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What are the academics like at your school?


We have every thing that you can think of from engineer programs, nursing programs, education etc.


The academics at Clemson are very important to the community of college students. All of the students strive to obtain good grades along with the knowledge of their desired majors.


Most of my professors know my name. My favorite class was Calculus one. It was well taught and had the perfect balance between lecture and working on practice problems. My least facvorite class was a general engineering class. Very little information was actually taught and we were expected to teach ourselves almost everything. Most students study several hours a week and are pretty responsible about devoting time for studying. Most classes do not care about class participation. Students are not really competitive with one another. But, students are very helpful with one another and enjoy working together. my major is industrial engineering and so far it has been moderately tough. I personally do not spend time with my professors outside of class, but they all have office hours and are very approachable. the school's academic requirements are very achievable.


Professors often try to learn the names of students (except when it's a lecture class with a hundred students). This helps to create a very welcoming atmosphere, that encourages class interaction. The requirements of most majors make sure that the individual student ends up well rounded enough in literature, language, math and science.


Yes, most of my professors know my name, if not all of them. My favorite class is my major's class, Computer Science. My least favorite class is Math 208 which is a very challenging math class, but it is interesting despite the complex concepts. Students will study about an hour or two a night, including homework. Once a week or so they will have multiple hours, but nothing too much to handle without considerable amounts of free time. It depends on the class, but yes, students generally do engage in discussion and give presentations. Students have intellectual discussions all of the time! We talk about politics, sociology, psychology, the origins of life, religion, homosexuality, etc. These are our favorite things to discuss. Yes, students are competitive, but not to the point where they get upset when they lose. Our saying is "the score is fun to fun." Just like our football team after the Orange Bowl, they are encouraged to try harder next time. The most unique class that I have taken is a Computer Science class on numbers and data structures and password encoding. It is very interesting and one of my favorite classes. That said, I am a Computer Science Major, where I will learn to program in C and C++. I will also be teaching myself different computer languages and I intend on programming for mobile devices and then video games after I graduate. Professors at Clemson have office hours that I can choose to capitalize on and go see them whenever I like, whether I need help on homework or help with a social situation. The school has general education requirements where students are encouraged to take a wide variety of classes their freshman year. This helps in the student's ability to choose a major in their first year of college and not lose credit hours. The education at this school is to learn just for the sake of learning new things. Most students here are not worried about whether they will get a job or not, they know that they will end up alright after college with a Clemson degree.


Within the art department, professors are very personable and students generally work very hard. While unheard of by man, the visual arts program has some great teachers such as Sydney Cross, a published and well known printmaker within the art world. Art majors are completely disrespected on the whole, however, students within the department work hard to fight the stereotypes that are usually associated with art majors. Clemson's academic requirements seem fair (aside from e-portfolio); I appreciate that it requires students to be well rounded and take classes such as philosophy or art history as long as math and science.


I find it amazing how small my classes are. Right now, my largest class is probably about 40 students. Professors in smaller classes will definitely know your name, but in larger classes it is beneficial to introduce yourself to them or go visit them during office hours, so they can get to know you. My favorite class this semester is English. We're studying rhetorical usages in the media and it is very interesting. My professor is great and very personable. My least favorite class is macroeconomics. Econ is just not my thing. At Clemson, your teachers will tell you if you study the same amount in college that you did in high school, you will make a GPA 1.7 points lower. Studying at this school is definitely very popular. The kids here care about their academics and are easily able to balance their social life with their academics. Students don't usually discuss intellectual ideas on the weekends and they are not competitive with each other about grades. The most unique class I took was Theatre Appreciation. We got to see a couple different plays, learned about theatre, and even got a chance to do some acting. I am currently a business management major with a French minor. Fortunately, Clemson has a business school in Belgium, so I hope to study there next year! Luckily, Clemson's reputation is very great among businesses, so hopefully my degree will land me a job. The first year of college is mostly general education classes, but I find they're nice to take because they give you an overview of what exactly you can do with your degree. It allows you to evaluate if what you're studying is actually what you want to do. Clemson does all that they can to help you get a job. There is a career center on campus that allows you to take a discovery test to make sure you are in the right major and they will also assist you in finding a job. Clemson's alumni are also great resources when it comes to job searching. They understand that Clemson students have the values needed to succeed.


