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When you step off campus what do you see?

Clemson is it's own little town. Once you get off of campus and away from downtown, you will find a lot of open fields and farms. Not far from Clemson is Anderson, a quite sizable town if you miss the city life. Clemson was based on an agricultural school, and has grown to be a forerunner in technological areas as well.

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When I go off campus I usually see the highway or the mountains. Clemson is located in the perfect area for people who like the outdoors. There are many waterfalls and hiking trails barely 30 minutes from campus. Clemson is also located on Lake Hartwell and they have kayaks and canoes that students can sign out to spend an afternoon on the lake. If you drive a little out of Clemson towards Anderson, there is a shopping mall and all sorts of restaurants. A lot of people think Clemson is in the middle of no where, but honestly every college is set apart from other things unless you're dead set in the city, and its all what you make of it.

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