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Describe the students at your school.


Clemson encourages diversity and building frienships with those who are different from you. A lot of students come from South Carolina but still a significant number come from all over the United States and even from over seas. I believe they said they had 45 states and either 6 or 8 different countries represented at my orientation, just to give an example.


Experiences with racial, religious, LGBT, socio-economics, and the like are actually more than I would have expected. There are dozens of groups for most of those listed above and the atmosphere at Clemson is generally very open and tolerant. A close-minded student (or maybe someone from the KKK) would feel out of place at Clemson. Otherwise, there's probably something for everyone. Most students wear flip-flops and t-shirts to class. The girls like to wear dresses in warmer times and crocs are common around campus. The dress code is pretty casual. Sometimes, too casual. Yes, different types of students interact! I see so much mingling on campus and it really instills a sense of diversity and acceptance in me. It's one of the best things about this place. Okay, four tables. The tables are wooden, I think and about three feet tall. The students sitting at each of the four tables are usually divided like this: the intellectual deep thinkers, people who are of one ethnicity also group together, the goof balls, and the odd-ball group (a group made up of all kinds of misfits). A lot of Clemson students are from the American Southeast. Most Clemson students either seem to be from upper-class or lower middle class. Most students are politcally aware. There are usually political quotes from presidential candidates scrawled in chalk all over the campus walkways. Political debate is a also a hot topic in classroom disscussion. Only a few students I know talk about how much they'll earn one day.


I haven't been around enough.


There is not a lot of racial diversity at Clemson, but the diversity that does exist is promoted maybe a little too much. There are several prominent religious groups on campus, including the largest FCA in the U.S., and a general presence of religion, since it is a primarily conservative southern school. The last time I checked over 20% of students are in Greek organizations, so the major social system is almost exclusively run by them. A person who is anti- fraternity/ sorority would probably feel out of place because of their prominence on campus. Students generally come anywhere from right to center type, upper middle class homes and are politically aware, but not so active.


students are from all over the country and are predominantly conservative. Though this is a widespread situation, students are open and very accepting to new ideas. A real flower child however would feel out of place and lost. All the kids are the kindest people in the world. The whole campus has your typical southern hospitality to it. Everyone in the surrounding areas are the same. Its difficult to come across a person that is I'll tempered. You will feel welcome no matter where you're from.


Clemson's student body is very diverse, and no student would feel out of place. Clemson offers a wide variety of different clubs and organizations for each and every student. The interactions between students are always very friendly, because everyone has one thing in common - we are all tigers. And based on that one fact, we can all see the good in one another, no matter what.


Clemson is one of the unique universities in that we are trying to make sure that we are seen as one family, no matter where you come from or what you previous background. The university goes out of there way to educate all students about different cultures and wants students to feel free to express there differences to make this a very understanding and together community and the students for the most part from what I have seen embrace this to the fullest. I do not think that really anybody would feel out of place here unless you were not willing to work hard on your education and you were close minded about people and maybe racist or something like that, we are one big family here. As far as attire to class, it is pretty relaxed and you dress according to your own preferences to some degree or civility and depending upon if you have project presentations or things like that coming up. For the most part, people wear shorts and cooling clothes when it is warm and when the winter months set in then they dress more in a pair of jeans, coats and such to stay warm. Everybody interacts with everybody here on some level but you do have your groups that share similar interest that might hang out more than others but that is just how the world spins but when we come together we come together and there are no lines that can not be crossed over embraced as whether you are in a classroom setting that requires you to interact with someone or the many events that happen here that make you aware of others and you build friendships that last. I would guess that most students are from some part of South Carolina but there are people from all over the nation here as you see people from up north wanting to come down for the warmer weather and family atmosphere or the people from farther south that just found their way here for their own reasons or the people frm out west that ventured here also. This university is competative in many areas that attract many students from all over, not just this state.... that includes places from across the globe. The student body is made up of all types of financial backgrounds and no one seems to dominate more than the other as this is a big public university that makes accommodations for all. Of course students talk about how much they are going to make one day as that is one of the benefits of getting a Clemson education and experiencing the lore of this university because companies recruit us highly and know that you will be well educated once you finish your degree and also well trained, so that is a perk that comes with the diploma and many students want to start planning as their careers start to come into focus but that is not done in a negative way.


