Coastal Carolina University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


People who want to work hard and who enjoy learning. People who are passionate about what they do and what they want to do in the future. Anybody who wants to find themselves and work hard while getting a good education.


Fun loving studnets who want to be a part of a great campus enviroment.

Billie Jean

In my book, attending a university that's twenty minutes from the beach is great for any teenager. The many attractions in Myrtle Beach allow for an unforgetable college experience. There is always somewhere to go, something new to experience, and sights that pictures don't do justice. Personally, I wanted to escape the boring life I had in Pennsylvania and see what the south had to offer. So far, I've had an amzing time. I guess it's also pretty awesome that my friends from home are jealous when I post pictures tanning on the beach in November.


Someone who has a free spirited personality and looking for a friendly environment should enroll. The faculty and public safety are very cooperative with students. Freshman seem to make friends fairly easy while living on campus their first year. Everyone wants to expand their social worlds and have a positive experience here. Classes are fairly small, with about 20-60 people in them. This creates an oppurtunity for a teacher/student relationship which can have long term benifits.


People who want a smaller campus and small classrooms. Those who want a friendly enviroment. Marine Bio majors.


If you want to attend Coastal Carolina University you should be an outgoing person who loves to feel like they are part of a community. There is always something to do on campus for FREE (which is always a perk for poor college students) and opportunities to meet people. We have everything from major sports clubs to chess club and card clubs and Coastal loves the diversity. This is a school that you come to if you are looking for memories and long term freindships.


Coastal Carolina is very known for their marine science program. I happen to be a marine science major. Many opportunities are offerend for this major, for example, internship and work study opportunities. We go on field trips for our marine science labs. I feel that this school is offering me more opportunities and better preparing me for the field of work that I plan to go into. I reccomend that anyone who wants to persue a degree in marine science should look into attending this university.


A person that wants to get the education of a major university but on a smaller scale atmosphere.


Someone who loves to have fun , but is very interested and dedicated to continuing their education.


Any type of person can/ should attend this school. That is what makes it so amazing. Coastal Carolina University has a diverse and very strange mix of students. There are students from everywhere in the United States and other countries. I had the please to work with a student from Russia last semester. She was doing a study abroad class over in Coastal and i got to learn some new things about her and Russia.


You won't have fun if you don't get involved on campus. I loved this school. it's beautiful and fun, but if you don't plan on getting involved on campus you won't really enjoy it. It's not a place for high academic scholars or anti-social researchers, so get out and get involved and you'll fit in just fine.


Someone who is serious about their education and not wasting resourses and time to accomplish nothing.


The kind of person that should attend Coastal Carolina University should definitely be diverse, focused and driven to want to always make not just themselves a better person, but also help to make their environment a better, safer place to live! Attending Coastal, you should have an opened mind becuase it's not just college, it's Coastal!


With a list of some 200+ campus organizations and student clubs, CCU is ready to receive those who are hardworking and enthusiastic. As with any college experience, personal responsibility and integrity are vital to success. As a community, Coastal Carolina can benefit from all personality types. In addition, there are activities and events to interest a wide population. Whether studious, adventurous, serious, carefree, or all of the above, CCU is ready to welcome all personilities, and has something special to offer each and every individual.


Anyone can come to Coastal and make a great impact. If you are someone who wants to go out of state but is afraid of being homesick, Coastal is where you want to go. There is a place for everyone here at Coastal Carolina. There is a wide variety of people that will make you feel at home. You will have no problem fitting in at Coastal. So, if you want friendly people, a good education, warm weather, Myrtle Beach and the amazing college atmosphere, Coastal Carolina is the college for you.


Coastoal Carolina University offers a wide range of majors and degrees. Coastal is a large school with a small feel of a strong community. I came to Coastal because of this and am so thankful that I did. It's campus is open and has a wonderful southern atmosphere. The Professors and staff are all so friendly and helpful. Coming to Coastal Carolina has been one of the best decisions I have every done. I was concerned about the distance from family but thankful that it feels like family here.


Anyone from far North should attend Coastal because I always see people from NJ and NY that really enjoy the change of pace and veniew


Those who should attend this school are students seeking hands-on experiences and intimite classroom settings. Students should be open to participate in class and in campus activities. This university is a very diverse school racially, politically, and geographically. Therefore, students must be accepting of a variety of different cultures and willing to accept and celebrate differences between peers.


This is a school for any kind of person to attend. I am mother of 2, a full time teacher aide, and Albanian. I love studying at Coastal Carolina University; it is very friendly and welcoming place to be. I have never felt uncomfortable or out of space there. Professors are very encouraging and supportive most of the time. The only issue I have in finance, since the classes are very pricey and I am having a hard time getting scholarships. Most scholarships offered are for freshman, or high school graduates.


