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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Football, Basketball, and Soccer are the biggest events for student life in my opinion. I'm a huge fan of Clemson's athletics.


The most popular student groups here at Clemson are the intamural sports with every group like the fraternities and soriities being very invovled in these competions make it very exciting and competive.


Sadly, fraternities and sororities are among the most popular student groups on campus and tend to eclipse many of the other student groups. But they are hardly the only student activities on campus: rock climbing, fencing, camping, dancing and of course, sports are all easily accessible to students on campus.


Sadly, fraternities and sororities are among the most popular student groups on campus and tend to eclipse many of the other student groups. But they are hardly the only student activities on campus: rock climbing, fencing, camping, dancing and of course, sports are all easily accessible to students on campus.


Greek life is definitely very prevalent on campus. I am currently involved with Kappa Delta sorority. Most people always lock their doors when leaving the room. Football games are everything here. Everyone loves football and love their tigers. Basketball and baseball aren't nearly as popular as football, but the students definitely go out and support those teams as well. Guest speakers usually have a pretty good turnout, but most organizations require a certain number of people to represent their group at a guest speaker. Plays put on by the Clemson Players are also pretty popular. They usually sell out of their shows. Being from the north, I was very surprised when guys actually offered to take me out on a date. The guys here are definitely southern gentlemen. I met one of my best friends during freshman orientation, I met my roommate through Facebook, and the rest are part of my sorority. If I'm awake at 2 am on a Tuesday, I am definitely studying. Orange Friday is one of my favorite traditions here. On Friday, the entire student body (and some teachers) wear orange to show their Clemson pride. Another tradition I highly enjoy is that on Friday, the dining hall has ice cream sundaes you can make. They're so good! Other traditions include Derby Days and Greek Week. They both revolve around Greek life and are highly anticipated events. This school has a great balance of social life and academics. During the week, it's usually very rare to hear of parties. I personally do not go out during the week and I don't know many people that do. On the weekends, there are usually frat parties. Last weekend, I went out to a frat party, watched a movie, and did some homework and studying. On a Saturday night there is a lot to do. The University shows movies in different places on campus. You can go bowling or play in the video arcade on campus. You can go out to dinner with some friends or just hang in and watch a movie. I usually travel off campus to go food shopping and I tutor and mentor elementary/middle school kids off campus.


Some of the most popular groups on campus are student government, FCA, and involvement in greek life. I'm involved in a few clubs that are related to my major. I'm most involved in the Dairy Science Club, we have a show team that shows heifers at county and state fairs, and we have conventions that help you meet potential employers and internships. I figured it would be good to get involved with something I couldn't do at home and dairy has filled that spot. I've lived on campus for the past 2 years, and everyone left there door open my freshman year, I lived in a living-learning community. This year i rarely feel the need to lock my door, but its not as "open" as my first year. I met my best friends my freshman year through that community and just through meeting people in my major and that lived in my building. The athletic events are huge events to go to, Clemson has very good teams, there are great concerts every semester. There is a performing arts center, but Clemson isn't a very musical/theater school in my opinion. The dating scene is really good, there are a lot of people at Clemson and if you're looking for someone chances are you'll have luck. I met my boyfriend this year, and we've been dating for 4 months, we met through mutual friends. I rarely see him during the day around campus for classes, which is kind of nice. There are many annual events at Clemson that students take part in like CU On Ice is a skating/winter festival they set up every year before christmas break. There is a lot of tradition involved in the chants and stuff like that at football games as well. If you want to party there's a party is how I see the party scene here. Every weekend some frat is having something, or people have house parties and bonfires, but its all what you make of it. If you choose to have a quiet night in you can and if thats not your thing you can find a place to go. Greek life is big on campus but you don't have to be involved to have a good time. Last weekend I was at a bonfire with some friends, and I had gone out to dinner before with another friend. On a Saturday night without drinking you can still go out, there are places downtown, and movie theaters not too far off campus, even the mall. Off campus we go out to eat, go shopping, hiking, exploring, there is a lot of pretty waterfalls and outdoorsy things to do.


The most popular student activities/groups include attending sporting events , particularly football and basketball. Many students are involved in the Fellowship of Christian athletes organization-in fact we have one of the largest in the country for colleges! Outdoorsy groups are also huge here, along with tons of community service orientated organizations.