Don't know yet.


no stereotypes or discrimination. everyone is chill and gets along well


Absolutely amazing. Unique and special group group of people make up this student body.


The student body of Clemson can simply be described as friendly. Everyone is unified by our atheletics and the desire to learn. The freshman experience at Clemson is very unique in that it is not difficult to meet people. For an institution with more than 14 thousand undergraduate students the student body is suprisingly close-nit.


C-L-E-M-S-O-N! The students are happy, honest and hardworking. We work hard, party harder. The general population is preppy and well off, but there are some exceptions. For the most part students dress decently for class. Sweats are okay but girl sometimes dress nicer like a sundress and rainbows. Students are involved in EVERYTHING. Can't find something you like in the 300+ organizations we have? It is so easy to make your own! If there were four tables in the dining hall there would be... the jocks, the greeks, the future presidents with the MRS degree girls (maybe 20% of the girls at Clemson, most are really motivated and driven though) and then the pre-med/engineering who study all the time and can only eat and run back to the library! Even though we may have those 4 tables, there would be a TON of more tables (hopefully at Harcombe breakfast because it is AMAZING) and you would see a lot of interaction between those tables.


I'm really glad with the amount of Christian organizations on campus b/c I'm a Christian. There's so many to choose from and they are all good. I do Campus Crusade and love it. But there are so many other organizations as well. I am an RA and love telling incoming freshmen how many awesome and rare choices they have to choose from- we even have a high five club. I do wish that people of different races mixed more. There does still seem to be a division b/w black and white and that can be clear in the dining hall. People wear different things to class- some get showered and dressed even for 8:00 AM classes, others stay in their sweat pants and sweatshirts all day. Whatever you please. I think there's all financial backgrounds and people do not usually discuss this. I think there's more talk politically now which I like, especially with the elections. I think Clemson is predominitaly more conservative b/c of it's location but there's definitely liberals as well. I wish there were more manifestations but I think that's something missing in young people all over the United States.


Any student that doesn't fit into the mainstream culture would feel out of place at Clemson. I often feel out of place and I consider myself fairly up to date with things. Most students are white, southern, republicans and let you know how they feel about things.


For the most part the student body at Clemson wears polos and khakis. Most of the people dress real southern and conservative. Most people are always dressed casual but occasionally you will walk by someone looking spiffy. Again you have just about every group of people at Clemson so the students dont all look the same. From my experiences my freshman year I feel that everyone at Clemson seems to get along and most people are real friendly. Alot of people are from Charleston and these people seem to be the only ones that feel they are better than everybody else lol.


The Clemson students are from all over the country. In my dorm freshman year, there were people from Georgia, Texas, New Jersey, Tennessee, Minnesota, Nevada, Florida, Massachusetts, North Carolina, South Carolina, and many other places. I was a bit surprised that there were as few South Carolina natives as there were, but it was a good surprise. Having people from all over the nation means that you can learn a lot from your friends, and if you feel like it, go visit them in the summer and see a new part of the country!


Involved, focused, intelligent, etc.


Like any large university, there are many types of students, many that defy classification. But there are many groups of like minded people, whether its politically motivated, religiously oriented or intellectually coherent, that draw distinct groups together. Though interaction between students is some what limited to who your hallmates are and what class you have, at least during meal time. You see a slew of economic levels here, from less affulent families having a first generation college student to more fiscally stable families who hold a long tradition of Clemson graduates in the family. And it has come up as to how much we will make, depending on whether we go to grad school or not and how the economy will get better or worse for the college educated.


The student body on Clemson is a little disjointed. The races at Clemson don't mix much or often. It is disappointing to think that people of all races can only come together when they are forced to.


