Coastal Carolina University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for its Academics and also the beach life here. My school has the best Academic programs and is ranked one of the top schools here in South Carolina, academically. I decided to attend Coastal Carolina University because, the classes are small and I am able to receive more help when I need it. When I first begun my freshman year I was afraid to answer questions in class but now I am more involved after my first semester. The beach life here is very fascinating as well, the university has programs at the beach also.


Coastal Carolina is best known for liberal arts. CCU is also a national sea-grant instituation that has received media coverage for the programs research efforts.


Probably having a literary character as a mascot.


CCU is a great business and marine biology school.


Honsetly, people view Coastal Carolina as a "party" school, which really is not the best thing to be known for. I feel that Coastal Carolina is not just that it is a ownderful school. Everybody at this school has such school spirit. Also, everybody including, students and faculty, are very nice and helpful. They give you opportunties to go further with the career you are striving for. This school should be known for how they want to make sure you get where you need to be in your future and be the bwst you absolutley can be.


Student convocation is the one event besides graduation where your entire class is required to all be together at once and it is pretty cool to be together with all of those people at one time. It is a great way to meet people before classes begin.


Sadly our school is best known for partying and getting in trouble. People within the state think this, but only assume that Coastal is a party school through the news. Our academic standings and curriculum are fantastic for someone who would wish to further their education, but people seem to overlook that fact when our name is said.


The Marine Science degree and the opportunity to continue into a PhD program.


Coastal Carolina is best known for the variety of classes available to its students.


Coastal Carolina University is best known for their small class sizes. The small class setting enables the professor to get to know their students. Also, the small class setting allows the students to often retain more knowledge of the material being taught in lecture because the professor is allowed to connect more with each individual on a one on one basis. The small class setting are even less intimidating than those tremendous lecture rooms where the professor may never learn your name. Here at Coastal Carolina University you feel more at home because you know they are here to help.


I would have to say the best thing that I love about Coastal is the school spirit. I've attended many sporting events and the school spirit is awesome! I am a Business Administation major so I would also have to say the E. Craig Wall Sr. College of Business Adminstration offers a variety of majors if your interested in a Business degree. As a Freshman I have already begun to prepare to my degree.


CCU is best known for our business major and our art major I believe. There are still the other majors of course and we really pride ourselves with our football team.


Being close to the beach. Most of the people here are from the north, so I think the distance from home is appealing as well.


We best known for our good education programs and also if you want to talk sports then our Coastal Carolina football team


My school, Coastal Carolina is best known for their diversity that is among campus. Coastal has students from literally every state and around the world, including a handful of internations students as well. Half of the student population is from the state of South Carolina, while the rest is from there and far. Diversity to the campus brings so much life into the college and makes it a greater oppurtunity to learn by interacting with ohers and not being physically in a classroom setting.


It's not a typical college/universiy! It's Coastal!!! It's such a well rounded school and so much to do here. It's also close to the beach which makes it a bonus!


Our liberal and accepting nature. Coastal Carolina emphasizes their encouragement of accepting all races, genders and religions. Since there is a fairly even balance of Southern students and Northern students, there is a wide range of culture.


My school is best known for the beach! With its great friendly atmosphere, you always feel like you're at school in paradise! So if you go to school here, you are living the good life!


My school is best known for the Marine science program, beautiful scenery and the beach.


My school is best known for the mighty Chanticleer mascot, motivated students, clean enviroment and an excellent staff that loves what they do.


Coastal Carolina is a school known for its small, close-knit atmosphere and laid back attitude. Being a school less than twenty minutes away from the beach, Coastal students can often be found at the beach if they're not in class. Another highlight and advantage of being located so close to the ocean is our impressive marine science program. The students in this major often get amazing opportunities to learn about their major not just in text books, but in real life out in the sea. Coastal may be small, but is a highly respected up-and-coming school.


