Clemson University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


At Clemson University, there is a huge lack of diversity, awareness of minority groups, and excessive billing. Furthermore, the funding of the school does not entirely go towards the betterment of the school. There are also unnecessary fees for labs, for example a 30 minute lab of language writing which was billed as 150 dollars. Clemson University would be great if they also included more parking spaces.


Lack of parking


Traveling to school from the northeast isn't always easy. Airline options are limited.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the distance of where everything is by walking distance. Everything is far away, such as classes, dorms, restaurants, etc, but your able to get to them in about less than 10 to 15 minutes. It seems longer during the summer, because of the heat.


The most frustrating thing is how easy my school makes it for you to become adjusted that you have no excuses but to succeed. They take the time and break everything down for new students , and if you have a question or problem, the solutions will practically come and find you.


I most say the most fustrating thing about clemson is financial aid, for the most part it is insensitive and far from helpful.


The most frustrating thing about my school is trying to pay for it. There is so much to pay for and I'm constantly having to pay for a variety of things.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that there are so many gosh darn hills! It is like everywhere I go I'm having to hike up a hill to get to class. Then by the time I get to class my calves are burning, I am all sweaty, & I am out of breath. I'm not sure if there is a solution to that problem though.


There's no performing arts major, which has caused a lot of my friends to not consider this school.


The most frustrating thing may be the eerie sense of detachment on weekends when there's no home game to rev up for, and a good half of the student body has driven off to spend the weekend in their hometown. As an-out-of-stater from the big city, the prospects of trying to make the off-days count on a desolate rural campus with a "downtown" that stretches for all of two-and-a-half blocks can be quite disconcerting - especially when you don't own a car! But at least there's a bus service.


The must fustrating thing about my school is the lack of diversity. There is some diversity but it does not mix that often.


The thing that I like least about Clemson is first is you need a car to get to Wal-Mart and the general engineering class. The first general engineering class was worthless; I can convert units and plug variables into equation. My professor was also worthless as it seemed he did not know any more than we did.


The most frustrating thing about Clemson University is the "textbook" binders that are made on campus and can not be resold and are not reused for the semesters after. These books can cost up to $200 each and only used for one semester, some are required to buy and almost never used, then you are unable to return them. Also the lack of any school granted out of state student scholarships is frustrating because of the very high out-of-state tuiton.


Because I am a transfer student who started in the middle of the year, I found it difficult to find friends. Everyone already had their social circles and friendships made when I started at Clemson in January. While this has been frustrating, people are friendly. It just takes a while for the Clemson students to consider you one of their own instead of an outsider.


The most frustrating thing about Clemson University is the narrow minded focus on sporting events. As mentioned earlier, the school is known for its athletics. So, tailgaiting is a weekly event. The crowds of intoxicated spectators is overwhelming, as they block the streets with their monstrous sports utility vehicles, which comfortably accomodate a big screen television, as well as, coolers overflowing with Busch Light. However, the wreckage is most visible the day after, when waste receptacles are bursting with aluminum cans (while recycling bins are half empty) and the foul stench of fermented grain lingers in the air.


The people that are here just to get a degree.


The financial aid office is not very helpful.


I love Clemson!! The only thing that truly frustrates me about the school is that it is very expensive to attend the university. Enrollment at Clemson puts much financial strain on my family for me to attend the school of my dreams. If I only had more scholarship money to go to school, I would have no complaints about it.


The most frustrating thing about Clemson is trying to deal with scheduling conflicts, such as classes you need that are full. Also, the flawed system Clemson uses for admitting students into the Nursing program is frustrating. Rather than entering as Nursing majors, students interested in Nursing should only be admitted to the program after application in their sophomore year.


I do not think there is enough artistic diversity at Clemson. I attended a magnet high school for the arts in North Charleston, South Carolina called School of the Arts that encouraged a deep appreciation for the arts. Even while I am enrolled in the graphic communications program, my professors frown on their students enrolling in any classes in the art department which I feel takes away from our education and future understanding of the graphic industry.


They don't offer more things for minority students, such as concerts and stuff. Stuff is more catered to the white caucasiun students.


The most frustrating thing to me is that for advising appointments, I don't actually get to meet with my advisor. I have to meet with someone else who really doesn't know me or what I want to do. I would prefer to meet with my actual advisor, but I know that she has thousands of students and there is no way that she could ever meet with us all.


The only frustrating aspect of Clemson is that it offers amazing scholarships for in-state students. Unfortunately I am not an in-state student and therefore was not able to reap these benefits. I have worked so incredibly hard to have the GPA that I have for graduate school admittance, yet I have not received any assitance from this school as an out-of-state resident.


The location was the most frustrating aspect about my school. The school is located in a rural area. The campus is the center point of the entire town.


Delay of processing information. We wait for everything we need to know. Example: financial aid processing takes basically all summer before you find out if you have all the paperwork and enough funds for school.


While I don't consider Clemson to be 'too big', there are enough people that's you can get 'lost in the crowd'. Even if you attempt to join different clubs or groups, it can be difficult make a connection. It would probably help, especially during freshman year, if there was some program that encouraged interaction between students. The friends I make in classes come and go every semester. The people I've stayed close to are girls who were on my hall in previous years or people I met randomly.


The most frusterating thing at my school is dealing with the few very conservative and religous people. There are not many who have to push their beliefs on you, but there are a few at every school. Mostly people here are very open to your ideas.


The most frustrating thing about my school right now is trying to register for classes. For some classes that a lot of students need, they only offer a few sections so you could be in a class with 200 other students. Also, another frustrating thing is online homework. If they can't teach it to us in class, then what good is the computer going to do?


i absolutely loved my school and I can't say that there was ever really anything that frustrated me about it.


The lack of different racial groups really hanging out with one another.




Parking can be horrible sometimes and I'm not involved in a sorority so sometimes I don't feel as accepted around other college students that are involved in sororities.