Clemson University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Clemson offers just about the best de3al in a college education for your money. While the university is growing, you still get the feeling of a small town college.


Clemson Student atmosphere is brilliant; the campus is amazing also; not one part of the campus would be considered ugly and the history and traditions of clemson make it even better. School pride is a must at clemson; everyday you will see plenty of students wearing the brillant orange or purple school colours and id like to see you try to find a car without clemson insignia of somekind.


Clemson is the best college town because there is no better time than Clemson tailgating.


Clemson has a fairly large student body, but I feel like everyone finds their own niche. I see the same people every week walking around classes, and you don't get "lost in the numbers". Athletics and school pride are very evident on campus - particularly on Fridays. Each Friday is a "Solid Orange" Friday, where students/staff/professors/fans are encouraged to support Clemson Athletics by wearing orange. Most people that are attending Clemson or have graduated from Clemson describe Clemson as being a "family". Everyone you'll meet there is supportive and will do anything to help you succeed.


Clemson is a great place to balance a social life and acamdemics. Teachers care about school, but when it comes to a big football or basketball game, they are just as excited. The ease of the city of Clemson and the surrounding towns allows for more than just school. The atmosphere is uplifting, and although there are nearly 17,000 students, it feels like it is about half that. When I hear of anyone considering the school, I get extremely excited. The feeling of school pride and enthusiasm is felt everywhere you go. I never went a day at school without seeing at least 100 people in orange. One of the greatest things I have experienced while going to school is being on the varsity Rowing team. The facilities and people that I spend each day with make the experience well worth it. Its hard work, but the rewards are wonderful. Everyday had a new adventure both inside the classroom and out.


Clemson's biggest asset for me is Lake Heartwell and its small town atmosphere but large University status. I wouldn't change anything except more off campus fraternity housing. South Carolinians are impressed when they find out I go to Clemson and people not from South Carolina always wonder where it is... they are usually surprised that it is in South Carolina. I spend most of my time on campus in Brackett Hall which houses all of the social sciences. It is definitely a 'college town' as the whole town exists around the college. The biggest recent controversy on campus was if Wal-Mart should open in the town... (it did not... but did open up the road). I would be amazed if there was any other school with more pride, our blood run'eth orange! One unusual thing about Clemson is that a dyke was built to keep the campus from flooding and when the lake was made and filled. I will always remember meeting my pot luck room mate on move in day... who is now one of my best friends and was in my wedding. People don't really complain here.


The upstate of SC is a great place to live, nice weather, lots of things to do in terms of outdoor activities, and student organizations. If you're into cultural experience, art, music, theater, etc., there is a much more limited selection available. Greenville has some reasonable options, and ATL and CLT are not far away, but Clemson itself is a small town with a big university in the middle.


Clemson is really big about Engineering. I did Mechanical Engineering from Clemson and it was really good and they make improvement to the program every year based on input from Senior students. So if you want to do engineering and you are in or near South Carolina, then Clemson should be one of your top options. School size is just right. Not too big and not too small. Teachers always have time for students if they have any questions. But some teachers are not helpful outside of the class. People are very impressed in South Carolina when they hear that I go to Clemson, I do not know about other states. Clemson's administration is pretty good, no problems that I know of. There is alot of school pride that comes out especially during the football season. I will always remember the women in Clemson.


Clemson is a really good school if you like meeting new people all the time. It also provides a lot of opportunities to get into groups that you are interested in to make friends. It is definitely a college town, with not a whole lot going on besides the students, but that is what makes the college experience so unique. Clemson provides a lot of opportunities if you take advantage of searching them out.


Clemson is a school where everyone wears orange no matter if its a football Saturday in the fall, or a rainy day of class.


Clemson is pretty amazing. It gives you that small town feel while still having around 15,000 kids attending. The camput is beautiful and the opportunities are endless. Everyone has a place at Clemson.


