Clemson University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


We are an incredibly diverse school, due to the fact that we offer many classes and extra-curricular activities that range from religous freedom to world ethnic studies. We also make an effort to ensure that all students are welcome no matter where they are from.


My school has a very friendly environment. Everyone is very willing to help each other out, regardless of whether they get anything out of it or not.


The best thing about the school is my professors. I have had some bad ones, but I relaly love the good ones that I've gotten. The good ones are engaging, entertaining, knowledgeable and informative. They truly make learning and doing papers fun.


School spirit, alumni connections, and career-focused academics because it keeps the students involved and engaged post-college.


The best thing about my school is probably my professor's, they're really awesome and interesting. You have to find the ones you like and then stick with them though.


What makes Clemson the best school for me was the school spirit and friendly atmosphere of the entire campus. Everyone is smiling and friendly everywhere you go. The amount of orange(school's main color) on "Solid Orange Fridays" is enormous; everyone wears it. Even professors will end their emails with "Go Tigers!". When I toured the school 3 different people yelled out to our tour group "Come to Clemson!" The passion each student has for our school is astounding and makes for a warm, welcoming atmosphere.


The environment at Clemson is something wholly foreign to me. It's amazing how much school spirit pulses through the streets on campus on a day-to-day basis. Everyone is happy and friendly and the overall feeling brings you in with comfort. Thus far, I've been extremely impressed with the how the beauty of the school itself and the beauty of the individuals who go there have collided to create such an amazing college experience and feel.


The community, the people, the scene of our school in general.


At Clemson, you don't have too many partiers, too many artists, too many jocks, too many of anything. At Clemson, we hardly even have cliques. Everybody gets to know everybody regardless of who they are and that's where Clemson breaks off from your usual College stereotype.


We love our school. Clemson has a very united student body, full of tiger pride.