Clemson University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


We are an incredibly diverse school, due to the fact that we offer many classes and extra-curricular activities that range from religous freedom to world ethnic studies. We also make an effort to ensure that all students are welcome no matter where they are from.


My school has a very friendly environment. Everyone is very willing to help each other out, regardless of whether they get anything out of it or not.


The best thing about the school is my professors. I have had some bad ones, but I relaly love the good ones that I've gotten. The good ones are engaging, entertaining, knowledgeable and informative. They truly make learning and doing papers fun.


School spirit, alumni connections, and career-focused academics because it keeps the students involved and engaged post-college.


The best thing about my school is probably my professor's, they're really awesome and interesting. You have to find the ones you like and then stick with them though.


What makes Clemson the best school for me was the school spirit and friendly atmosphere of the entire campus. Everyone is smiling and friendly everywhere you go. The amount of orange(school's main color) on "Solid Orange Fridays" is enormous; everyone wears it. Even professors will end their emails with "Go Tigers!". When I toured the school 3 different people yelled out to our tour group "Come to Clemson!" The passion each student has for our school is astounding and makes for a warm, welcoming atmosphere.


The environment at Clemson is something wholly foreign to me. It's amazing how much school spirit pulses through the streets on campus on a day-to-day basis. Everyone is happy and friendly and the overall feeling brings you in with comfort. Thus far, I've been extremely impressed with the how the beauty of the school itself and the beauty of the individuals who go there have collided to create such an amazing college experience and feel.


The community, the people, the scene of our school in general.


At Clemson, you don't have too many partiers, too many artists, too many jocks, too many of anything. At Clemson, we hardly even have cliques. Everybody gets to know everybody regardless of who they are and that's where Clemson breaks off from your usual College stereotype.


We love our school. Clemson has a very united student body, full of tiger pride.


The best thing that I consider about my school is the environment, the atmosphere as soon as you walk on campus, the people that you meet who say hello to you when you pass them even though you don't know them, and the way that Clemson makes you feel like you are part of giant family that shares your interest in the school, the beauty of the campus, and the football games.


the professors are very willing to help and the over all aura of the college campus is centered on a laid back fun learning experience.


The best thing about my school it the assistance they offer. Being a freshman at a large university has the potential to be intimidating and hard, because you have to become adjusted to a new place with new, harder curriculum. My school sends out many emails for personal assistance, and tutoring that they encourage students to attend for free. They often have studying tips posted everywhere around school and hold forums to help new students adjust. The extra efforts make the new students feel more comfortable with the new environment.


The best thing about my school is the friendly atmosphere. Teacher and students seem to get along well and the campus in general is relaxed.


The best thing about my school is the campus. It is nesled in upstate South Caroline with the backdrop of mountains. The trees that permeate campus provide great spots to study (or even nap!) in between classes.


I love the atmosphere! Everyone at Clemson loves being at Clemson, it's the greatest thing. People are friendly and very supportive of our school here. The sporting events are fantastic and it doesn't get any better than a good win on the football field!


When I first arrived at Clemson, I was taken back by the amount of school spirit . I think that this is the best thing because it reflects every other possitive aspect of the university. Because students are so proud of their school, they do their best to make a good image for it by excelling in school , athletics, and even as people. Once attending here, not only does your closet fade into all orange, but you begin to get an unbelievable proudness for what a great school you attend and it shows wherevere you are.


We got the best football team in the state. This school provides a lot of organizations and learning experiences. We got great professor at the university. This is a safe campus and enviromental friendly. This school is surrounded by mountains. There is high spirits for this school.


The best thing about Clemson is its size. You definately won't get lost, and the University is the biggest thing in Clemson. Anderson is down the road if you need bigger shopping than just Walmart or Bi-lo. The campus is not spread out over a city, and you can get to any part of campus by walking. Its also a very pretty campus.


The best thing about Clemson University is that I can attend labs in which I receive hands-on career-related experiences. For instance, Clemson has a swine, bovine, equine, ovine, and poultry farm for students to have techniques classes to better prepare them for their animal-related field.


Clemson University is a highly national reconized engineering school.


It is a strong academic and career focused school where most graduates get very good jobs upon graduation. There is also a really good sense of school community and it's almost like a family with other students and alumni.


The best thing about Clemson University is the diversity. Coming from a predominately black high school was a big transformation for me. Mixing in with different students from different backgrounds and ethnicities is great. Being diversed allows you to see what others go through and you learn about different cultures and the way other groups does things. At Clemson University no matter what color or race you are it is not hard to fit in and you are not discriminated against. That is why I consider the diversity at this University the best about my school.


The classes are hands-on and the people are funny.


Quality education in a safe and welcoming environment with a friendly student body.


I love this school's focus on sports and the outdoors. It's a great place to go if you enjoy hiking, camping, or kayaking. Also, even though we may not win all the time, the entire school comes together in Death Valley to watch a football game. We camp out days in advance to see our Tigers play in Littlejohn during basketball season, even if it means sleeping through the frost.


The spirit of family. Clemson becomes your first home, and one never feels as if they don't belong. It makes the hard times easier because you are constantly surrounded by a huge "family".


The people; the vibe of everyone around you, no matter what category they fit in, is always warm and welcoming.


The best thing about my school is that it is not too restrictive. You can come here and be yourself because there is plenty of space.


The best thing about Clemson is the school spirit. It really makes the students feel like part of something bigger. Because of the abudance of school spirit, Clemson University is not just a place of learning, but also a tight-knit community. Whether you are at a football game, a party, or just walking through campus, one can feel the school and student body bursting with school spirit.


It is a professional university. They have good facilities, faculty, and practices.


The close knit community feel.


The spirit of those who love this place, students, alumni, faculty, and staff.


I really like how the students interact with each other and the strong sence of pride that everyone on my campus has.


I enjoy the close proximity to home and the mountains. It allows me to get off campus and spend enjoyable time in nature, away from distractions of school.


the school spirit


The thing I consider the best about my school is our school spirit. Sure every university has students who support their team, but there is just something special about Clemson fans. Alumnae come back for every home game, starting days in advance to camp out, cook out, and be surrounded by those who enjoy the same thing they do- the Clemson Family. I ran into a stranger once who said it perfectly, "I don't know what it is about you Clemson people, but your undying love for Clemson is admired by everyone I know."


I like the campus the most at Clemson. It's so beautiful, year round. It's also very practical, and everything is within walking distance of everything else and it's easy to navigate.


There are a lot of activities for students to get involved with in order to make new friends.


The friendly atmostphere and opportunities for undergraduate research.


School spirit. It makes everyone at the university feel like they are part of the community.


The family atmosphere. At Clemson all the students are friendly towards one another and the teachers really care about every one's needs. Everyone looks out for everyone else.


Crew team, friendly people, football tailgates


Football team