Coastal Carolina University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst part about this school would be some of our professors. I say that because some of them aren't very helpful with anything and its either you get it or you don't.


A lot of people complain about not always having enough parking on campus but I don't have a car with me so I don't find it as a problem. The food isn't always the best but some days are better than others.


I love my school but the parking is an issue. The parking lots are located on the outside of campus and only the faculty can park within campus beside the buildings.


The worst thing about my school is the prices of the goods on campus. On campus there are a couple of convenient stores which sales groceries, that are really expensive. I myself, mostly spend cash on campus because I do not have time to go off campus nor, do I have transportation. The prices of food and other goods are expensive also, which makes the students not won't to purchase those items. I am working on trying to get the University to go down on their prices and with the right help, it will be accomplished. They are ridiculous.


Parking, because there is never a place to park that doesn't take 15 minutes to walk to campus.


The worst thing would be the parking that is available to students.


The parking is the worst issue on campus, because I have to get here an hour early to find a spot, and it feels like animals fighting over meat. The Financial Aid is difficult to get ammends here as well, especially coming from a lower income household.


It is difficult to think of anything that is wrong with Coastal Carolina. The most unfortunate thing about Coastal Carolina University is our reputation as a party school which I would not say is true. Coastal Carolina University is fun school, but we were also very academically focused. You will get what you need at Coastal Carolina University.


The worst thing about my school is it's not as close to the beach as I thought. Are school is really well known for it's marine science program and we have good facilities and teachers but I wish we were closer to the beach so we could do more hands on research. We're about 20 minutes from the water so we only head down there about 2 times a semester for marine labs. Being far from the water for a marine biology major is the worst part of the school.


In my opinion, the worst thing about my school is its reputation. Typically when someone hears about Coastal Carolina, they automatically get the idea of an easy-going party school. I disagree with this because my school is very avid in making sure that each student attending becomes well rounded and well educated.


I consider the worst thing about my school is the fact that students who come to Coastal actually expect to party all day and night because of the things they've heard. When they come to our school for the wrong reasons and start getting in trouble that sets a bad example of how our school really is. This makes it hard for people who actually could make a difference in going to Coastal get deterred from the opportunity because of the bad rumors that gets passed around.


I would consider the worst thing about my school is the layout of the campus, not the main campus itslef but the other buildings are across a major highway and they are not located in the main campus area.


The lack of parking and the removal of parking lots on campus.


The worst thing about my school is the fact that there are more classes that I want to take than I will ever be able to take in my proposed four years here.


I would consider the worst thing about Coastal Carolina University is the bad reputation that we obtain regarding to our sexual statuses. That rumor- as a Coastal Carolina University student- is very insulting. To be labeled as a person that is likely to contract a sexual transmitted disease by enrolling in the school of my dreams hinders me from experiencing the full college experience.


There is not enough parking on campus


I consider the financial aid the worst part about my school. I was kept in the dark about applying for scholarships and then was told that once im attening Coastal Carolina, Coastal will not give me money. I find this upsetting that I am currently paying full price for a school I can not afford and they can not do anything about it.


It's very hard for me to come up with something that I don't like about my school but I guess I would have to go with parking. There is never enough room for parking for commuter students. The lots that are close to the classroom buildings fill up extremely fast so your only option is to park way out in the overflow lot.


The food is not very good quality and not very diverse. As someone who likes to eat healthy and is a vegetarian, I struggle to have a well balanced diet here or a lot of nutrition.


The worst thing about Coastal Carolina University is that students come here to start their futures away from home near the beach. It seems great and awesome, and it is, but then the students from all of the world realize how far away they are from their families. Most people can drive home on the weekends to visit family, but students at Coastal had high aspirations to go to the beach. I know personally being over 900 miles from family is not as worth the beach as I thought it would be even though Coastal is truly a dream school.


The worst thing about my school is that there is a huge emphasis on Greek life (fraternities and sororities). Many of these students tend to not treat others very well. And there is a lot of alcohol usage by these groups. These groups often partake in risky behaviors such as binge drinking and drug use. They also force people to change themselves in order to fit into the group.


I love Coastal, it is a great school with not a lot to complain about. However, there is one thing that Coastal has a lot of room to improve, and that is their shuttle system. I have several classes across Highway 501 and I do not own a car. To get across the street I use their shuttles. Most of the time I wait around 30 minutes for a shuttle. At times I have waited up to an hour for a shuttle. When looking at the shuttle's schedules it says they should come every 10-15 minutes.


A good amount of students at Coastal do not appear to care as much about their studies and academics as I would have hoped in college.


