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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?




I would advise parents and students to look everywhere and be open to a variety of universities. I think talking to college students about their experiences also tell a lot about the school. Identify your top priority and keep the rest flexible. For example, I value safety and found that my top choices provided very safe environments. I applied to schools varying in size and tried to visit as many campuses as I could. This helped me decide what I wanted in a school and allowed me to get a feel for it. I suggest talking to Department Heads about their programs in order to become knowledgeable and also to provide the school with a name and face to accompany your application. If the student gets a negative feeling on the campus visit, that school is probably not for him/her. I believe that, ultimately, the student should make the final decision while keeping in mind the opinions of the parents'. I would not change anything about my college search and I hope the best for future graduates. Go Clemson Tigers!


Take a tour of any and all possible colleges that one is interested in. Take advantage of career days in high school. Learn about as many colleges as possible. It would be a good iidea to make a list of the pros and cons of the colleges one is interested in to help the narrowing down process. And finally, do not sell yourself short! If one wants to apply to a college that he or she feels is out of his or her league either financially, academically, or for any other reason - GO FOR IT! Let that college's acceptance board say, "No." Always tell yourself "YES!" Afterall, one never knows until they try.


I would have to say look really hard and actually weigh your options. Do not choose a college that does not have you major or costs too much just because you heard it was a good school. Research because what qualifies as a "good school" may not be the best school for you. After narrowing down your list then make visits and do even more research about your particular area of study. Once you have been accepted just make sure you focus on your school work while maintaining a social life. Some of the friends you make in college will be the people you need to get a job or you may need them to help you in other ways. Lifelong friends are made in college so just make sure you cherish every moment and learn from everything and everyone you may encounter.


You definitely have to do a lot of research, and go with what feels right. Put a lot of time in to determine what type of school you want to go to (big, medium, small) or (sports school, liberal school, etc.) then go out and find it. There are so many types of schools out there and it's almost certain anyone can find one that fits their personality. Making the most of your college experience is crucial, because you will only get to do it once. These are the best years of your life and there is no sense in wasting any time. Meet great people, work hard, and prepare yourself for your future. Oh yeah, and have a little bit of fun in between!


The biggest characteristic that I looked for when I was applying to college was comfort. I atttended numorous open houses at schools across the southeast, but there were only two campuses where I felt comfortable, and those two schools were the ones that ended up being my number one and number two choices. Since being in college, I have found that it takes some effort to have a good time. One of the biggest things that has helped make my time great has been getting involved. Between FCA, intramurals, club sports, and the community that I live in, I have made tons of friends and feel like I really belong. The people are what make college fun, so building relationships has become a priority and has helped make life a lot more enjoyable.


You have to choose a school that you absolutely love because it is going to be your home away from home for the next few years of your life. It might not be the most prestegeous or cheapest, or the closesest school from home, but as long as you absolutely love where you go you will do great. Being a member of a community that you feel a part of will make you want to succeed in everything you do, and make you proud of your accomplishments instead of something you can just check off the list. To make the most of your college experience, you have to get involved. There are tons of ways to find you're nitche, but once you do you will love every minute of it. It's a great way to meet people and be a part of a group-- a place where you're accepted for who you are. Also, it will also ease some apprehension about being one of thousands at a huge institution. The best advice I have ever gotten is to not let school get in the way of college, because this is where you discover who you really are.


Visit the colleges they are considereing. Go and get a tour. I visited alot of schools but when I walked onto Clemson's campus it just felt right.


I would say to follow your gut instinct. Each college offers many different things, so no one college is the same. Another important thing to remember is that just because a parent went to a certain college, does not mean that that specific college would be right for the child. Always be yourself and stand your ground. Your true friends won't care if you don't want to drink alcohol or have sex. Don't feel pressured into doing what everyone else is doing. Just stay true to yourself, and remember that these are the best years of your life!


Choose a school that has a wide variety of majors. Do not sit around in your room, go out and have fun. Learn to manage your time. That is the major problem high school graduates face when starting college.


The hardest and most important thing about choosing the right school and major is figuring out what you want to do. For most people this does not come easy, and it may require exploring several different options, majors, and sometimes schools to figure out what exactly you want to do with your life. It is not vital that you find out what you want to do immediately; however, doing something that you do not enjoy just because you are unsure of what you want is a waste of your time. It is important that you realize that the college experience is not solely about the academic education you receive. Your education is very important, but it is only a small part of your overall college experience. The college experience is more about developing as an individual, and improving yourself in many aspects of life. It is a time to grow socially as well as intellectually, and it is a time to expand your horizons. It is a time to mature and embrace the responsibilities of being an independent adult. My advice is to find a school that you love and one that will help you accomplish the things mentioned above.


make sure you get involved with your University. Fraternities and Sororities are a great option.


Take a tour of the college during the school year to get a taste of what campus life is like. If you can, sit in on a class. also, talking to students around campus about what they like and don't loke about campus life is a great way to find out if the school you are looking at is right for you.


When you are trying to find the right college, make college visits. While you are on campus, watch how the students interact with one another. At my college people greet one another, hold doors for each other, and are courteous to one another. If that's not what you are looking for, thats fine. Try and find the right atmosphere for you. You will certainly find a group you can fit in with anywhere, but some places its easier than others. In order to make the most of your college experience you need to get involved in things. Go to sporting events, join an organization, play on an intramural team. The more engaged you are the happier you will be with your experiene.


Pick one you just know is the right one regardless of cost or distance from home


My advice to students and parents is very simple. Students: Find your balance. People will pressure you from every direction to party every night, or to bury yourself in homework every hour of every day. They will tell you to join clubs, to get a job, to not get a job, what to eat, and what to wear. My advice however, is to just be you. "To thine own self be true," right? Do your best in class and don't be afraid to ask questions; if you find a club you like, join it; get some sleep when you can; and once again, find your right balance. Parents: Your baby still needs you, just not in the same ways as before. Keep your distance when your daughter needs you to, but be there when she needs to talk about that exam she just failed or about the club she just joined. Show your son how to use a washer machine and how to make a bed. When you see your baby "all grown up," well developed, and successful in his or her own way, you will know that you succeeded. Good luck to you both.


Be prepared.


Get things together before leaving for college. Be punctual and prepared all of the time and never wait until the last minute. Follow what your heart tells you it wants to do, and never let anyone tell you that you are not capable of doing something.


I would tell students to look at the most important things in life when picking a college. Don't pick a school mainly because of the social scene or the awesome attractions surrounding it. Those can be factors but, pick the college that is really going to help you grow as an individual and will really provide for your major. Take advantage of unique opportunities -these can really make you stand out among a crowd when looking for an internship or going into the workforce. Parents, support your student no matter what decision they make and be there to listen, because they respect your advice and understand that you were once in their shoes as well.


When looking for the "right college" try to find one that fits you the best in several areas. Try to find a college where you don't feel overwhelmed by the size and one that offers several activities to get involved in that you enjoy. Also look for a college depending on its academics. Try to find one that fits your academic style; for instance don't choose a big party school if you are extremely academic based and put class first. Also choose a school where students are similar to yourself in personality. The best advice I can give in regards to making the most of the college experience is to get involved and stay active.

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