The most popular activities at Clemson are clubs like FCA. Inter-mural sports are also very popular. Not a lot of students participate in Greek life but is an important group around campus. Every year the huge rivalry between Clemson and the University of South Carolina is played. Consequently, the sports are very popular. A lot of students are also spending a lot of time in the library. There are also research opportunities available to undergraduate students. If you're interested in something, it is very likely that you can become involved in it or you can start your own club.


Club sports and intramurals are huge, as well as spending time at the Hendrix student center or the Fike Recreation Center. Athletic events are huge, larger than guest speakers or theater. Fraternities and sororities are a predominant force on campus.


FCA is extremely popular on campus. It's the largest one in the nation and I will be involved with it.


Popular groups include multi-cultural groups, ethnic groups, gaming groups, or groups of a certain major. A group I'm involved in is Semantics. We read literature submitted by Clemson students and staff and look over submitted photos/art too. Sometimes, we eat pizza and hang out afterwards. Only a few students leave their doors open. Mostly the really friendly, social ones. Athletic events, guest speakers, and theatre more often than not draw huge, enthusiastic crowds. Clemson's dating scene? How would I know? I met my closest friends through my very first Clemson friend Mary (who befriended me out of nowhere). She introduced me to everyone else. If I'm awake at 2 am on a Tuesday, I'm writing a story. Most people eat around this time though or study for exams. Traditions or events that happen each year include: Welcome back festival, Homecoming, Parents Weekend, Fall break, and tailgating. People party every weekend and Thursday night. Some even do it during exam time, I believe. Fraternities and sororities are very important. Where would we be without the Greeks? Last weekend, I went to church and hung out with family. That's about it. On Saturday night, there are game nights, movie night, and friends' sleepovers. Off-campus, I take walks downtown, eat out at restaurants, and visit Tigertown shops.


I really enjoyed the social event at orientation. The bowling was great apart from the fact that the lanes were really dry. All of the ambassadors were friendly and helpful as well as the administration. The campus is wonderful. The football games are a must.


The social atmosphere is almost exclusively run by fraternities and sororities on campus. If you're not part of one, you're still going to (girls) or paying for (guys) their parties on the weekends. They are definitely catered to by the university, and they sponsor most of the activities around campus. Besides the frat scene, we have a great downtown with something like a dozen bars in walking distance and plenty of other large events taking place all the time. You'd be hard pressed to find a weekend without a major sporting event or a major concert of some sort going on.


Clemson has a terrific balance of academic and social activies. Everyone in your dorm hall leaves their dorm rooms open and within the first week everyone on a hall is hanging out together. My hall would always go eat together and do other things too. Its really a great sense of community. Athletics are a must ,especially football. 86,000 people at 125 decibels in Death Valley really is an experience that students should never miss. Fraternity and sorority life is a large part of Clemson. About 25% of the student body is Greek. But there is plenty of parties and other things for non Greeks to do. Joining a fraternity or sorority at Clemson has other benefits such as special housing and other Greek only events.


One of the more prominent groups on campus at Clemson is FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes). FCA meets two times every Tuesday and Thursday, and is open to all students. As an incoming freshman, attending the FCA meetings/social events is a great way to meet other students. It is very exciting to meet new people at the beginning of the semester, and most of the students in the dorms leave their doors open.


Well by far the football team is one of the best aspects at Clemson as you can not describe a true Saturday but have to experience it here, especially when we are playing teams like Florida State, Miami, Virginia Tech or other ACC teams. All of the sports here highly regarded though as we compete in the ACC very well. The Clemson experience is not just limited to athletics though as the academic teams and other organizations here on campus plus the greek system are very competative across the nation and farther. The culture is very evident here as there are presentations and performances of all types here throughout the year from bands and groups on the national scene that have concerts going on all over coming to play in our Little John Coliseum to the plays that are put on in the culture center or the orchestras that perform all times of the year. So there is a little something for all types. The dating scene is pretty good here adn people are pretty friendly but careful also. The apartment structures here and near the Clemson campus is extensive and within everybodies price range and many people live both on and off campus as you have that option after your freshman year and can have fun no matter what you like to do. I stay off campus by myself and enjoy it and it is close enough to the campus where I can easily acess the campus either by car, CAT bus system or walking if so wanted. The university sponsers many events that get everbody involved from the on campus tornaments and comedy tours that are sponsored to the many athletic events that take place or culture events that might pop up.


Don't know yet.


Greek life is awesome! get as involved as possible. there is always something social to do for every type of person


Awesome. Great party school but you must make the grade.


