Coastal Carolina University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


A very different atmosphere to high school, but not in a bad way.


Coastal Carolina University is a life altering acedemic experience that artfully mixes South Carolina's southern charm with the education to take you to places you could never imagine going in life.


Coastal Carolina University has a very active student body, meaning there is always something new and exciting going on.


A mix between Studious and going out , and having fun.


Coastal Carolina University is an astounding institution with professors and administration of the highest caliber who have earned my upmost respect, the most diverse and friendly students, a calm atmosphere, a beautiful campus to view daily, as well as countless clubs and orginizations to join.


Coastal Carolina University is a college of roughly 10, 000 students located near Myrtle Beach, SC, with a relaxing atmosphere, beautiful campus, and professional instructional faculty and staff, where students can learn, meet people with similar interests as them, and take time for themselves.


Campus is very beautiful. The buildings are brick and the landscaping is very nice. If you live on campus, you can walk to all of your classes. If you live in University Place, you take a bus to campus which takes 5-15 minutes depending on where you are going and where you are picked up from.


One big family who laughs, mourns, cries, struggles, and accomplishes together as one.




Coastal Carolina is a school for those who want the college experience without all of the hard work that comes with higher prestiged colleges.


Its not college, it's Coastal.


It has also featured in my dreams, and will contribute to my future.


my school seems to be everyones last choice.


This school is amzing there are so many things you can do and they give you a ton of chance to go out and do or try new things.


Coastal Carolina is the best place to get a degree from.


My school is relatively small, with more one on one interactions between students and teachers, the campus is beautiful, the people are friendly and everyone knows everyone.


Coastal Carolina University has a great campus life and wonderful, kind, caring professor who will garentee you succeed.


Coastal Carolina University is a beautiful campus full of students with high aspirations to make changes in the world while realizing that there can be days to put yourself first and enjoy the mystical serenity of the beach to restore your efforts.


My school is a friendly, fun, and constructive learning environment.


Coastal Carolina University is a diversified, technologically advanced, culturally competent public university located in Conway, SC, minutes from the beach with a variety of activities to offer.


Coastal provides an enriching socially and ethnically diverse experience.


My school is wonderful. Everyone is very friendly on campus. The teachers are always willing to help, even if it in not during thier office hours. They deffinetly make time for their students. Our cmapus is very involved, there is at least one event held on campus a week. This helps everyone get involved. Coastal Carolina University is a middle sized campus with a great atmosphere.


My school is the best school in the United States and I'm glad I made the decision to attend!


Coastal Carolina has a good academic education they uphold.


A poor schooling system that just happens to be placed in a beautiful location.


My school is very encouraging.


Coastal Carolina University has a huge campus and there are alot of activites that the students can do and be involved in during there time here at the school.


Coastal Carolina University has provided me with everything I need to succeed in life.


My school is friendly and caring.


My school has a very pretty campus with a lot of pasionate faculty and staff that work together to make the best community possible.


The Best school experence.


CCU is what you make of it, and if done right, can be the most amazing experience of your life.


Coastal Carolina is a beautiful school with a great sense of community and support system to succeed in life.


Coastal Carolina University is a great learning place with serveral opprutunites and caring faculty helping their students become the best.


Coastal Carolina University is a school where the professors want you to learn as much as possible through actual activities related to your major and have fun while still learning and achieving great things.


Coastal is always bringing new and exciting ideas to make campus home to its students.


A life changing experience.


Coastal is a friendly and encouraging liberal arts school, and offers an several different options for majors.


Coastal Carolina bleeds teal.


Coastal is very friendly and supports their sport team


Coastal is has a beautiful campus and is a school trying to get its students excited about college through lots of activties and sports.


My school is very accommodating to the needs of the students.


My school is dedicated to making it's students the best they can be.


I haven't started Coastal Carolina yet but Orange County Community College was a great and hard school that challenged their students.


Coastal Carolina University is a welcoming and beautiful college campus that provides its students with opportunities to excel within their major, as well as participate in a variety of clubs/organizations and other student activities that help the students form a connection with fellow students and staff members that will support and guide them through their years here on not just any college campus but Coastal's loving and friendly environment that is more like a home rather than a campus.


Coastal Carolina University is a very accepting university with a great group of faculty that will bend over backwards for you.


This campus is beautiful, the people I have met are amazing, and everything makes you feel comfortable and ready to learn.


Coastal is a wonderful school that makes it possible to enjoy the college experience while transitioning basic learning to applying.


Coastal Carolina University is a great place to live near the beach as well as gain a quality but can be average education depending on the individual themselves.


Coastal Carolina is a resource, experience, and growth filled college from the student body, faculty, admindistration, and to the overall community.