Academics are very important at Clemson. Many professors make the effort to learn the students names, which makes it more personal. I was in a chemistry class of 70 and the professor knew each of us by name. My favorite classes are the ones in my major, I'm in Animal and Veterinary Sciences, and I love being able to work hands on with animals. Many students go to SI or tutoring sessions that are free at the library, or just study in the library or their rooms. Class participation is common and usually in the form of iClicker questions. Clemson is a very determined and competitive school, I think this helps you succeed as a student. In my department many of the faculty build more personal relationships with their students which makes it easy to get recommendations and have an adult to talk to. I spend time with professors outside of class since many of them advise the clubs on campus. Clemsons ciriculum definitely prepares you for a job, in my case I plan on going to veterinary school and they have a program specifically for students like me to build the perfect resume to get in, and make all of the prerequisite courses and more.


As a science major, the majority of the classes I have been in have been large lecture classes and so the professor does not know my name. I believe the classes I will be taking as an animal and veterinary sciences major will prepare me for getting a job. I will get hands on experience with animals which will get me into vet school. I will be taking a class that teaches me how to show different animals at Livestock shows.


I'm an incoming freshman this year, so I can't answer these questions.


What makes Clemson different from other universities is that it teaches you how to fish. It takes the old adage "catch a man a fish and he'll live for a day; teach a man to fish and he'll live for a lifetime." Clemson offers principles of life throughout the teaching cirriculum as well as supplying the knowledge you need for your field. By doing this Clemson creates a marketable competitor for jobs as well as filling your mind with knowledge that is prepared to handle any situation that is thrown at you.


Yes, professors know your name, especially if you are one of the people who are constantly showing up outside class for help. Other times, they don't know your name or they will "give" you a name. My favorite class? Eh, too many to pick from. My least favorite? Management. How long students study depends on the student. I know of students who seem to study 24/7 and some who hardly study at all. Class participation is not usually common in a large class, but can occur in smaller ones. Yes, students do have intellectual conversations outside of class. As a matter of fact, their conversations are so intellectual that sometimes the slower ones like me cannot keep up with them and have to spend our time staring forlornly at our dining hall mystery meat. Students are quite competitve as a matter of fact. Well, considering if the class allows them to be. I hardly think that a large lecture only class would show students competing as to who can take the best notes or pay the most attention. The most unique class I have ever taken is the carillon class! Class is held inside a bell tower for heaven's sake. You don't get that everyday. My major department is psychology. Nothing much to see there. Just some white lab coats running experiments and students taking ten-minute surveys. Do I spend time with professors outside of class? Heck no. I mean, they're tough enough in person, let alone being with them alone in person. Well, when it comes to academics anyway. I'd think it'd be cool if students could go bowling or something with their professors. Clemson's academic requirements are the basics. Well, except for the fact that they have a lot of work attached to those basics and some hard-to-understand concepts thrown in every once in a while. Clemson is definitely geared towards getting a job. I'm always hearing how something we learn in class applies to the outside world or a job situation.


The advisers are wonderful. I've yet to take a class there because I'm a rising freshman, so I can't provide more information.


Clemson is a research university with a great science program, among many other great programs, most notably engineering. The place is filled with determined, intelligent students with an amazing capacity to think and get involved with their majors. The students are extremely competitive, which makes the professors more than willing to help with anything we need.


The professors are very good. Most of them learn who you are, even in larger classes. They are accessible outside of class and are very helpful. Engineering isn't easy, but there are several groups like supplemental instruction and study hours that are there to help you. The quality is there, you just need to figure out how to use it just like any other college. The school has the image of being a huge party school, but we know when it is time to get down to business and work.


The professors at Clemson are awesome! The class sizes are relatively small, so it is very personal and the students aren't just "numbers". I actually look forward to most of my classes! Being a math major, I have had great experiences with the professors in this area. Also, the academic advisors are VERY helpful and easy to talk to. The genuinely care about your education and achieving your goals in order to prepare you for the future.