Athletics are huge and our sports teams are great, so naturally Clemson students spend a lot of time celebrating. If you do go to Clemson, go greek. Its huge here and you will definitely regret it if you dont.


One of the most enjoyable Clemson activities is tailgating for football games, this is also done during baseball season in the spring. There are a multitude of opportunities for outdoor activites such as hicking, bikeing, and Lake Hartwell is practically on campus. Greek life is also very active at Clemson. The first week parade always kicks off the year in a good fashion.


Get involved! FCA is huge, intramurals are an awesome way to get involved, try something new! I had never shot a gun before and joined shotgun club and became an officer. There is so much to do and try that you have to just throw yourself into it. I lived in Johnstone which is getting torn down (sadly!) and it is definitely an open door dorm. You just walk in and take a nap on your neighbors futon when you are too tired to make it to your dorm. Kids go to the lake and swim, tan, pre-game there or maybe go out on a friends boat. Football games take center seat during the fall. You plan your schedule, classes, everything around the game and tailgates. There are stories of people going to sleep early to wake up at 2 am to start tailgating for a 12:00 game!


I love Clemson b/c you don't have to do a fraternity or sorority to be cool. I rushed but did not pledge b/c there were so many things to choose from I did not want to be tied down to a sorority. And I do not regret my decision at all. I love Campus Crusade for Christ and spend a lot of time with those people, but honestly I have friends in all types of groups. Dating scene... there's a lot of guys and girls almost 50/50 so that's no problem. I love the first week of school when the streets of downtown Clemson close and there is a festival through the streets giving away free stuff, followed by a concert on Bowman field. I love walking, running, or driving by Bowman field on a sunny day and seeing people playing ultimate frisbee or on a rainy night and seeing guys mud sliding. You definitely do not have to drink. I don't drink and I'm not judged for it at all. There are plenty of events like dramas, concerts, and guest speakers... you just have to make the time to go to them. Athletic events are really popular, especially football, basketball, and baseball, but I recommend checking out all of them.


Sororities and fraternities are very popular on campus, and the people in them think they are too. I would stay away from them personally due to most stereotypes about them being true at Clemson, no matter how much they want to deny it.


There are plenty of activities around campus all the time. Greek life is huge on campus and at Clemson in general. I would say that most of the parties at Clemson are thrown by fraternities. I actually ended up going greek myself at the very end of my freshman year and I would definitely reccommend checking out greek organizations. The intramurals at Clemson are amazing also. I played coed softball with a bunch of people and it was awesome. I strongly believe that every freshman should have to live in a dorm there first year for many reasons. My dorm room was really fun. The first few months were kinda slow with people but as the year progressed we all started to get comfortable with each other and hanging out at 3 am became a regular thing. Doors were always open and people were always hanging out. The people on my floor were all soooooo different but that was the best part. We actually used to play frisbee in our little hallway it was so fun. The showers were the worst part of the dorm but its nothing you cant handle for a year. Basically if you open yourself up to people in your dorm and outside around campus you will find there are endless options to occupy your time at Clemson.


Holy crap. If you like football, and maybe even if you don't, you will learn to love your Clemson Tigers. Gameday weekends are absolutely insane. There are people EVERYWHERE! And they're all wearing orange, having a great time tailgating, and getting ready for the game. Once the game starts is when the real fun begins though. Having 80,000 fellow Tigerfans cheering as the team runs down the Hill is one of the most adrenaline pumping experiences in the world. Two years ago, for the Miami game, we were in triple overtime, and everyone was screaming at the top of their lungs. Literally. It was louder than a 747 jetliner in the stadium, and that's not an exaggeration. I think that we either broke or tied the all-time noise record that night. It was crazy.


I do not party. Being in college, that does limit my activities a little but not unduly. I've found a group of friends who do not drink nor party and we usually watch movies, play games, go on hikes, mountain biking, or if their in my major, simply hang on in studio working on our projects together. I do not want to be apart of a fraternity because I do not see a personal benefit in it. Though others couldn't imagine college life outside their frats, in all depends upon the persons disposition for that sort of life style. But I find that life is what make of it, it can be fun in many ways if you think creatively enough, whether your wanting to party, date, hang out with friends or anything else.


The party scene at Clemson helps bring friends together. Greek like, though racially separated, makes Clemson students closer respectively. The cultural events bring people from all walks of life to Clemson so that students can gain awareness about issues bigger than themselves.


