Coastal Carolina University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates come from a variety of households. Most of them are middle class yet in each class there are those few very rich kids. Most seem to be just trying to get the best out of their four years here at Coastal, yet each are still trying to make the best out of the circumstances they have been dealt and try to play their cards right.


Fun, adventuresome and dedicated students.


My classmates are friendly and have unique minds. I think that they all think differently and that is what makes the person so unique. As classmates we teach one another things that offer new insight on a variety of topics. My classmates are the people who show me that thinking outside the box is better than being like everyone else.


Some of my classmates are driven and know what they want to do with their lives, while others are wasting their money.


My fellow classmates are very helpful. They are quick to jump on a chance to help someone, whether it be that someone dropped a pencil or has a question about a problem. They are courteous when walking along the pathwalks to class and genuinely care about the well-being of others.


My classmates are a very diverse group of indiviuals who share the love of our campus and love to have fun!


My classmateas are in general below average intellegence, lazy, and irresponsible. However, there are always exceptions.


My classmates are engaging.


My classmates are an assortment of personality, kinda like a box of chocolates.


There are many organizations at this school and it is a very accepting school of all lifestyles. It is a fairly diverse university in terms of backgrounds, social class, race, and orientation.


The majority of students really care about their grades, which was surprisng to me because to often in college people let their grades slip. They do what they have to do and then they leave.


My classmates are fun, energetic and determined to focus on school.


There are a different variety of students and I like diversity. Everyone seems really nice and there is not any drama that I know of like in high school.


All of my classmates are kind and make it easy to hold a conversation.


My classmates are a diversity of different backgrounds and beliefs who are all joined together to acheive success and reach their goals through out their lives.


My classmates come from diverse backgrounds but dispite our differences they are all helpful and welcoming.


My peers are enthusiastic and eager to be part of the classroom environment as well as the school!




Coastal Carolina students are energetic, fun loving and inspiring people to go to school with. Going into Coastal this year as a freshman, I was nervous for the transition. The students are so welcoming and make you feel at home. I've made so many friends in just the first semester at Coastal Carolina. They are like my family away from home. The students at Coastal are non judgemental and I know I can be my complete self around them.


My classmates can be described as enthusiatic, friendly, and helpful.


My classmates tend to be very open and friendly, as well as very dedicated.


Students at Coastal are open, outgoing, and extremely helpful to eachother; at a small school like Coastal classmates are more than friends, they're almost family.


We are all more alike than we ever intended but there are still some people who will not adjust well to being in college, especially the ones hours away from home.


A lot of diversity with a large concentration of wealthy frat stars.


CCU is a very diverse campus and I like diversity. Most classmates that I have met have become friends of mine. We are all in this together and many students have come from different states just like I have and so we tend to connect and become our own little family. I am open minded about life and enjoy meeting new people and learning about them. That is why I am in the field of Communications and broadcasting...I like to hear and learn stories of others and then write or have discussions with new people!


My classmates are fantastic; in all of my classes I have always made friends that would always share notes and create study groups to ensure that we did well in the class; all the students at Coastal are very hard working and dedicated.


My classmates at Coastal Carolina University are eager to learn. They arrive to class on time, but if they are tardy, they would have an excuse.


Students that are planning on attending Coastal Carolina need to be open minded, excited, and looking forward to taking advantage of all the opportunities that the university has to offer. The university offers many opportunities not only from an educational perspective but for all apsects of life. These opportunities provide students with everything they need to to be a well rounded individual so they are ready to begin life in today's ever changing landscape.


My classmates seem motivated and report to class on time. Everyone for the most part participates in class discussions which makes the learning experience fun. I'm an older student but these students have embraced me as one of their peers and it has made the a difference in my performance because I was timid when I started.


Energetic and outgoing who are excited to learn and have a good time.


My classmates are focused and dedicated students that are determined to get high grades while enjoying themselves as much as possible at Coastal.


A diverse, closenit group of individuals from extremely various backrounds.


The dynamic for students is different down here. The students are very nice and helpful. Everyone hold the doors open for you and always uses manners like thank you and your welcome. It is a very plesant campus to be on.


The students at CCU are engaging and almost always open up to you.


My classmates and I shared a policy of open communication and promoted universal artistic expression in out classes and critiques. We enjoyed the creative process learning about technique, style and motivation.


My classmates, are all very interesting people. Everyone has their own individual story and no one is alike. Coastal Carolina University is a very diverse place and classes are never full of the same type of people. Everyone dresses different and they all have their own personalities. Some are very talkative, others are quiet. But, one thing they all have incommon is they all are very helpful and relatively friendly.


The classmates at Coastal Carolina are nice and caring but you do have to make the effort to talk to people first.


My classmates are very diverse


They are friendly, be ready for randomly nice people starting conversations with you.


My classmates are dedicated, friendly, and always willing to communicate about information involving school or social life.


At Orange County Community College the students don't seem to take their classes as serious because it's a community college and many of them don't want to be there.


My peers at Coastal Carolina University are friendly, determined, dedicated, and studious.


Very out going, yet consealed in their own ways, and all of them are nice.


My classmates are really nice annd one hundred percent accepting of mine and anyone else's differences wich really makes a nice academic atmosphere.


Most of my classmates are quiet, unless there is a question,however, some people are more outgoing than others.


Everyone is extremely nice and helpful!


I haven't met many of my classmates at Coastal Carolina besides who I met at orientation. The people I met at orientation were very nice and down-to-earth, also all of the orientation leaders who are also students at Coastal Carolina were very energetic outgoing people that made me feel comfortable and excited about attending school there.


My classmates are cool, confident, ambitious, upbeat, driven, socially conscious people who are good at what they do and have strong reasons for doing it.


My classmates are from different parts of the world. From the United States to Austraila, Mexico to China, my classmates come from different countries and states. Through all though, my classmates are some of the smartest, funniest, and all-around people that I have ever seen.


Everyone at Coastal Carolina University finds somwhere they belong.