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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


Yes there are. I've been in Clemson for 6.5 years now.




sort of, there are a lot of preppy kids, but most people are typical college kids


To some degree much education is stressed more and more at the institution


There is a lot of active greek life on campus, but less than 30% of kids are in greek life. Club sports are about as popular as greek life and when there are local parades for "First Friday" (usually the First Friday of the school year/First Football Game), both Club Sports and Greek Life are equally presented. Sports school, that term unfortunately gets a bad rep. Yes we are a big sports school and by the time you graduate you bleed orange because of a massive sense of school spirit campus wide. However, Clemson still has great acedemic programs, community service programs, and general student life opportunities. We cannot help being adamant about Clemson sports because (yes to another stereotype), the area is very rural and there isnt always much else to do. Being a rural school there are great areas for camping, hiking, backpacking, boating and other outdoor activities in the Clemson area. But, being a rural school, if you are a big shopper/ mall goer, I would stay away, not a lot of opportunities for that close to the school, would have to drive a bit to get to the malls and more urban shopper friendly areas. Finally being a southern school there is a huge sense of hospitality. You can see it in the sprinkling of gentlemen and ladies around campus, but there are other scenes where that isnt as prevalent. But if polo, vinyard vines and vera bradley make you gag, there is no way to avoid it in class or on campus.


as far as the student and faculty are concerned it is not a very diverse population, while there are some African-Americans this is far from the norm, there are many more Asian students. The student body is very hight spirited wearing the school colors every Friday. The university is not very progressive--it seems to want to stay stuck academically in the nineteenth century and the town is very small--the university has about 17,000 students but the town has only 11,000 residents and for such a small university and town the crime rate seems to be disproportionately high but it might just seem this was because everything that happens is emailed to the student population.


Ummm, this is somewhat accurate. A lot of students are preppy, but it definitely does not apply to all students.


There is a huge element of preppiness.


Yes but everybody is so kind and good-natured. It must be that southern hospitality that runs through everybody's blood, considering most of the students are from the south.


1) People in fraternities and sororities dress like this 2) NOT TRUE at all 3) It's hard to get in if you are out of state, but they will be more lienient on in state students


No, except for the one about sports.


For the most part, yes. Not many people are stuck up though like preps. Not so red neck or backwoods.




1. The engineers part is almost true because I almost any freshman you ask says that they are majoring in some form of engineering. You would also find that about a third of them leave the major to pursue something else. 2. We have our fare share of *cough* you know, but I think that we have a very diverse campus. 3. Well, that one's true, but you would find that most people that party hard study even harder! The ones that don't get filtered out after their freshman year.


No. There are many students who are working hard to succede. In this day and age with the economy being so labile, students have to get busy. These are young people and they have a right to be young.


Both are. Clemson students fight hard to earn the grades they are given--nothing is handed to you. BUT, the faculty is not quite up to par in some programs.


They are to an extent. Even though it is a small town, there is so much to do and be involved in. I personally like it because the university is the town so everyone supports the student body and the culture of the University. Plus Charlotte and Atlanta are 2 hours away and the beach is within a weekend trip. As far as diversity, even though we have exchange students and some ethnic background people, we are a little behind. Our real strength is the diversity from around the US. There is a huge percentage of out of state students, especially from the northeast, which makes it cool to meet and beciome really good friends with alot of different people. Even though Clemson has a southern culture, there are many exceptions to the rule, including me.


There is definately a lot of partys on campus, and if you want to you'd definately be able to find one any day of the week. But I've yet to go to one and most of the students, the one's that make it past their freshman year that is, only attend on occasion. I don't think that it is an issue at all but I guess it depends on the student.


populated by farm boys and girls - no college sports crazy - yes strong engneering school - for the most part hot redheads - some of the nicest party school - not so much, there's a lot more crazy out there


Like any other school, yes, some stereotypes are accurate and describe certain people but not the vast majority. Yes, for the most part, the girls are southern belles but are incredibly sweet, usually gorgeous, and fun. The guys range everywhere from closet computer nerd to Fratty McGee and everywhere in-between.


No... I have come across some of the best people, and they are all spread across the world. I, myself, am moving to Washington, DC as are two other classmates of mine.