The academic environment here at Clemson is one of the most unique in the state and very demanding but fun in the same right. The professors make it a priority for the most part to get to know their students and make sure they are on track and understand that they want the students to succeed but they are going to be challenged in more ways than they actually thought. Studying is basically left up to the individual and their field of study but you will find that most people are constantly studying as it is not just competative here but put on a national scale to be one of the best schools in the nation if not the best and we are well known for our engineering and science program here so people are hitting the books hard to continue to be on the forefront of innovation and research. You are encouraged to participate in your classes as it can only benefit in your growth, so it is tied into the professors curricula for the semesters that you are here. The students are constantly talking about all sorts of things that pertain to their majors but also on other intellectual levels also plus we also know how to unwhine and enjoy the unique culture here as the university offers so much to keep the balnce between work and play plus letting you grow as an adult before jumping out there in the real world. The academic requirements here are very strict and yet accommodating to help you learn and benefit from the growing world around us that will allow you to succeed once you leave this university. The great thing that I have noticed about Clemson is that they keep a very special balance between gearing your education towards the goal of finding a fulfilling and challenging job after graduation and learning the material to have a higher sense of knowledge and sense of accomplishment. The academic experience here is unparalled and can make you into a well round person that can balance so many things once you graduate and during your time here.


Don't know yet.


can have a lot of fun and still study a lot. provides a lot of extra help when needed. competitive students. teachers want you to succeed.


The academics were pretty tough. The curriculum's and professors were very rigorous in their teaching. However this has shaped me into a much better person.


Great. Every class I have had has been extremely approachable and remembered my name after speaking with them. With todays universities, its hard to find a school that offers such a big name with such individualized academic concerns.


Clemson's academics are at a high level and will continue to increase in the coming years. As a part of Clemson's goal to be a top twenty public institution the quality of the professors is also increasing at a rapid rate. The classes can be difficult but there is no doubt in the high level of education that you are recieving.


Clemson once again has a great balance. There are some big classes freshman year like some gen-eds where a lecture may have 130 kids (30 ususally show up). Professors are easily accessed though. Students study a lot but know how to balance their work. Staying in a Thursday night to study is the worst, but you usually do it maybe once a month. The Academic Success Center is really helpful, use it! They offer tutors, study groups, study hints, help you pick a major with tests and then sit you down to review your results, how to study classes, adjustment to college classes, and SO much more.


Well when I tell people I go to Clemson they usually assume I'm really smart. It is a good school academically and it's getting harder to get into, especially for out of state like me. So I like that we are proud of academics. But really once you get in the classes are all different. Some are really hard and some extremely easy. Professors will know your name if you sit on the front row or talk to them. I recommend that even in a class of 200 students. They like it, you get to know a pretty cool professor, and it can help with grades. I recommend visiting their offices as well. Education at Clemson can be geared towards getting a job, but I recommend taking a few classes that are what you are interested in even if you don't want to major in it. Sometimes it's really good to learn just for the sake of learning. Students are competitive. A little too much sometimes. My philosophy is don't worry about the other students and just do your best. But it is good that the competitiveness can sometimes remind us why we are in learn.


Most of my professors know my name in my smaller classes. Classes usually do not have much participation that i've been in. some students are just a drain on the entire class because they don't care about learning.


Academics at Clemson are rigorous, but depending on your major, you can get the easy or the more difficult way out of an academically demanding school. Since I was a Science major, most of my classes were in stadium-type settings until my junior and senior years. My least favorite aspect of my major was that the teachers were more focused on their research endeavors than their class. That said, I did have some amazing professors towards the end of my academic career! My favorite class was Entomology (the study of insects) because the teacher visibly cared about the subject and the class. You can definitely get to know your teachers by going by their office hours to talk about upcoming coursework or homework. The education at Clemson is geared more towards learning for its own sake, but if you take advantage of their career services it may give you an upperhand on graduating.


Since I am part of the nursing school (one of the best I think), all of my professors know our names, they make a point to get to know us. One of my professors this past semester made us each meet with her one on one some point in the semester (in a class of 60, thats pretty impressive). My favorite nursing class was pediatrics. My favorite non-nursing class was old testament (religion 306). the professors really make the class memorable. Class participationis very common, the professors love feedback. Students are very competitive, but I think it is healthy for our university. The most unique class I took was camping and backpacking. It was just plain awesome.