Best Thing: School Spirit Change: a little TOO rural if you are looking to shop, have to drive a distance. but then again I'm from NJ and I have like 6 malls in less than 30mins from me... Size: Just right. You get all the big school pride and wide range of academic opportunities while being in a student body of under 20,000. Reactions: People say, Oh that's a good school. My so and so went there..., It seems like everyone knows someone who went to Clemson and is proud of it. Time on Campus: In Brackett, where all my classes were. Otherwise, in sports buildings and fields. COLLEGE TOWN: I have yet to hear of any other school where atleast every other shop in town, and the surrounding area, works in the College's name into the title and, get this, has big orange paw prints leading into the town for MILES on the highway. They start right after you turn off of 85. Administration: Only complaint is that they spelled my name wrong on my diploma and I have to pay for the change...mean. Controversy: A student was murdered a few years off campus. Usually some new story pops up about drinking issues at a fraternity, a death or injury, sometimes just weird hazing rumors. School Pride: HUGE Unusual: I've never seen so many people travel to and leave a place so quickly. Before and after football games you do not drive for about 3 hours unless you absolutely have to. The Stadium seats something like 86,000 and I swear 80,000 people come into town. Half of the tailgaters don't even go to the game, they just come for the party! Experience: Crying when we lost to BC in 2007. We could have gone to the ACC Championship... and- When I visited campus the spring before I attended. I immediately fell in love with it. Complaints: No parking where you want it


Clemson is absolutely wonderful and I love it, and everyone else around me feels the same way. There is so much pride associated with being a Clemson student, and school spirit radiates across campus and in the community. On Fridays everyone wears orange, especially in the fall. The campus is beautiful, lots of grass and green all over campus. Additionally I think Clemson is a great size. There are 12,000-13,000 undergrad students (I think) which is big enough to meet lots of people and find your niche, but small enough that you always see someone you know when walking across campus. Clemson is definitely a college town. It is not a huge place, but I like that Clemson is off on its own. The community is all about Clemson, and everything is centered around the university. Because it is slightly off the beaten path, there are all sorts of waterfalls and great hiking places nearby, but major cities aren't too far away. We are 45 minutes from Greenville, SC, 2 hours from Atlanta, and 2 hours an 15 minutes from Charlotte, NC. The biggest complaint about Clemson is parking, but I think parking is a problem at most universities. There are definitely enough places to park on campus, but the number of parking lots gets smaller the closer you get to the center of campus. I don't mind though because it makes campus more compact because you are not walking through huge parking lots to get to class. Plus the bus system on campus is great, and buses are always running to and from commuter parking lots and they run to a lot of the off campus apartment complexes. The administration is really great. Our current president, President Barker, really respects the students and has a lot of school pride. I see him all the time at various sporting events, but also organizational events and just around campus. I have heard stories of people knocking on his door and inviting him to play frisbee or other games on Bowman Field (the huge field on campus), and I know he has gone out there a time or two to play. Furthermore, the school really does a good job of addressing student complaints. Almost any complaint I have ever heard or given, besides parking, has been dealt with. And people are working on the parking problem, but it is tough to find a good solution. One of my favorite things to do at Clemson is to spend an afternoon on Bowman Field. On a pretty day, there are always lots of students out there playing frisbee, reading, throwing a football, or playing some other game.


No one knows where Clemson is let alone ever heard of it. It is a nice small college town: few bars and clubs on Main st. There is only one major road with anything to do and that is Main st. Lots of school pride everywhere. beautiful historical campus. great for sports fans. school is not big and not too small.


The campus is beautiful and a great environment to live and work in. The classes are challenging but genuinely interesting. The athletics provide constant entertainment and fun. The students are fun, funny, and friendly even if there is a huge element of conformity. Overall Clemson feels more like an academic community than a college.


The school is large, but you get a small community feeling since the school is in its own town. Everybody loves games!! Whether it be football, basketball, baseball, or really anything that shouts SOLID ORANGE, everybody bleeds orange.


Overall, class size is just right. You can't find a dorm that is close to EVERYTHING unless you live in Johnstone which is a craphole. Clemson is shooting for top 20 status which will make our degrees worth more when we go out into the work force. There are lots of places to just chill on campus especially on sunny South Carolina days. Clemson is a college town (if the college weren't there, the whole place would be like the rest of SC).


The best thing about Clemson is that it is a very campus oriented college. The campus is very nice and houses the Football stadium. I would change parking if I could. The size of the school is just right due to it being located in a small town and parking is hard enough as is. I spend most of my time on campus in the classroom, library, or out on bowman field where many can be found laying out or throwing the frisbee. The downtown scene is small but sufficient. There is one street that houses all the bars which total to around 6 or 7. There is a ton of school pride especially in football. I will never forget the day Gameday came to Clemson for the Georgia tech game. Parking is probably the biggest complaint students have today.