The worse aspect of Coastal Carolina University is that they are making the campus an all-walking school. They have recently taken out most of the parking lots within the campus and have made bigger parking lots on the outer perimeter. From walking around the school back and fourth to different buildings make students exposed to the heat and most students do not drink enough water to counter-act the perspiration from their body sweating off the water during the hot summer days.


Coastal is very clique-ish to me. I was a transfer student and I made the mistake of forming 'friendships' with students that considered themselves the 'in crowd.' They must be avid watchers of Lindsay Lohan's Mean Girls, because they lived by her infamous "work to get in, work to stay in" phrase. My first two years here I spent more time worrying about my social status than I did studying and my grades definitely reflected it. Now I basically keep to myself and enjoy my B+ GPA.


At Coastal Carolina, I would think the service of shuttle buses is the worst. The reason why is because, they are not dependable. They make you late for your class, even if you arrived at the bus stop hours before your class.


The worst thing is the heat. The school then overcompensates for 90 degree weather by making the classrooms freezing. It's trial and error as to how to dress appropiately. Besides that, I would have to say parking. Coastal is in the process of making new lots, and if you take classes in the Summer it's better, but in general if your commuting then your best bet is to get to school early and then STAY in your parking spot until you leave- no running to the store or it will be gone by time you get back.


Since I have not had time to consider or judge this University I can only say positive things at this time. Maybe the only negative is that it is so close to the beach it might be a distraction towards studies.


The shuttle system at Coastal can be a bi unrealiable.


I believe the worst thing about Coastal, is that the school is expensive and it is not always easy to recieve money to assist you. It would be nice if there were to be more money offered to students that may have partents that make more money, but require their children to pay for classes.


Well right now Coastal has a lot of construction going on. It is causing the campus to have a lot of detours and changing in the parking.


There is a two year plan that you have to stay on campus. I have financial and social ability to stay of campus, so it is a waste of my money.


What I consider to be the worst thing about my school would be the palmetto bugs! If you have never seen a palmetto bug then consider yourself lucky! They are huge roaches and I mean about four inches long! I'm not kidding they are a deep red with long antenas and the worst part is, they FLY!! To make a bad thing worse they come out in multiple! I come from the North so it was quite a shock to me. However, besides the bugs I can't really complain!


The worst thing about Coastal school is the quality of the professors. There has been several classes that I've had to drop and withdraw from because the professors barely teach the material. This is the situation of many Coastal students, which correlates with Coastal's high retention rate.


The worst thing about my school would be hard to say because I do not attend on campus. I do not like the way the book store is set up, but I only visit it once a semester. The book store is a little confusing to me.


I believe that the worst thing about Coastal Carolina University is the amount of construction that is always occuring. It is noisy and fairly unattractive. Even though it does bother me, on a positive note, it is nice that our school is constantly being maintained. We also have a beautiful campus, because of this.


There is not enough parking spaces and the campus is relatively spread out. You will have to walk! Some on-campus housing is actually off-campus and some classes are across the highway, and the shuttle system is very slow and unreliable. It is better to have a car, because all stores are beyond walking distance, but it is nearly impossible to park on campus.


I can't find anything negative about the school itself. The worst thing is the changing weather conditions.


The school is known as a party school, but the main reason for that is because they do not offer enough activites for students on campus. Most of the activites offered are educational lectures, which are not appealing to students who have just had a full day of classes.


The worst thing about Coastal Carolina University is the cost of attendance. It is nearly impossible to afford out of state tuition.


The past criminal activity that has happened on campus. Many student may say they feel unsafe on the campus because of the activity that has happen to some students on campus. Also during the day the security is not always as strict as they should be. They are only doing their jobs good during the night time and on the weekends.


The food is not very good, the cafeteria needs to be improved and the hours need to be longer.


The worse thing about my school is the lack of involvement to people of other cultures, races, and diversities. The lack of involvement for students that are commuters also .


parking can be difficult but they are working on it


The parking is probably the worst thing about my school only because there are so many students/ faculty and not enough parking spots.


The only thing about this school that I would change or improve on is the parking situation. Coastal Carolina is becoming more and more popular and because of that parking is an issue.


I can honestly say there is none. The campus is wonderful, thefood is great, the professors are awesome. They help you learn and make sure you grasp the concept of what they are teaching. So, all together Coastal Carolina University is amazing.


In my opinion, my school is just right. There is a fair share of normal problems that occur among people, but overall, there is nothing that is particularly bad about my university.


That there is so much segragation and its a big Greek life Campus


the school is not spirited and unified.