Coastal Carolina University is best known for having a close relationship with students and professors. The professors want the students to succeed and by having smaller classes the professors have the chance to work one-on-one to make sure each student has a chance to progress and become better educated. The university allows students not only to become educated through studies, but also educated by experiences and interactions with professors and other students.


My school is best known for their football team


The education that is provided, along with the opportunity to grow in all aspects both individually and as part of the community.


Coastal is best known for it's beautiful campus and the one-on-one communication between students and professors.


My school is best known for the Chanitllers. CCU is also know for being In Myrtle Beach South Carolina who wouldn't want to go to school by the Ocean? CCU also offers all kinds of fun things students can get involved in Sports , Organizations a great Gym lots of resources .


Coastal Carolina University is best known for, well one its university logo, but most of all its unique mascot and there CINO Spirit theme.


Our school is best known for its community. There are constant improvements to make the school larger, cleaner and safer. It is such a beautiful school with calm atmosphere but with a strong support system to do well. I think this is why so many of the students are happy and friendly. Our sports team's do very well and individuals at our school have gone on to do great things such as being a part of the Olympics.


Being close to the beach has to be what the school is best known for. Kids coming up from the New England area of the states claim that this is one of the biggest party schools in the South.


When one thinks of the words "Coastal Carolina University," the name becomees synonamous with marine science, as CCU has the best marine science curriculum on the East Coast United States.


Coastal Carolina University is best known for offering fifty or more undergraduate majors and about seven master's program. Coastal Carolina also have Wall Fellow Program which prepared students for high-level careers. Havng many progrmas avaible to the students mostly bussiness related progrmas.


Coastal is best known for the beautiful campus and the best location near Myrtle Beach, SC.


The relaxed environment and its proximity to the beach. It is a fun environment that can keep you entertained when not dealing with your studies. It is growing very rapidly and the facilities are very updated.


We are minutes away from the beach and have warm sunny weather almost year round.


My school is best known for it's great marine biologist program. Considering the school is located close to the beach, I would say it's a pretty great program because it allows you to be hands on during class instead of sitting in a cold classroom listening to a lecture.


Are school would be known for sports. Are soccer team is amazing. Then the football team is known as the Big South Champs. Also are academics, we have a lot of students graduating this 2012/2013 . Coastal keeps us on the right path.


Coastal Carolina University is best known for having a diverse group of students. The students that go to Coastal Carolina are from many different places across the United States and globally. This diverse enviroment is great for being able to meet a variety of people.




Coastal Carolina University is a great place to attend college. CCU is best known for its small class sizes, which makes learning easier. The small class sizes allow students to develop better relationships with professors as well as classmates. Building these relationships with professors gives students the opportunity to access them for help in future endeavors such as letters of reccomendation and advice on internships.


Coastal Carolina University is known for their Marine Biology Department, Wall Business School, Professional Golf Management program and offers 56 areas of study within the university. Coastal only has 9000 students from across the world, offering a friendly and informative student environment to learn both socially and academically. Coastal competes in Division 1 athletics and has over 120 clubs within the University. Coastals quality educational system and its desirable location, make it a great college choice for incoming students.


My university is best known for it's location, which is very close to the beach. It is also well known for it's Marine Science programs that are offered.


My school is best known for it's parties and the fun events that are given on campus.


Our school is best known for atheletics around the area. Many local students go here because it is a beautiful campus close to great locations and close to home.


This school is best known for the Marine Science program which is the best in the Eastern Coast.


Marine Biology


Coastal Carolina University is known for its great location, wonderful staff, and great quality education. The school is known for it's great school spirit and wonderful students.


Coastal Carolina University is known for its well produced music program and its wide range of sciences. Coastal have sciences ranged from biology to marine science. Also, Coastal Carolina have their own personal island just for marine science.


Coastal is probably best known for its location, its about 15 minutes away from Myrtle Beach.


We are best known for our education and our academics offered.


Coastal Carolina University is best known for its Liberal Arts Program which ranked second in the 2011 edition of Best Colleges. Coastal is also known for its outstanding Marine Science Program that attracts students from all across the country.