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Tell us about the food and dining options.

There are three main dining halls in Clemson that require a 'meal plan' to use: Clemson House Dining Hall, Harcombe Dining Hall, and Schiletter Dining Hall. Most students have the 'unlimited meal plan' (which is by far the BEST) where they can stop in at any dining hall and have all-you-can-eat food while the dining halls are open. All dining halls have delicious hamburgers and pizza, as well as salads, as well as vegetarian / low fat foods, as well as cereal, etc. The dining halls at Clemson are amazing and will suit people of any appetite or taste. There are also some restaurants in Clemson, the Student Union has a store called the Canteen; the Hendrix Student Center has a food court, and the Fernow Street Cafe all provide plenty of food options. Also, downtown Clemson is only a short walk away, where you can find pretty much anything that you might want to eat.

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