The academics at any school depend on your major and who you are as an individual. My freshman year was pretty difficult but that is exactly what I expected. Some classes were harder than others to me. I think the general concensus at the school is that all the sciences and maths are pretty hard. The two hardest classes I took my freshman year were Physics 107 and Calculus 106. Now they were both hard for me but I managed to maintain a C letter grade without having to put in really any strenous work in either class. Some of my class sizes, I will admit, were too big. Now one good thing about Clemson that definitely saved me is the amount of free help you can receive. For just about every class there are study sessions and tudor sessions that you can attend to receive additional help. I had to go to quite a few of these sessions and they actually helped alot.


Academics at Clemson are great. I have only had three classes ever that were more than 50 people. For the most part, your professors will challenge you and be very knowledgeable in their areas of expertise. However, there are a few professors who really need to go to teaching school, or at least take a class or something. But, that said, it is really up to the student to make the decision about how well you will do in school. I say that from experience. For my differential equations course, my professor was insanely difficult. I got a 75 on the first two of four tests in the class. I make A's and B's usually. Well, I wasn't satisfied with a 75, so I figured out what scores I needed on the the last two tests and the final exam for me to get an A. It came down to me having to score a 95 or better on all three of the tests. So I did. I studied for about 8 hours for each test, and longer for the final, but I made the grades, and earned an A.


Almost every class has a lab section, which sounds like a drag at first, but it's easy to appreciate at the end of the semester given the difficulty of some subjects. In the largest classes at Clemson professors definitely recognize their students, and in smaller classes they will absolutely make an effort to learn everybody's name. Students are very competitive, but graceful in the same respect. The College of Agriculture, Forestry, and Life Sciences is definitely one of the focuses at Clemson. When taking a class in this department professors treat students as adults who have earned their place into that class. As a student you feel respected and encouraged to learn as much as possible about the material. It is obvious these professors believe in what they teach, but more importantly, they believe in their students. I feel very confident about the academic requirements. I wasn't admitted directly out of high school, which is definitely a good thing considering the amount of effort I put forth. Once I transferred into Clemson I realized why I wasn't accepted in the first place; my roommates and classmates and everyone I interacted with around campus was very intelligent and focused. It was intimidating, but now I feel much more capable as a human being and I have my place in a classroom and on campus on equal ground with the rest of the student body.


As far as my major goes, architecture, it is quite rigorous, requiring large amounts of my time in studio. My professors are very expectent of professional grade results in our projects. I find that I can generally connect with my professors very well, in and outside of class. Even outside of class, I find that students are very enlightening conversationlist on a number of topics that interest them the most.


I think Clemson has some of the best professors in the nation. Not only are they intelligent, but they are also very caring. I can always depend on them to respond to your emails quickly and offer you their time. The environment at Clemson makes it easy for students to have a healthy competitive nature. Everyone wants to succeed.


Classes are good sizes - besides the intro lecture halls they usually stay at around 20 people. Speaking of the engineering department, they have a general engineering program for first year kids that sucks. It's not really hard but they're extremely hard graders and have really rigorous standards. It's really just to weed people out, I'm going into my sophomore year and I hear it gets a lot better after that first year. I wouldn't say students are extremely competitive - most of the redneck kids don't really care that they're in college they just get wasted in a field somewhere whenever they can. The out of state kids are a lot more competitive - it really depends on the major you choose, for instance engineering has a lot more out of state kids than something that agriculture would. I hear Clemson has really good job hookups after you graduate but I wouldn't really know for sure. There are a lot of internship and co-op opportunities which is always a good thing.


The academics at Clemson are for the most part really great. I am a Poli Sci major and the majority of my classes are 10-15 people. Obviously the more general classes that you take, the bigger they will be, but for most classes you really can have an option of if you want a big or small class. In smaller classes there is obviously more class participation and I really enjoy the discussions in my classes. Students here are pretty driven and can be competitive but professors are usually pretty helpful and going to your prof's office outside of class will always earn you some bonus points! There are some amazing teachers here with some impressive resumes. Dr. Benjamin (I had him for econ 211 and 212) is really great. His class was prob 250 kids because everyone really wants to take him but he is a great teacher and made econ incredibly interesting. For most of your classes you are really going to have to study, but it is not going to kill you. I remember being in high school and wanting to cry when I heard about college kids studying for 6 or 7 hours at a time. But it really isn't that bad and nothing can replace the feeling of doing well on an exam that you worked really hard for.