Clemson is perfect in every way. I love it and have had so much fun. Football season is great, followed by basketball and baseball. It is a blast that can never be done again!! So much fun. The students are awesome. Downtown cant be beat.


Clemson is a well-known campus with many opportunities. They are here for the students. I am an older student, and I feel that Clemson is accomodating to us also. The biggest reaction I get when I tell people I go to Clemson is the fact that I am a tiger fan. I love being associated with being a tiger fan. I feel also that Clemson is a big asset to the community and the state of South Carolina.Most individuals that are not familiar with Southern culture think that we are all slow. Having a college with a great reputation helps to identify that in fact the South is a progressive place to reside


Clemson has the small-town school feel but the big college atmosphere. Most of your teachers will NOT know you by name, you will NOT always have all your friends in your classes, and you will NOT be invited to the home of your professor for a intellectual dinner and debate. Clemson has a strong following and legacy, but that is made by the good times people have and by the football games, not by the academics. I would say Clemson would make a top 20 party school before academics.


For being a big public school its amazing how many people you get to know. Just from walking to class you feel like you know everyone, especially by being in greek life. The atmosphere and student spirit is second to none. The university brings people from all over the states so it means something different for everyone, but everyone seems to come together, which for the other schools I have visited is not the same. We are balanced well. For being on the verge of becoming a top 20 school, we still have so many outgoing people that truly make the social scene and weekends one of a kind. Plus, when you add in football season, the community really comes together. I have met my best friends at Clemson, and I think most people have a special feeling when they think of their school. The campus is beautiful and the lake is a great thought for after class to go to the beach.


"Name one thing you'd change. What was the biggest recent controversy on campus? What are the most frequent student complaints?" There are definately things I would change about Clemson; the main one being the parking situation during game day. There was recently a bill passed that is going to convert all of R-1 to IPTAY parking on game day. Which is going to remove at least 200 parking spaces from students when there already weren't enough spots to park on campus before the bill was passed. Another problem with the parking situation is that Clemson is planning on taking the students tuition money and using to make a parking garage available only to teachers. However, it would be far more practical to either make the garage for the students (we already have more limited parking than the teachers) or have the teachers pay for their own lot. These two examples of things I would change have been huge contoversies and the leading causes of student complaints on the campus in the past year that I've been here.


best thing - you get the complete college experience s/thing I'd change - better alternatives to hanging out downtown on the w/e size - depends on the individual, but a perfect fit for me reaction - very positive, especially impressed that I graduated in 4 years time - at my dorm or in the library college town - what college town? admin - competent controversy - frat brother died in hazing exercise pride - in abundance unusual - red sunsets every once in a while memorable experience - seeing Barack Obama speak at our amphitheater frequent complaints - crowded library


The best thing about Clemson is the feeling of pride you get walking around campus. From day one, you start to bleed Orange, due simply to the fact that they imprint that national sense of pride into you. School size is just right, because it's big enough where you can meet someone new everyday for your whole career there, but small enough where you will pass your friends/acquaintances on the way to class every so often. Some people to this day do not know where Clemson is located, and many in fact thing it's a private school since there's no "state" title tagged to it, and the city of "Clemson" is barely known to anyone who doesn't know about the school. It's a great college town because the town was set up to meet the needs of the students: college-price friendly restaurants, shops, bars, etc. Another awesome thing you will rarely find in in-state public schools is the diversity among people from different areas. Clemson's roughly about 40% out of state, and is certainly noticeable when asking people where they're from. Sadly, the race balance is nowhere near where it should be as it is about 87% white. Experiences I will always remember include how the entire CAMPUS becomes one big tailgate, the hills, stories, "snowdays" (we've had one every year I've been there), etc.


Strength: Personal attention and faculty-student interaction. Location- needs more urban location to get the school more exposure. Just right size. College Town. Helpful and efficient administration. Lot of school pride!!! I am a proud Clemson Tiger too. Great school, but the potential is still unknown!