Like I said Clemson has a really southern (conservative) student body. The stats about the percentage of out of state students are very misleading because a lot of kids are from like Georgia or Tennessee which is basically the same place as SC. Kids from the "North" are really kind of on their own. Never in my life had I been called a Yankee until I went to Clemson. The civil war is almost a daily topic of discussion, there's a lot of confederate flags around, and there are a lot of racists. I've lived in Maryland my whole life and I experienced some pretty big culture shock when I moved down there. The southern kids wear khakis and polos to class everyday, while the girls wear sun dresses most of the time. Again, if you're from a "northern" state you will be separated, but so will everyone else thats not southern, so it will be easy making friends with those kids. If you're looking for a school where it is all one big family Clemson is not the school for you. There is definitely a lot of separation between people from different backgrounds. The girls are hot though.


For the most part, Clemson is largely a white southern student body. However, that by no means says that everyone isn't accepted and welcome. There are a lot of cultural groups and clubs that you can get involved in and I don't think that there are very many problems with people feeling left out on campus. I would say that the students that would feel left out on campus would be the kind of "I hate the world and my life" kids from high school. Clemson is a pretty friendly campus and people encourage and expect you to jump on in and talk to people. The first day of class awkwardness can always be avoided by starting up conversations with kids sitting around you. As long as you are willing to put yourself out there, most people will be more than happy to talk to you. As far a politically, I always thought that Clemson was a pretty conservative campus (which it is no doubt) but there was a huge support for Obama this past year and his rally on campus was highly attended. I think that republicans are a huge group on campus but there is also a large mix of everyone else.


The people at clemson are great and that is what will make a club fun to be in. Whether it's bowling, worship, or skydiving, if you're around great people it will be fun no matter what. I'm in groups with friends from all over the US and abroad, from Las Vegas to New York to India.


Clemson is a prejudice school. Coming from New England a lot of my previous friends were African American or Hispanic. The racial majority at Clemson is Caucasian and a lot of them still think it's before the time of the Civil War. They have confederate flags flying from their cars which is completely disrespectful but 'part of their southern white upbringing'. It still doesn't make sense to me. While students may admit that they are accepting they aren't. There is one black sorority and one back fraternity. All of the other ones are solely white. Students are very casual when going to class. Most people acquire a huge collection on Greek event t-shirts and where those with jeans, shorts, and skirts. To buy before coming to Clemson: Rainbow sandals, Sperry boat shoes, plaid skirts, guys: TIES, khakis, button down shorts/polos, girls: sun dresses!, rain boots, seven for all man kind jeans.


There are virtually an infinite number groups and types of organizations for students to take part in.


Clemson is predominately white...only 9ish% black and even fewer for Asian, Indian, etc. Generally, each ethnic group sticks to themselves. They interact with one another, but for the most part, each race/group sticks to that same race/group. Clemson is working REALLY, REALLY hard to change that though. I haven't seen any animosity between the different groups. It's just that they don't really hang out with each other that much. As a whole, though, the student body is unfied in the fact that we're all Tigers. Almost all of the students are very proud that they go to Clemson, and that makes us one big community. I don't know for sure, but considering the part of the county Clemson is in, I'm pretty sure it's student body is predominately conservative Republicans. However, there are definitely active liberal groups on campus that go around writing stuff in chalk all over the campus sidewalks. Also, most of the students are generally middle or upper class. I can't really ever remember seeing a student and thinking to myself that they must come from a "poor" family. That's not to say that there aren't any students from lower class families, but there aren't too many - I don't think at least.


Despite its stereo type of being socially ultra-conservative/backwards, Clemson really isn't any different from several other college campuses that I've visited. The Clemson Gay and Straight Alliance is very active on our campus, as are several groups that solely promote racial and religious understanding and co-operation. Overall I have found the majority of the student body to be very accepting. Every campus has jerks who want to alienate people, and I really feel that most students at Clemson are willing to give anyone a chance. As long as your not a Gamecocks fan. Lord help you.


Overall the students are very nice. I don't like any of the frat guys though. The only student who would feel out of place here would be someone who hates football games. Clemson students are from all over. There is a very wide variety of students at Clemson. On my hall there were rich kids, poor kids, politically aware kids, halo kids, frat boys, and much more. Most of the kids talk about what they will earn one day.