You become closer to your professors as you get into classes in you major. Every professor has their own unique teaching style, but they each work in their own unique way. Of course you like some better than others, but that is expected. The one thing i wish is that the university would put more funding into the undergraduate program instead of expending sooooo much into the graduate program. As you go around campus you see a lot of great facilities but then, as a student, you just frown as you realize that almost all of them are fro graduate students only. Prime example, ICAR.


Professors all know my name and when I'm not in class. This may not be true the first couple years at Clemson but by junior and senior year classes range from about 15-25 students. Some students are competitive while others aren't. Most of the time if students are at the top of the class people know and will often ask those people for help on homework assignments or help with studying. Clemson academic requirements completely prepared me for moving into the work world. It was not only good in building my skills in classes but my social skills as well. I got a job right out of Clemson in Boston because I worked hard at Clemson. Classes are generally not difficult as long as you don't go out every night of the week. I decided to not go out until weekends and was able to get only one 'B' my whole career at Clemson (2 years) and the rest 'A's'. You have to make a choice because their is pressure to always go out downtown or to parties. It depends what you want out of school, a ton of friends thinking you're a partier or a job when you get out. None of my friends got jobs but they made the best in college by meeting so many people through partying.


Professors are very educated. Students study all the time, the library is always full. Class participation is above average. Intellectual conversations outside of class happen frequently. Students are pretty competitive.


Academics vary a lot at Clemson. I think every school has its good professors and its bad ones. Clemson is no different. In my first year, I have had professors that made class fun and interesting, and have taught me a lot, but I have also had some who didn't meet my expectations. Like I said, I think every school has this; not all teachers can be awesome. I was impressed with the class sizes. All of my classes were fairly small.


Clemson is big on academics. There are all kinds of programs to help students keep and maintain good grades and to ehlp students get their grades back up when they drop. There are so many free tutors and study groups availiable, it's not even funny. My sister, who attends a different college, visited Clemson, and after I showed her around campus, she told me that she could tell Clemson put much more focus on academics compared to her school just by seeing our academic buildings. Whether or not your professor knows your name all depends on you and your professor. If you have a class of 200 students, of course your professor isn't going to take time to remember your name unless you take the initiative and introduce yourself to your professor, ask questions after class, visit him/her during office hours. Most of my professors knew my name because I did these things. If you show your professors that your willing to learn and that you desire help, they're going to take the time to help you and get to know you too. I'm an Engineering major. I didn't think that the material covered in the Engr courses was that hard. It's just that the rules for the Engr courses are strict, and there are a lot of them. For instance, if your homework is stapled incorrectly or your name is in the wrong spot, your homework is thrown away. Don't let that scare you away from Engineering. They're just trying to teach us that we have to be neat and organized. Once you get the silly rules down, there's nothing to the actual homework...well, most of the time. My favorite classes at Clemson have been my math classes (MthSc 106, 108). I enjoy math and find it easy. On the other hand, I found out that I hated Chemistry. Chem 101 lecture isn't that bad...boring, but alright. The lab, however, is a killer. The lab is 25% of your overall Chem 101 grade, and it's meant to bring the lecture grade up. However, it usually lowers it. The Chem 101 lab completely drove me away from anything Chemistry. It might have been that I had a very terrible TA (teaching assistant), but most of my friends hated the Chem 101 and 102 labs. Good luck with those!


The engineering department in Clemson is fantastic. Granted, the freshman year engineering courses are primarily bull s&%!, but their purpose is to "weed out the weak" as my engineering T.A. so delicately put it. Once you actually start into your major courses it's really interesting and, for the most part, really well taught. Being an engineer is hard as hell. Don't let anyone ever tell you any differently. The engineering department at Clemson will not hesitate to push you to the limits of your academic ability. But, if you graduate with a Clemson engineering degree pretty much any employer will take you.


I know all of my professors names. My favorite class was chemistry, because i had the coolest teacher. He had a mullet. My least favorite class was psychology. Students are very competitive. I am a chemical engineer. My professors are really nice, and always have time to talk to students before or after class. I don't like some of the academic requirements for engineers though. we have to take 5 general ed classes.