Club and intramural sports are really popular. Clemson is a big jock school. There's also a lot of special events around campus like flag football tourneys and stuff that can be a lot of fun. Most students leave their doors open in the dorm buildings. If you're not in a frat or sorority you're pretty much on your own trying to find something to do, and your freshman year will be a struggle. There really isn't much to do on the weekends that doesn't involve drinking - Clemson is in the middle of nowhere.


Freshman year at any college is a great time to meet people. Dorms are always crowded and cramped but making friends that you'll keep for the rest of your life totally makes up for it. For the most party sororities and fraternities stick together but outside of that there are a ton of apartments around campus and there are a lot of get togethers all of the time.


The most popular groups on campus are probably the frats and sororities. I know a lot of people in FCA and RUF.


There are so many things to do at Clemson it's hard to even start to write all of them. As most people know when they come to Clemson, the football games are so much fun, more fun than anything you may ever experience. It's quite a scene on gamedays, and are probably the happiest and drunkest days you will have at Clemson. Bars are easy to get into with fake ID's but to police are everywhere, so when you see them come into the bar, run or hide! Most people don't get out of Clemson without an MIP (minor in possession) under their belt. There is pretty much nothing to do if you have free time on weekend nights besides drinking. There are no good malls close, so buy what you want before you come to Clemson. The movie theater is about 20 miles away which is hard for people without cars. I don't really consider an 'off-campus' for Clemson because the whole town consists of people who go to Clemson. Whatever apartment complex you choose be assured that you will surrounded by other students which is great. All the apartment complexes have free tanning and pools which is great on those hot days and tanning great in the winter.


Theres a lot of stuff to do around Clemson. There is a lot of partying that goes on if thats your cup of tea, but theres also a lot of people who just hang out and have a good time. It seems like somebody's always got something cool to do. Just about everybody is real nice, I'm not the outgoing type, but I made a lot of friends real fast. I had a really good time this past year all around.


FOOTBALL, FOOTBALL,'s very big at Clemson. Basketball is next and baseball too. The volleyball games are fun to go to, but not many people go to those. The football stadium holds 80,000+ people, and it's usually packed. Little john Colliseum (basketball) hold several thousand, and the basketball games are really fun to go to as well. I never got big into Clemson baseball, but a lot of students go to those games. From the dorms I went in and the halls I visited, a lot of students keep their doors open - except in Holmes, the Honors dorm. On my hall, we all kept our doors open, or at least unlocked, and whoever wanted to come in could come in. There are all kinds of groups and organizations to join. If you want to get involved, it won't be hard at all. I was on the Shoebox (my dorm) Area Council, and I was a Senator in the Residential Housing Association. There are a lot of things with Student Gov't too, not to mention all types of activist groups, etc. There are lots of intramural sports to if you're big into sports. I did intramural soccer but flag football and frisbee golf are really big too.


Clemson has a ton of club sports. One of the most popular is ultimate Frisbee. I was on the Rugby team for a few months. Rugby guys are very nice but love to party. Most students leave their doors open to meet new people. If your in a frat or sorority you'll party every weekend. There are a few things to do besides drink on a Saturday night.


The most popular groups on campus are the fraternities and sororities. The two most popular organizations on campus are the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and the Collegiate Club of IPTAY. This club is the athletic booster club for Clemson sports and it guarantees tickets to all sporting events at Clemson for those who join. The most popular team on campus is definitely Clemson's football team. If you have a chance to experience a Clemson home game, its worth it. I was heavily involved with Clemson FCA. I was on an event servant team that planned all the events we put on for the campus. I also was on the leadership team this past year. It is a great place to meet genuine friends and strengthen your faith and start never ending friendships. Students in their dorms leave their doors open and are very talkative with neighbors. Athletic events are the most popular events at Clemson. The most popular guest speakers are the political candidates that we have had in the past. I met my closest friends at FCA. If I am awake on Tuesday, I am either eating, hanging out with a friend, or doing homework. People party every Thursday and most weekends. Fraternities and sororities are not important to me but they are important to a lot of people on campus. There are plenty of things to do on a Saturday night without drinking. You can go dancing in Anderson, SC, 20 minutes from Clemson. You can drive on roller coaster rode with friends. You can have a food fight. You can play rock band with friends. You can cook an awesome dinner with friends after being out on Lake Hartwell, jet skiing all day. you can watch a movie. You can hang out at an apartment, singing kareoke.


