occured for 9/11 and many banners of support were made and sent to VA Tech. Clemson athletes have it easy. On the contrary, they have to work the hardest. Our players pass class or they don't see playing time. They graduate, some even early. Our sports programs rank in the top 20 for athletic graduation rates. Also have the first athletic enrichment building/program in the country. Clemson is a boring place to be. Not by far! Lots to do on/around campus and close to big cities so you can always get away. Clemson doesn't have a world wide connection. Clemson alumni live all over the world and have business connections everywhere there is an alumni. Just having Clemson on your degree means a lot. You never know who will know your program in depth.


Not really, Clemson is, sadly, getting away from it's agricultural background.


These stereotypes could not be further from the truth. There are people at Clemson who come from very country areas, but they make up a very small portion of the overall student body and are generally concentrated into agricultural programs.




No hillbillies, and we only walk around shirtless and barefoot on sunny summer/spring days.


The party scene is easy to avoid if it doesn't interest you. Parties can definitely be found, but students must make an effort to go off campus to find them. There are plenty of activities for those underage or just not interested in the party atmosphere.


Although we love to watch sports and have a good time, academics are just as important and partying isn't the main focus.


No... the southerners are all gentlemen and belles, and the rednecks are really just good old boys with big trucks... actually there is an impressive international student body.


Mostly, yes. The student body is large enough that there's a niche to satisfy everyone, but if you're looking for an earthy, diverse place open to lots of different lifestyles or sexual orientation, this is not it. If you like Jesus, you'll be okay.