The Cops at clemson suck. The parking services at clemson are even worse


I applied to seven school, all ACC, Clemson was the last school that I heard from, and basically was the only one I was truly concerned from hearing from. I got it, and it was the best peice of mail that I have ever and will ever receive! President Barker calls it a Clemson family. And as corny as it might sound, it really is. Everyone, alumni included, is concerned about Clemson students, sports, and their "blood running orange". I have never heard of a school being so proud about where they go/went. Myself included. Its the perfect size. Around 17,000 but if you go to to the library you will know at least 100 people. You can walk or take the CAT bus everywhere. You can wear and be comfortable in anything to class. You will have great teachers that are willing to help you. There is ALWAYS something to do. There are tons of places to eat. Using your Tiger Stripe card to pay for things is always nice, too. Clemson is truly a college town and those that live around town, love the college kids. You will see clemson tiger paws everywhere, followed by beautiful landscapes and buildings. There are tons of on and off campus housing, and a great new recreation facility as well. The most common complaint, however, is parking. There is never enough. Yes, its a pain, but definitly not a reason to diss clemson. I am so proud to say that I go to clemson and I let everyone know that.


Everything at Clemson is a big deal. They make everything as fun and interesting as possible. Football and basketball games are a really big deal. Even minor things like freshmen fest are a big deal and they make it fun. I'll never forget the my first Bowden Bowl, we rushed the field, were asked to get off the field thent hey let us rush it after they reviewed the replay. It was amazing.


I think Clemson is a perfect college because it is not small but it is not huge. I know tons of people and all of my professors. As long as you take the time to introduce yourself to each professor, you won't feel like just another student in a big auditorium. Teachers and TA's are always willing to take the time to help you as long as you ask. I love the fact that Clemson is a college town and everyone around is there to help you out if you need it. It is very hard to explain my favorite memory of Clemson, but I will give you one of my favorites. The first time I ever visited Clemson's campus I was planning on attending a different college. My parent's and I drove onto Clemson's campus and drove down a hill that went straight up to Death Valley. I rolled my window down and there was the Clemson vs. NC State game and there was 2 minutes left in the game. The stadium was completely orange and I never heard such loud fans. The pride those fans had in their school was absolutely breath taking. I got chillbumps and I knew that I would love it at Clemson, and I have been at every game for my blood runs orange.


Everyone at Clemson loves it. If you can make it through your first semester and adjust to living in a small South Carolina town, its hard to leave. The school is just the right size. There it is a small school for being a big school being that you see the same people every day, but a big school in the sense that you meet new people every day. Clemson is on the rise; When I say I go to Clemson (being from South Carolina), people either hate me or love me. When I go out of state, people are beginning to hear of Clemson from an academic and athletic stand point. Clemson is the epitome of a college town. The town lives and dies off of the University. In the fall, there are over 100,000 people in town, and businesses boom. Students are the main source of revenue for local businesses. In the summer, when students leave, picture an old western town with deserted streets. Tiger paws line the roads into Clemson. As soon as you get off of I-85, the tiger paws lead the way to campus. Everything along the way is orange. Everything in downtown Clemson is orange. Orange is all you see in Clemson. Clemson is situated comfortably in the Upstate of South Carolina - at the Foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Lake Hartwell, not even a mile from campus, is one of the largest lakes in South Carolina. Clemson is picturesque. In the fall, during football season, when the leaves start changing colors, it is breathtaking, especially from the football stadium. The stadium, which can be seen from miles away, is omnipresent, and is the gathering spot for nearly a million people each year. The sense of pride in Clemson is second to none.


Clemson is just right as far as size. The campus is beautiful and convenient. It is a nice little college town, friendly.


The best thing about Clemson is its people. The students, faculty, and staff all really care about each other. The one thing I would change is the focus on athletics. Athletics seem to come in front of academics, more so at the graduate level. I think when I went to Clemson, it was just the right size, but in the past few years it has gotten way too big. Most people react favorably when I tell them I went to Clemson, unless they went to or currently attend the University of South Carolina. I spent most of my time on campus in Brackett, the psychology building. It had a computer lab, printers, and snack machines. It was a great place to spend time between classes or even after classes. There is definitely a college town atmosphere to Clemson. Without the college, there would be no town. This is most evident during the summertime. A lot of businesses aren't even open during the summer! I think Clemson's administration actually needs to be bigger. They seem to be overworked all the time.


To sum Clemson up is that it is a great place to go academically and socially. I really enjoy Clemson and would hope that it would be a first choice for other students.


