Clemson University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Student who sttend here, whether involved in Greek life, sports, or academic tutoring, are all connected because we share one thing in common: we all get the opportunity to go to this wonderful school. This is especially seen during the football season when everyone comes together to cheer on our Tigers. There is a real sense of community between student here. Most refer to it as the "Clemson Family".


When I tell people about Clemson I start with the overall environment. I really feel that this school cultivates academic and social exploration within the student population. The professors are always engaging students and encouraging them to think critically and creatively. Academics are the main emphasis at Clemson, but the university also tries its best to maintain a happy and healthy student population through the entertainment, socials, dining halls, and interactions between students and staff. Also, there are the sports, which Clemson is well known for and fuels our pride of being Clemson Tigers. Go Tigers!


Everything is located around the school since it's such a small town.


Beautiful , walkable, and very safe campus.


If change is the only constant, then Clemson’s nursing program is extremely consistent. Each semester, a group of student liaisons meet with the dean of the nursing school to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the current program and discuss potential modifications that can be implemented to benefit future nursing students. The faculty’s receptivity/responsiveness to student feedback has spawned a program that continually evolves into a more effective institution. By embracing the necessity of change during the pursuit of academic excellence and recognizing the value of student contributions, Clemson Nursing provides the highest caliber of education possible.


School spirit. Clemson students are proud to be Tigers and love everything orange. My favorite part about attending Clemson University was watching athletics and the comradarie it perpetuates among students. Whenever I talk about Clemson, I usually mention tailgating, watching sporting events, and all the fun those things involved. The high level of school spirit makes every student feel like part of the Clemson family.


The campus is beautiful and for having such a large population it feels like a small school and I instantly felt like i was home. The greek community is also amazing and very present around the campus.


Clemson is awesome, unlike other universities the president is as envolved as my professors, during my last semester i actually got an invite to the presidents home, and dinner. He cares about his students. Another thing i love about Clemson is the all in attitude, everyone works and we all thrive together, i enjoyed the blood drive where basically everyone on campus gave blood, it was very moving. Clemson is my home alway from home and no matter where i am i always manage to find another member. Another Great thing is cookie break, after a long night of studying.


I brag the most about how great the campus and school spirit are.


The beautiful campus, the live football games, career focused and strongly school spirited


"1234 1234 CLEMSON TIGE-R-S! FIGHT TIGERS FIGHT TIGERS RIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!" What I love most about Clemson is the school spirit that is engrained in the campus. It is inescapable. On normal days it is impossible to walk through campus without seeing somebody in a Clemson-orange shirt, and on game days it is common to see fans in completely orange clothing with their faces painted as well. Families come from all over the southeast to take part in tailgating and the ultimate football experience in "Death Valley". It truly makes Clemson my ultimate college experience.


I would say that the friends I have made here are so incredibly awesome, and its very easy to randomly meet new people with all the events that Clemson puts on. This is the best environment I have ever been in to meet and engage with people.


The aspect I usually brag about is the community that Clemson has. It is a combination of the location (beautiful scenic roads) and the camaraderie that students and community shares.


The agriculture department. There are many practical experiences, and brilliant minds.


The really strong school spirit, the fun enviroment, the great weather, the fun-loving people, the many extracurricular activites on campus, the strong christian presence on campus


I love the school spirit! But, if you aren't that much into football or sports, I don't think you ever feel like you have to be. I love the campus, it's so beautiful, and I like how it is all to itself.


we have a vibrant active student body that studies hard and plays hard.


The school spirit, great atmosphere and beautiful campus.


It has great school spirit, everyone is friendly, I like learning about my major, and everything is close by. It's not a very long drive to the grocery store, bank, drugstore or Wal-mart, and if you want something more sophisticated, there are two large towns about an hour away. It's also only a three hour drive to Charlotte, Columbia and Atlanta. It's great if you don't want to live in the city but would like to visit it sometimes.


How friendly everyone was one campus. How nice the campus was, and how much fun football games were there.


I love telling everyone back home about the feeling that Clemson's campus brings. I just really feel that I am at home when I am at this school. I have been here for four amazing years and it has really changed my life. The school spirit is unbelievable; I would have never believed it until I experienced it. Whenever I hear a "cadence count" being called I can't help myself but get up and shout it out myself. I hope everyone can find as perfect of a school as I have and get the same experience as me.


Football scene is awesome


It is fun and friendly. Perfect size.


The biggest thing to brag about Clemson is the football team, even when they're having a bad season.


Bragging rights for Clemson would definitely include "The Song that Shakes the Southland!" Tiger Rag is one of the greatest things to come out of Clemson. It is known all throughout the ACC and even the SEC. When Death Valley is filled with Tiger fans and everyone is clapping religiously to the beat as the band plays, there isn't a better feeling except maybe watching the football team runs down the hill and touches Howard's Rock!


The first thing that attracted me to this campus was how beautiful it is. Now that I am here I have found that there is a strong sense of community and a special bond between clemson students and alumni. When you are here it really feels at though you are a part of something that is very special.


Clemson's football team/


The Clemson Tiger Football Team! Even though this season we haven't seen a whole lot from them.


Football team