Cloud County Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Bethany, I know what you are thinking, I cannot believe I am going to college. Do not worry about making new friends because along the way with out notice you will meet some of the most fantastic people. Also, when you Facebook stalk your roommate over summer don't be so quick to judge her because you two click right away. What you should take into high consideration is to stray away from procrastinating with your school work. Procrastinating will get you into some deep holes that you cannot climb out of. Trust me I would know. Good luck with college and make good choices. Future Bethany


I would givem myself advice saying" that whatever the teachers are teaching you and getting you prepared for college take that into consideration, because your going to need it in whatever field your going into". I would also tell my self that take the class that you know your going to need throughout your college and senior year in school try your hardest and do your best theirs always oppourntities open for education everywhere.


Talking to Natasha Bailey the high school student, I would tell her to work hard at her studies. It may seem as though good grades are not as important as they are portrayed to be, but the truth is they are even more imprtant than that. I would tell her to complete scolarship forms and definitely seek advice and counsel from previous collge students. I would tell her to find better ways to serve others. High school years are said to be the best years of your life, the truth is if you don.t try to reach out to someone else they can be your worst. I would tell her to keep her chin up and her head held high. Right now she may feel like the oddball, the outcast, the weird girl, but the future will be alot better.


To not spend so much money on things that I don't need and save money and put it towards rent and utilities. An also to keep up on all my work and not be lazy and go to all my classes.


I would tell myself that roomates can cause a lot of promblems and just be prepared for the worst. Do your homework as soon as you get the assignment, do not wait until the last minute to do it or the night before your five page paper is due. There wil be some people in college that you will not like but try your best to get along with them. Try to find a support group like Trio, they are a great support system. Get involved in lots of activities. Don't be afraid to meet new people they are just like you and this is there first time at college also.


I don't know that I would change anything. I think i prepared well for the change. But if i had to absolutely do one thing differently, I think I'd tell myself to enjoy every minute of the 4 years of high school. It's a fun time where you aren't taking on too much responsibility but are still preping for the next level of college.


Amy, why are you thinking about boys and partying? You should really be focused on your future. You have the ability right now to make a significant difference in your life. You are very bright, somewhat outgoing and courteous, is it possible there is a field of study that would provide you the opportunity to use these skills towards a rewarding career? Why not go to the library, talk to your teachers, talk to the guidance counselor about college options. There will be plenty of time to enjoy life, but right now let's do what is needed to become a well-rounded, educated and fulfilled person. No, you may not find that ideal job right away, but at least you will have a solid foundation to propel yourself forward. When you are older wouldn't you like to know you did everything you could at this time in your life to live up to your true potential. Sure, it is going to take time, but believe me it will be well worth it in the end. So, what are you waiting for-let's get started!


As a senior in Highschool, i would definitly tell my self to study more and attend all classes on time. Stay on tasks and don't let others influence you to skip. Maintain your GPA, and apply for all scholarships available to you, because they play a huge part in your future. Go for what you know, and even try new things. Don't be shy, ask questions. Don't procrastinate, just get it over with. In the end, your going to do great, just believe that you can.. and you will.