Clemson is full of all kinds of people. Of course you will find tons of southern, preppy kids, but you can also find a group of every "type"


mostly, yes. There is a great recreation facility called Fike where there are 5 basketball courts where games are constantly going on. Sporting events are the place to be. Alcohol during tailgates is a big deal, but not so much that it wrecks the experience for someone who doesn't drink.




To some extent...if you like to party, it can easily be found. If you don't like to party, however, there are also hundreds of friends to be made. Whatever you like to do or whatever kind of people you like to be around, there is a spot for you at Clemson. Because it is such a big school, there are opportunities for everyone for any interests that you may have. Once you find your special group, you make friends for a lifetime and you truly find your own spot within the Clemson family. It may seem overwhelming, but the big school experience is truly unforgettable.


Clemson is a small town but it is very untrue about Clemson being boring. I have had tons of fun at Clemson and I am going to miss it dearly when I have to leave. There are a ton of people from around the state, but I also have tons of friends from around the country.


While many of the students are involved in fraternities and sororities, there are enough students and activities to meet people with your same interests.


In many cases, yes. There are a lot of rich students. There are a lot of nice, Southern students...very attractive, too. There are also a lot of students from out of state, even up north. There are students from every state. Everyone at Clemson is nice and well put-together.


To a certain point, it is true that Clemson is not a big city and therefore, doesn't offer big city fun. It doesn't matter though. Greenville is a 30-45 min. drive from Clemson and there is a TON of stuff to do there. It's kind of nice to have to make your own fun since Clemson is such a rural place...there are lots of apartment parties and many good times had in downtown Clemson.


While Clemson still holds the college of agriculture in high esteem, most students who go to Clemson has never even seen a farm. The stereotype about football is absolutely true. We love our football team. GO TIGERS!!!


For the most part, no. There are some select groups, frats, and sororities that have given the university that image.


No, Clemson is in the middle of no where but it's a short drive to Greenville, Athens, and other areas. There is plenty to do and you are allowed to experience the college life at Clemson because it is a college town- nothing else.




I agree with the second but not so much with the first only hearing this from friends that go to other universities.


Not for all students! You'll find the sorority and fraternity crowd at most any college, and some of them may be preppy and snobbish, but 99% of Clemson students are down-to-earth, hard working students, though we still like to have a good time!


Depends on who you talk to. A lot of students come to college to party but the truth is that college is hard. If you plan to be a Clemson graduate you have to keep the partying to a minimium.


Not at all. Clemson was founded as an agricultural school, and agriculture still plays a big role in the school, but there are more engineering students than agriculture students. We're not all rural farmers.




At first glance, it would seem like these stereotypes are accurate, but after being here for a few semesters, it really isn't true and there is a variety of students.


For the most part, these stereotyes are true. there are some really smart people here.


No, not necessarily.


Clemson has parties, but I don't think they are that bad, although I've never been to one. Parties don't interest me. And yes, it is a hard school to get through, but it's not impossible. Clemson doesn't suck; USC and Georgia do!


Pretty close!!!


I would have to say that the majority of these stereotypes are not accurate; however I do believe that Clemson does possess racial issues that are being ignored. It is just one of those sensitive issues that constantly gets "swept under the rug".


To some degree, although now that we are trying to become a top 20 university, things might be changing


No. I would say these qualities are present around campus for sure, but I personally hang out with friends involved with the Greek community as well as outside of the Greek community.


Clemson students are not that typical of those normally found at state colleges in the South. Students are definitely not that conservative and lack the close-mindedness often associated with such ideas. Clemson students ARE, however, very intelligent. We are fairly competitive but in a genial, non-aggressive way.


-All greeks are not drunks. The Greek system is one of the strongest groups of students at Clemson and is actually about 20% of the student body. Our student body president is Greek. The only groups who do philanthropies are Greek and we are the largest


Well we do love orange so that is definitely true. But saying we as a whole are country or super smart is a little off. Clemson students are amoung the top students but we are not nerdy. Most students here have many extracurricular activites - we don't spend all day and nigh studying. And though Clemson started as an Ag school we have many different majors to choose from that don't related to our Ag background. I don't think Clemson is preppy at all. Some people might think so because it's the more expensive state school or that it's in the upstate but Clemson has a very diverse group of students.

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