The school is pretty big, but it seems smaller because the school is divided into five or so colleges. You see these people from your college throughout your career at Clemson. When people hear I go to Clemson, they are usually impressed. They know that I'm getting a good education and worked hard to get in. The school is the town basically. Everything around Clemson revolves around the university, and it is most definitely a college town. Fall is definitely the time to visit the campus. Football season is a big deal and the size of the town swells to 100,000+ people on football Saturdays. During the weekend, everyone's schedules revolve around the game and tailgating, which starts the night before the game. Though I love almost all aspects of the college, football season is most definitely the high point. There's an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation on campus during the whole season. Begin your orange wardrobe early! I love Clemson, but the most common complaint about campus is parking. This is a complaint you'll find on most college campuses. The college was built in the 1800's and everything is very compact, so parking is pretty far away. However, there is a terrific bus system that will take you pretty much anywhere you want to go on campus and the surrounding areas.


Clemson is a great school. It has just enough variety where everyone feels like they fit into the scheme of things. The best thing about Clemson is that no matter if you live on or off campus you feel included. Another great thing about Clemson are the football games. I love how everyone comes together to support our team. I also believe that Clemson is the perfect size. Its big enough to feel like a university, but after a month you feel very comfortable getting around the campus.


It's really cheesy to say this, but the best thing about Clemson is the people. Most everyone is really nice here and you can just tell that everyone is having the time of their lives. The size of the school is not really small, but its not huge either. I'd say it's just right. Clemson is a college town, there's not much outside of the campus, which kind of limits the amount of things there is to do, but there's a great sense of community in that everyone who lives here is about the same age and goes to the same school. School pride is huge at Clemson. It's odd to hear of a student who doesn't go to the football game on Saturday, and football is an event. Tailgating starts early in the morning and goes well on after the game, win or lose. Everyone I know who has gone here or graduated from here is so proud to be a tiger and will tell anyone who will listen how great Clemson is.


The best thing about Clemson is definitely football. Games are huge events here and everyone attends. The sea of orange at Death Valley and all over campus is inspiring. Football is what I'll miss most when I graduate.


I think the best thing about Clemson is probably its physical appearance; it's a very pretty school and set on a very nice area of land. I think Clemson is just right, although the ways that the school goes about dealing with its population size could be altered. Most people, when told I go to Clemson, are surprised and impressed; many ask what it's like to be in the South. There is a TON of school pride; it almost gets annoying after a while. -I'll definitely remember the amount of school pride; the orange everywhere. It's definitely a unifying characteristic to the university. -Frequent complaints are parking, distance of parking lots from campus, irritability of administration such as financial aid and student affairs workers


I think the best thing about Clemson is all the students because most of the people are really friendly here, and you can meet a lot of people. I think Clemson is just right, because you can usually know at least one person in your classes, but its not so small that everyone knows EVERYTHING about you. Most people are impressed that I go to Clemson. There is a LOT of school pride here.


One of the best things about Clemson is the campus. It's a big place, yet it isn't sread out to the point where nothing can be found. Even though the campus is nice, i think I would change some things about it as well. There are too many hills for someone like me to be walking up. For me, the school is just right. Most people seem surprised because they expected me to go out of state. Some of the administration is cool. There's plenty of school pride, blinded during football season with all the orange. Students I hear, complain about the food. Sometimes, for what we are paying, you'd expect the food to be a little better than what it is. There's nothing unusual about Clemson. Controversial? Well, there were several things that happened here, but I'm not really sure if there are any that are controversial.


The best thing is the diverse people that you get to meet. I would change the food, because it get old after a while. The school is really big and I like it. When I tell people that I go to Clemson, they think that I am really smart. Most of my time spent on campus is either in my room, a friend's room, or the library. College town. The biggest recent controversy is president Barker being sued.


Clemson's location is really convenient and its Engineering and Science department is really good and strong. I would probably want to change the cost of living on campus to a more affordable price. Clemson's just the right size, not too big, not too small. People are usually proud that I go to Clemson, unless they're USC and Georgia fans. I spend most of my time in class or in my room or the library or somewhere outside in the nice weather. It's definitely a college town. Clemson seems to have a good administration. The biggest recent controversy on campus was what to do about the freshman fraternity member who died from too much alcohol intake. There is a lot of school pride, especially when it comes to sports. I don't find anything unsual about Clemson myself...I'll always remember my first engineering class (hell) and meeting my boyfriend there. Frequent student complaints deal with parking availability.


Clemson has the best atmosphere for game days, we all know how to put the school work aside and focus on the prize at hand. I would change the fees! Its just right. Well since im from Columbia SC they dont look too highly on that. Library getting work done. Definitely College town! Crappy, They dont know what they are doing! President Baker taking 80 million dollars from the students over 8 years now! Hell yeah! Nope. Freshman year, make it the best of your life!!! Campus parking for commuters!!!