Someone who wants to expirence great things and have a good relationship with faculty and a large portion of the student body.


A very dedicated student that focuses mainly on their academic success.


The kind of person who should attend this school is the type who likes to learn and have fun while doing so.


Anyone that is looking for a laid back atmosphere without status or judgement. No high profile titles associated with this school so it makes it comfortable for the average student looking for a great education. A person that prefers a smaller institution rather than one that boasts 25,000 students will love this place. A very diverse group of students makes it a fit for anyone.


A person who is serious about their studies and wants to get involved and be part of the community. Someone who also wants to achieve success in life and make a difference.


If someone is planning to attend Coastal they should attend because there is not a certian "kind" of person that should or shouldn't attend. Any and everyone who finds Coastal to be "the one" should attend.


Anyone who favors a school with a relatively low student to teacher ratio and feels that they will benefit by being at a mid-size college.


The kind of person who should attend this school would be someone who likes being active, who likes supporting others, someone who likes smaller classes. For some this school would fit those students who do not want to go to a massive sized school and likes to be able to learn from not only teachers but also from experiences and each other. We like to help each other out at Coastal Carolina in and outside of the classroom.


The young, single student that has just graduated high school would be a better fit for this school. While attending this school online has been good for me and convenent, it has also been hard with getting use to the campus because I still have to visit campus for some stuff.


Anyone who is serious about their post-high school education and who enjoys warm weather should attend Coastal. Students who are interested in pursuing a degree in Marine Science should definitely attend Coastal Carolina, because the Marine Science undergraduate program is fantastic.


A forward-looking, focused student should be the type to attend Coastal Carolina. Someone who is able to balance and prioritize would be a key asset to the campus.


You should consider talking to other students already enrolled and figure out if this major is exactly what you want.


If you enjoy having fun and like the beach the location of this school is right for you. You are expected to do your work on time and there is not much leiniency in this policy. If your looking to just skate through college without much effort this probably is not the school for you.


This school is full of great activites. There are alot of great options for students to go and do things both in and out of the class room. With small classes you get teacher who know your name and care about you. This school is good for students who arefrom small schools.


A fun, upbeat but focused person who likes to have fun and get their work done at the same time.


Any person that is looking for growth and a quality education.


A hard working focused student should attend CCU. Students should be open minded to different types of things.


The type of person that should attend this school is someone who enjoys campus activities and nice weather. If someone is considering going to Coastal Carolina, some of the top departments offered include the Marine Biology and Business schools. As an art major, I find Coastal fitting because of the artistic opportunities it offers and how welcoming the school is towards creativity. The type of person that should attend this school is someone who is willing to work hard in their field of study, but learn in ways that are unique and extra-ordinary.


The type of person that should attend this school is the type of person who loves to have fun and get their work done simultaneously. If you are free spirited and sociable, go ahead and apply to Coastal Carolina University and experience great college living.


Artistic or Scientific-minded.


All diffrent people come in this University, people come from diffrent countries to study in this Univeristy and they really love it here because of the weather.


The kind of person who should attend this school should be someone who is willing to work hard to achieve their goals as well as wants ti have a good time on the weekends at the beach in the nice weather.


I feel like if you are an outgoing person Coastal Carolina University is for you. You should be willing to reach out to other students and faculty members and your college years will be well spent! You need to be decisive because you don't want to change your major too much or you'll be here forever!


A person who is well rounded and can have fun while maintaining the grades that are worthy of the institution. Coastal is a school full of spirited students who enjoy getting together for sporting events, shows, study sessions, or anything else the university has to offer.


someone who enjoys going to class and the beach




Someone who wants to further their education, especially those interested in a teaching degree, like me, should attend Coastal Carolina University. Coastal Carolina University has a very successful teaching program, and within this program, you are able to have field experiences. This allows you to get the feel of teaching, as well as getting your faces known in the schools, so that hopefully when you graduate, you have a better chance of getting hired.


A person who has self-control and does not get distracted should attend Coastal; Coastal Carolina University is located near Myrtle Beach and there are alot of fun things to do that can easily distract people from doing their school work.


Anyone willing to learn is the person who should attend Coastal Carolina University. People at Coastal Carolina learn as well as have fun. Anyone who wants to attend should have his/her head on straight. They should remember that it is still school and we have come here for one reason, to learn. People who want to have fun and learn at the same time should attend Coastal Carolina.


Someone who is honest, respenctful, hard working, but knows how to sit back and relax at the end of the day. We have some fun and if you need a day of relaxiation you can always go to the beach and have a good time. There are not many dull moments around Coastal, there is plenty to do whenever you want to.


Someone who is willing to meet new people and experience new things in life. Anyone that attends this school school be outgoing and willing to balance his or her time. They can be a lot of distractions at times, however students know when to buckle down and focus on their studies.