You can find all but the goths in clemson. There is a range from the super conservative khaki wearing frat boy to the pink haired jumpy liberal Japanese student. Whoever you want to fit in with there is likely a sub culture of it established in clemson.


I was heavily involved with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at Clemson. It was the largest organization on campus and the largest FCA in the Nation. Quiet students that are loners and like time to themselves would feel out of place at Clemson. If you can find your niche, Clemson is a great place. If you are a person that doesn't like to get out and experience life and what Clemson has to offer, it's probably not the place for you. We wear t-shirts, shorts, or jeans. We are very casual. We were clemson t-shirts a lot throughout the week as well. Of course, different types of students interact. Clemson is a very inclusive culture. Most Clemson students are in-state but there is a good portion of students from the east coast. The prevalent financial background is middle class society. Students at Clemson are very politically aware. We had Barack Obama, John Kerry, Mitt Romney, and other candidates make a stop in Clemson for a rally. There are a lot of conservative students at Clemson but there are also a decent number of moderate to liberal students as well.


Clemson has a lot of diversity within its students. Most students wear either shorts and a t-shirt, jeans, or a collared shirt. I think pretty much any student would fit in at Clemson, not too many outcasts. I would have to say that different types of students do interact, I hung out with many different types of people.


We have a serious variety of people here. From US, to Canada, to France, to Mexico, to Austrailia, to China, to Vietnam! We have people from all over the world here!


Whether or not you decide to rush, you'll find people you get a long with. Most students are from South and North Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee. And a handful are from the northern states, like New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Most students wear jeans/shorts and t-shirts to class, complimented by flip flops. It's very casual.


I think Clemson is a good mesh of different backgrounds. Most of the students are instate students, but i have made a lot of friends from other places. You will see students from South Carolina, Florida, California, New Jersey, India just to name a few places. I don't think there is any student which would feel out of place. Some kids are academically oriented, some are more for social. Some are gay, some are straight. We have a good melting pot in our students. Campus is a big mix of fashion styles. Some students are dressed to the nines at 8 am, while others roll to class in pajamas. But the pajamas usually don't venture out after 9:30 classes. Different students do interact, but not at all times. Sometimes you have to initiate an interact from class or join a certain group. Freshman dorms probably have the most diverse interaction. After freshman year, it is hard to meet people in your dorm unless you live in a Greek Dorm. The dining hall is the one place everyone will be together and sit together. We don't have the typical long cafeteria tables. We have smaller tables for 2-4 as well as the longer tables. You typical will see a mix of students at the same table. It is never hard to find a seat in the dining hall if you are alone. Financial backgrounds of students vary, but it is something which never really comes up in conversations. It is not that important. The only bad experiences I have had with other students are normal life reactions: another woman jealous because you are dating a guy they like, your roomate is a slob, etc.


Most everyone has a place at Clemson. There are enough organizations that everyone can find one they fit into, but not so many that the groups are small. The only separation that I have seen is the black community keeping to itself. They are a vast minority and will not come to predominately white events. Politically campus is pretty well spaced out, I think that every position has a say on campus.


There's a niche for everyone no matter who you are.


Students are amazingly friendly with each other regardeless of their backgrounds; while most students come from the north/south carolina, georgia and florida areas it is not unusual to run into some northerners or mid westerners.


There is always somebody to talk to, we are the most courteous student body in the U.S. There is always a friend to be made and I dont think anyone can feel out of place.


Clemson's student body is very diverse, and students are very accepting of others. Clemson has an outstanding international program which attracts students from all over the world. The administration also encourages everyone to study abroad and offers many programs to do so. Clemson also attracts students from all across the country with competitive financial aid packages to those students living outside of South Carolina.


There are all types of people on campus. Diversity is an important part of campus life. I would hope that no student would feel out of place at Clemson, unless they were not somewhat serious about their investment in their future. Because of a diverse campus students wear a variety of things to class. The most common thing would be orange articles of clothing.


