Clemson University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


If you LOVE football (and other sports, too!), love the outdoors and friendly people, then Clemson is for you! It has been such a great experience so far.


This school works well for academically and athletic focused students


Any person should attend Clemson! The student body is very diverse, but also accepting of one another. No matter your personality type either. Clemson is "big" school, but with a small school feel because you can find the right niche of people to get along with.


People who are interested in sports, Greek life and Christian would be very home here (especially if also White and upper middle class).


People attending Clemson University should have a strong work ethic and the ability to be flexible because things change so quickly there.


Anyone who iss personable and enjoys spending time with others. Those who love tradition and enjoy working hard would especially thrive here at Clemson. Go Tigers!


Anyone can attend Clemson and feel accepted because there are so many different types of people here.


Open minded enthusiastic individuals who have the will and passion to suceed academically and socially


Any and all! Go Tigers!


Anyone who wants to attend Clemson should be ready for a full workload all the time. There is no such thing as an easy major. So far, I have had more fun in my first year at Clemson than I have had in my whole life. Being able to balance school and social life is essential. If you find that perfect balance, it will end up being 4 unforgetably amazing years of your life.


The type of person that should attend this school is someone who is outgoing, intellectual, & athletic. In order to really take advantage of Clemson you have to be outgoing & willing to join some of the great clubs. You have to be intellectual because the classes are very challenging. You also have to be athletic because of the for mentioned hills and because everybody on campus loves to run around & play frisbee or get involved in intermurals or just go for a run. It is a very active campus.


To attend this school, a person must either be very intelligent and willing to put in the work to get the results they want, or just be a great athlete and take easy classes and pass (sarcasm).


The type of person that should attend this school is someone who is serious in getting a good education, good career, and a successful life.


Clemson has a variety of stereotypical students. From backwoods country kids to preppy, Sperry wearing fraternity guys and sorority girls, Clemson really does have it all. I would say that the majority of the school takes pride in their southern heritage and may be a little harsh on people coming in from the North. Overall, if you like to have fun, study hard, and are from the south, you will fit in fine.


Anyone who wants a great education and wants to better themselves when they graduate. Clemson is a great school for further education. Once you graduate from a school such as Clemson, people will notice because Clemson is such a highly recognized university. I didn't know how many people actually graduated from Clemson and went on to do bigger and better things.


The type of person that needs to attend this school is a person trying to recieve a valuable education where they would be able to compete on the national stage and wont have to go a far way from home. A person who is looking to lead in the coming years and who is going to be this country's future leaders. A person who wants to gain knowledge about certain things and areas of interest. A person who wants to diversify themselves and meet new people from many backgrounds and races and able to network and be social with


It's cozy. The people are warm and friendly, the campus is absolutely beautiful, and it's not extremely expensive in reference to the amount of education you receive.


Friendly and smart people who love outdoors and playing should attend Clemson.


Dedicated, social people should attend this school. The curriculum keeps students engaged al the time, and is very challenging. Students must work hard to earn good grades. While students must be dedicated to their work, they must also be able to socialize with others and make many friends. Shy or intraverted people will have trouble here, because most people are extraverted and very open when it comes to meeting new people.


Someone with a good work ethic - you can't just slide by in this school unless you are an athlete (they always get exceptions of one kind or another). You have to work hard. Someone looking for strong school spirit and a friendly campus will find it here, and someone who wants to discuss a lot in class - not just blindly take notes - will like it too. People who can come up with things to do by themselves will also be well off, because there isn't too much to do around here without driving a few hours on weekends.


A very dedicated and hardworking person should attend this school.




Students who prefer a college that gives importance to both academics and extra-curricular activities. Added to that, students who prefer to study in a medium sized college.


Someone who is looking for a "family" atmosphere. You should love football - specifically the Clemson Tigers - and love to wear the colors orange and purple. You should have lots of school spirit and not be offended by people who drink alot. You need to be comfortable with yourself and know who you are because if you don't, others will leech on to you and try to make you like them. Peer pressure is very real.


someone who is smart, ambitious, willing to challenge the status quo; someone who is passionate about a topic and is willing to fight for it and find others to fight with you; someone who enjoys having an active nightlife and someone who LOVES football and sharing that love with 80,000 other people on Gameday


someone that woks really hard and is really dedicated to doing work


A out-going person, who is focused on school and loves football.


Someone with integrity that is willing to experience one of the greatest times in their life.


Clemson is for a vey hard working individual who knows what career path they wish to follow. Someone who also enjoys attending football games, spending time downtown with friends, and participating in clubs would really love Clemson.


Anyone who loves to be a part of a school-spirited community would love to come to Clemson. There are thousands of ways to get involved-- something for every personality. Also, if you love sports then Clemson is the right choice for you. Most of our spirit comes from football season, which is by far my favorite time of the year! GO TIGERS!


Anyone who is looking to improve themselves both academically and socially should attend Clemson. Anyone who is looking for a school with exceptional athletic programs, a diverse culture, and friendly people should attend Clemson. Clemson is a school for individuals who are not afraid to be themselves and for those who are looking to build life-long relationships in college. Clemson provides an excellent environment for people to mature and develop themselves as sucessful adults in society. Clemson is a school for people who are not only not afraid of a challenge, but for those who are looking for one.


self motivated, goal oriented people, who love to learn, and meet new people.


everyone. lots of poeple why like to be active