This, like at other schools, has mostly to do with your prof. There are definitely worthless classes as there are everywhere or classes that are worth their textbook weght in gold, it ALL depends on the prof.


Professors do know my name. I didn't really have a favorite class. It was probably one of my Sociology classes with a Professor that I had for 3 different semesters. It was a great class. My least favorite class was Comm 310 with Dr. Jones. She was a horrible professor and I didn't learn anything. It depends on the major as to how much students study. If its a tough major, students put a lot of time into studying to make the grades they want. If it's not a tough major, you can adjust to how much studying you need to do. Class participation depends on the professor and the culture of the class. Some classes are straight lecture and the professor only wants to hear him or herself talk. Other classes are very interactive. Oh yeah, if there is something discussed in class that has students curious, students will definitely continue talking outside of class. Students are competitive in certain contexts. There are students that are at college to make a 4.0 and get mad if they fall short and don't beat the student beside them. One of the most unique classes I took was a tv/journalism class and our final project was filming either a news feature or a sports feature story and presenting our feature to the class. That was fun. I was a communications major. We have to learn a lot of communication theories, writes lots of papers and then, depending on your concentrated area, apply what you learn to projects. Our department is great for the most part. Professors, overall, are very helpful. There was only one professor in my department that was a bad professor. I do spend time in their office. Their academic requirements get tougher year after year. Education is geared towards a career opportunity in whatever field you are in


The academics at Clemson are world class. We are working toward the goal of becoming a top 20 public college in the next couple of years. So far we are moving in the right direction and I believe we will continually do so because our school is so motivated to succeed academically. Students are very competitive at Clemson and hate to get lower grades than their classmates. I am in Chemical Engineering and the department is pretty good, not too many complaints. The education at Clemson is geared towards getting a job definitely.


The classes at Clemson are awesome. Granted, they are tough, but there are so many resources for you to pull from, that if you ever need help, you can find it just like that. Either the professor will help you, day or night, or you can go to the Academic Support Center and get tutoring for FREE! If they don't have tutoring for the class you are taking, all you have to do is get 3 other people in the class with you to sign up for it, and they will find a tutor for you! Most of the professors actively involve their students in class by calling on them by name, or offering to stay after class to answer any questions any students have. I have never had a professor take longer than 2 hours to get back to me if I sent them a question via email. All but one of my professors have given the class their HOME phone number to call if we needed anything after hours!


I studied a LOT my freshman year-more than I should have-but it paid off. Some classes are huge, but others aren't so big. And the professor generally cares how you do.


Academics at Clemson is an attraction which brings students. It was part of the reason I went to school there. To have Clemson University on your degree means a lot in the job market. But keep in mind our classes are not easy. I have seen many people fail out. Also, not everyone is prepared for the work you have to do at Clemson. Come prepared ready to work from day 1. Some of our professors are better than others. For the most part, they really do care about you and your well being. If you are having problems, do not hesitate to ask for help. They are more likely to give you a break and work with you if they know what is going on. If you don't talk, they have no idea that your mother just died, or your boyfriend broke up with you, etc. They are all human. However, with that said, there are a couple of professors who could care less. One organic professor is known for yelling at students who ask questions and is on tenure so he doesn't really care if people pass or not. So watch out for that. You can tell which professors are genuine and which aren't. Take advantage of every odd sounding class you can. My two favorite classes were Tropical Ecosystems Biology (the whole point of the class was to spend spring break in the Peruvian Amazon) and Histography of the Witch Craft Trials.


Classes at Clemson are great. Most of my classes are fairly small, but even in the big ones the teachers are more than receptive if you want to talk to them. I am in Engineering and the teachers and advisers are second to none, but the curriculum isn't necessarily what it needs to be; there are too many classes with the intention of thinning out numbers of students. Once you get into the major it is a great experience. Clemson is becoming more and more of an engineering school and the competition is growing in the classroom. I have talked to several engineers in the working world and they say that a degree from Clemson is a very good thing to have when trying to get a job.


I took 19 hours my last semester and my largest class only had around 20 students in it. The professors generally know every student by first name, and are also usually very approachable.