Far too conservative -- the fundamentalist christian student body is just appalling. That you can get all the way to the early 20's and still believe in what amounts to Santa Claus is just laughable. I've heard quotes like "I'm no scientist, I prefer to just believe" as an argument or defense of why someone didn't understand evolution or the basis for the theory. It's just astounding. If you are willing to blow these people off and get on with your life, it's a great place. Just avoid the greek life and all the bullshit that goes with it and you'll be okay. Be your own person.


Since, this is the South and Caucasians is the majority of the students, so you will find some people who are prejudice and racist, but I just stay away from them and only hang out with the cool people. Mechanical Engineers earn around 50k to 60k right after graduating.


Clemson is very diverse, and there are some groups that are more segregated than others. The beauty of that is that anyone can wear anything and still fit in.


In general, Clemson has a conservative student body. There are also a lot of preppy kids.


The clemson student is a fun loving one. Most are social and enjoy hanging out but know when to get down to it and work hard. They mix te right amount of work and play into thier lives.


Race and Such: Its like an 80% white campus or something crazy like that. Its also in the rural south. I came from a 60% white high school, there was a good balance of minorities and I was in an urban area. I saw and heard a lot of things that offended me but I also saw a lot of love of people and acceptance, it just depends on the people you choose to hang around with. I will say this, lost of confederate flags around. They see it as a pride thing, I see it as a symbol of racism, so whatever floats your boat I guess. Out of place: Goth, I can honestly say I've seen 2 goths on campus and they both stuck out like a sore thumb. Also, anyone extremely cosmopolitian like Sex in the City or the male equivalent. Wear to class: Anything, sweats, jeans, skirts, makeup/no makeup, sports jersies, band shirts whatever. Name brands usually on greeks like polo, vinyard vines, vera bradley, but otherwise normal american clothing nothing special. Four tables of students: Freshmen, Freshmen, Freshmen, Athletes that live on campus From: Uh, South Carolina, its a public school....I'm from NJ and there were a LOT of people from new jersey there. Other than that, Ohio, Maryland, NC, GA, FL, TN and MA. Politically Aware: We had Edwards, Obama, McCain and Ron Paul all come speak on hour campus. Even Ron Paul had a decient crowd. Its SC so when its an election year, people come to Clemson. SC in a big state in party primaries. Edwards is even from the neighboring town (born and raised not now). Good mix of political views, even though you are in rural south. One would think all right, but no the college campus factor balances it out. Also not as left as most college campuses, a really good mix.


Clemson is definitely located in the Bible Belt, and religious organizations, particularly Christian ones, are prevalent on campus. Although I am less aware of other religious groups, I know there is a fairly large Hindu group on campus as well. Unfortunately, I am less familiar with the other religious groups on campus. I would say the average Clemson student comes from a middle class family, but there is definitely a variety of financial background and there are plenty of students from lower and upper middle class families and lower and upper class families. I am white, and the majority of Clemson students are, but I do not think race is a huge issue on campus. At Clemson they really push the idea of the "Clemson Family". When I first heard about it at orientation, I thought it was some crap they were feeding us to sound appealing, but after I got here I discovered it was true. Everyone is kind to everyone else for the most part, and there is a definite bond between students and alumni that comes from being a part of the "Clemson Family". Most students are always willing to lend a helping hand. Additionally, it is great the sorts of people you meet at sporting events and other huge Clemson events where everyone around you is just as excited and pumped to be there as you are.


Clemson is much more liberal than my undergrad of Texas A&M. There was a gay pride parade one day. Most students were from upper-middle class families. students wear whatever they want to class. it is a very open environment to express yourself. I was in the Digital Production Arts program to get my MFA. The students I met that hadn't graduated yet were all very friendly and helpful. They are now my best friends.


It seems like everyone is white, middle-class, conservative, and Southern sometimes but if you seek out diversity you can definitely find it.


For the most part the student body is caucasian and upwardly mobile. Still there are others that are not as well-off but they are most definitely not looked down on. They have just as much talent as any other student, clearly since they were admitted to begin with. Most students come from the southern part of the country, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia, but we do have many students from states on the northeastern coast. The students are for the most part aware of current events happening in the nation and many views tend to lean towards the conservative end.


very united with spirit. Clemson is open to lots of different ppl

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