Clemson University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


The stereotype of the students at my school is about the students being engineers, and farmers. For the most part this is true, and there are a lot of each of these majors.


Common stereotypes are Frat kids and athletes.


The stereotype of students here at Clemson is that we are the hypest fans around! We are who they say we are. The hypest and proudest students ever! w


A stereotype about Clemson students is that they are all huge football fans. This is very true. Every gameday the stadium is full of almost every single student, wearing orange with pride. During the entire fall semester the football team is always a hot topic of discussion.


Clemson University has an overwhelming reputation that we have some of the happiest students at any College in the world. I fully believe that this is accurate, everybody that I have met at Clemson are just having fun here, loving life. The campus centers around a field called Bowman Field and most students go and toss a frisbee, set up a volleyball net, play football, or hang a hammock on the trees there. It's just a really relaxed place and a really great creative environment, and almost everybody that goes here really is happy that they are here. Clemson strives to keep their students happy.


There is a stereotype about the influence of the Southern culture as a whole, especially in regards to Greek life. People say that Clemson is almost entirely made up of "sorostitutes" and "fratastic" guys. While I underestimated the degree to which Greek life plays a role on campus, there are many other groups that offset this negative stereotype.


I don't really think there is much of a stereotype, but I think of Clemson as your ideal text book college experience. It's a big southern school, full of pride and school spirit, largely associated with football. Greek life is a big part of campus life, but my no means would you be an outsider if you didn't join. For the most part, everyone is very friendly and welcoming.


I think the number one stereotype here at Clemson University is that Greek life is all about partying. I am a part of Greek life, so I know firsthand that there is a lot more to sorority life than going out to frat parties. Plenty of girls in sororities choose not to drink, so this stereotype is not very accurate. Sororities on campus are usually very active in community service and their philanthropies mean a lot to them. Fraternities are usually a little less active when it comes to community service and definitely tend to focus a lot more on partying, but that also depends what fraternity you choose to rush.


Many people think that Clemson students are all smart rednecks, or frat kids. I have also heard people say there are a lot of stoners. In my opinion there are a lot of people here from an agricultural background, but that does not make them rednecks. There is a lot of greek life at Clemson, but you don't have to be involved to have a social life. And there really aren't a lot of stoners, there are definitely people that fit the category, but is is not the overall student lifestyle


Those not from Clemson stereotype clemson students as redneck, or country people. This stereotype is far from true. There are variety of personalities, from redneck and country to preppy and skateboarders.


Those not from Clemson stereotype clemson students as redneck, or country people. This stereotype is far from nothing.


It is thought that Clemson is surrounded by cows. However, this is not true. There is a beef farm and a dairy farm associated with the school. Clemson was established as an agriculture school and it is a major part of the school's history. Clemson also has a swine, horse, sheep, and poultry farm associated with it. Clemson also has a great engineering school, so we're more than just cows and crops today!


There are LOTS of frat guys and sorority girls. they are easy to pick out because they tend to all dress the same. (frat guys wear khakis and button ups, and sorority girls wear dresses with cowgirl boots, leggings as pants, or something else that they all match with). then you have the nerds, punk-rockers, geeks, and of course the normals (who don't really fit into any category).