Clemson is a beautiful place to be. You get to meet so many people from different backgrounds, and it's wonderful! When I tell people I go to Clemson they say "You must be a genius to go to that school" or "Wow, do you really go there because that is a top school". I try to stray away from comments such as those; however these are the everyday stereotypes that me and other Clemson students face. School pride is definitely a big deal at Clemson. You must have pride to be a Clemson Tiger. If you do not have any pride for Clemson, I guarantee by the time you reach your sophomore year you will have a fond love for Clemson.


The school spirit is amazing; the parking police are very strict and have no problem writing tickets; I feel like it's just the right size because there are some days when walking to class when I know a lot of people and other days I don't recognize anyone


The absolute best thing about Clemson is the people-you will not find a school with more passionate, spirited people, driven to keep Clemson alive and also spur it to constantly change for the better. If I had to change one thing, I wish transfer students felt more of a connection to the student body. Clemson is JUST RIGHT! I feel completely at home and like I know a ton of people. I graduated from a school of 3,500, and many schools I looked at attending felt either too small or too large. Clemson is perfect. Many people know what Clemson is and think it is a wonderful school, and if they have never heard of it, they can tell it is great from the way I talk about it! A lot of people know we are an agricultural school, and some people think that is bad. Clemson does a lot of great research in agriculture, as well as provides opportunities for students here that other schools do not offer. I spend most of my time on campus, well, everywhere...the library, in academic buildings, in the student centers, and in the dining facilities. The bookstore is one of my favorite wandering spots if I am indoors. Otherwise, I love to spend time in the gardens or in one of the many green spaces. Clemson is most definitely a college town. The surrounding community supports us, and there is orange everywhere. We have a small downtown centered specifically around the college and its students. We have had struggles with parking a lot lately. A lot of school pride?? The school pride is OVERFLOWING! There is no square inch yet to be covered. Unusual about is a land grant school, and although it is public, the state does not rule over Clemson because we follow the founder Thomas Green Clemson's will, which states that there will always be 7 elected Board of Trustee members and 6 state appointed. One experience I will always remember is move-in day and how I could not wait to experience what this great place is all about! Frequent student complaints are definitely parking.


Pride DEFINES Clemson. Anyone can be pals with anyone through this powerful bond. We all love it here. LOVE IT. The size of Clemson is the perfect blend of a state school with all of the spirit it entails but also the small community feel without the aggrevations of constant traffic, crowds, etc. Bowman field is the place to be on a nice day. Bells are played by hand in the tower of Tillman throughout the afternoon and can be heard through most of campus.


The best thing about Clemson is the Clemson Family. They start preaching this at orientation and you never really comprehend the phrase until you walk through campus and complete strangers stop you and ask you how your day is and how things are going. If I could change on thing I would change online classes. We all pay tuition to be taught by quality professors, we don't pay to teach ourselves. Clemson is just right, but we could definately expand in the future. When I tell people I go to Clemson, a majority of people say wow! that's a great school and you're up there in God's country. I spend most of my time on campus either going to class or getting involved somewhere. Clemson is a beautiful College town. Clemson's administration is great. most of them went to Clemson and have a deep passion for the students and the school. Biggest recent controversy has been a student death of campus that happened before Christmas break. School pride at Clemson is second to none. Solid Orange is everywhere and you can never break our pride. The unusual thing about Clemson is that we have 13,000 students, our sports programs are division I, and we are a top 30 public university. I will always remember my first Clemson football game at Death Valley. The most frequent complaints are about the parking patrol.


I love how Clemson is one huge family and athletics are great too, there is nothing like it! I would change the exam schedule to a Monday-Friday not Saturday - Saturday. I think Clemson is just right, I don't feel like I get lost in the crowd here. Especially when it comes to classes. If people know about Clemson they tell me how great it is that I go there, it's a very positive reaction. But sometimes when I go home people have no idea where Clemson is and what the school is like so I have to explain. Usually in my room since I live on campus but classrooms would be next in line, haha. College town - not that that's a bad thing There is tons of school pride. I love Solid Orange Friday's and any past alumni that you talk too are so proud they have a degree from Clemson. I will always remember the first time I came to campus as a student. It was a sense of awe, nerves, and excitement. I love it though!

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