There are a lot of activities at Clemson. The social life is really great. Students do leave their doors open and are looking to interact with the people they live with. I met some of my closest friends at Clemson either in my dorm or at a social event.


You do not have to go Greek to have fun at Clemson (although I recommend it)! There is always something going on, for drinkers and non-drinkers. For drinkers, there is a party every night somewhere. If you really want to find one you will. When people have really big parties, there is usually free transportation to and from the party. And downtown, whoa, downtown is AWESOME! It has been my favorite part of Clemson. There are so many options and you can see people you haven't seen in 3 years. As for non-drinkers, there are always activities going on through the week and the weekend. The CSA (Catholic Student Association) has dinner one night every week. They go midnight bowling together like once a month. There is always something to do no matter what you enjoy doing!


There are plenty of sororities and fraternities to choose from, but if that's not your cup of tea, then Clemson also offers a lot of other stuff. The religious activities usually always have something going on, and that's where I found my niche.


Our campus is full of activities and downtown is where all the action happens. Football season is the time for the most parties. Every home game weekend there is a bar to go to or a party to attend. On away weekends, many people ban together and travel to the games or take trips out of town. There is definately something for everyone. If you say there is not a group to join or nothing to do, you are not really looking. We have a great intermural sport group for those people not on athletic scholarships. Every major has a group to join as does every cause. Athletic events are huge. Campus shuts down on game day during football season. Dating is pretty easy. There are very many places and events to meet people. I have heard stories about people that met in the library studying for finals. My closest friends from college I met by joining a sorority, joining an on campus dance studio, and my major. The biggest events every fall are First Friday and Homecoming. There is someone awake at all hours of the day. If you are up at 2 am, chances are your neighbors and your friends are still awake as well. It is odd to see people go to bed at 11 pm. They must be the students not passing class. If you want to make an A, you give up sleep. The Greek system is the largest "club" on campus, but many people enjoy their whole Clemson experience without joining a Greek organization. Some of my good friends are not in a sorority even though I am. Not everything involves drinking. There are many planned events that do not involve drinking. On campus we have an entertainment area with bowling lanes, pool tables, etc. However, off campus you have to be 21 in enter some establishments after 9. Many of the bars are restuarants during the day and will do ID check later in the night.


Clemson's social life is very diverse. I have been very impressed at the fact that no one is left out, but at the same time, no one is forced into anything. People mix and match their social groups a lot, you may see the same people at a number of unrelated events. The only group that is not as involved is the black community. For the most part, they will not come to even the religious groups with the white community.


Most people I knew spent little to no time in thier dorms or apartments. If you're looking to get involved with something, it's not hard to do.


there are many traditions at clemson; including the first fall friday, in which orange iis worn; as is it worn whenever there is a football game.


Just like the great student body, they definitely make up the activities and social life. The FCA gets wild on Thursday night.


Clemson definitely prides itself in athletics and the fine arts. Homecoming weekend for football involves parades and the annual "Tigerama". Tigerama has a different theme each year and can be likened to a pep rally. Dancers, cheerleaders, the Pershing Rifles team, skits put on by various organizations, pep band, and various other groups perform. First Friday Parade is also done the first Friday of the fall semester. Clemson sponsors a "week of welcome" during the first week of the fall semester to welcome the incoming freshman class. A summer reading assignment is also handed out throughout the summer for incoming students. A guest speaker related to the assignment is brought in during the first week for the freshmen students as a way to welcome them to the academic atmosphere of Clemson.


Football. Football. Football. There is just about something for everyone... if not you can start. I like to spend my time on the lake.


Tons of activities/sports/clubs, great place to get to know people or to try new things. Avoid Greek life.


99% of students drink at Clemson University and I am 1% of the ones that don't drink. Drinking is the only social activity that happens at Clemson since it is in the middle of no where. They are parties pretty much every weekend.


Clemson has a lot of groups, so it really takes being proactive to get involved. It is also an athletic campus, and a lot of people are actively involved in the sports. It is fun to get really into the football games. At first I thought all the people were crazy for driving their RV's and everyone dressing in orange, but after a year I was right there in the madness.


Everyone goes to football games, no matter who we play. Not a large perecentage of the student body is greek, but there are definently benefits. I waited 3 semesters before going greek so I can say that while not greek, there is still plenty to do (house parties, bars, etc.), and if in a fraternity or sorority, you still can go to non-greek parties, you just have a group to go to Carolina Cup with, and formals to go to.