Coastal Carolina University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People who aren't willing to try. People who aren't passionate about what they want to do, and people who aren't willing to try to find out more about themselves and be open to new and different things.


There is no person that shouldnt attend this school. This school has a vast amount of different types of people, and that is one thing I love about being at Coastal Carolina. There is no certain kind of person that shouldnt attend because there are so many oppurtunitys and different activites that anyone could join. This college allows anyone to be themselves and be the person they want to be and that is an amazing aspect about going to this school.


Coastal is a dry campus with a zero tolerance policy for drugs. Attendance is not only required but necessary to achieve good grades. While most teachers are happy to work with students who are facing academic or social difficulties, that willingness dries up when abused. Students at Coastal are expected to behave responsibly both on and off campus. And it should also perhaps be mentioned that coastal is a deep south school and while faculty and staff do their best to ensure equality, there are... difficulties for people whom do not fit into the white, straight, able-bodied, male category.


People who like big classrooms and a huge campus.


Coastal Carolina University is a very diverse campus. I truely believe anyone could attend this campus and fit in. Our school does a great job at including everyone including: white, black, latino, rich, poor, LGBTI communities. It really doesnt make a difference


We have a very active community at this school. Almost everyone is involved in something such as varsity sports, club sports, intramural sports, greek life, or one or more of the other clubs offerred. The type of person that doesn't really like to get involved probably wouldn't enjoy this school as much.


The person that should not attend this school is the one that has to pay out-of-state tuition and the one that wants to land a great high paying job with a Fortune 500 company. Paying out-of-state tuition here is not worth it because most likely you will not get the return on your investment for several years. Many companies don't recruit form this school, so finding a job is a great challenge.


A person who isn't serious about their education should not attend Coastal Carolina University, any univeristy for that matter.


Coastal Carolina is a school for students that want to make a future for themselves. Students that do not want to work hard and fulfill all their opportunties should not attend this school. They give you so many chances to explore and see what is best for you. This school is not a place for a student who is not serious about their future. Also, the school itsself does not want our partying image to uphold anymore so they are encouraging people to help bring down that image. If you want to attend here actually come to better yourself.


I would believe a person that does not want to do their work shouldn't attend this school. This college is fun and amazing, but education comes first. Everyone doesn't have an educational mind set, so to those who don't, shouldn't attend here. You have to strive to earn an A to receive an A, nothing is handed to you.


Any person who prefers to be living in big cities should not attend coastal carolina university, as it is located in a small college town. People who take their academics extremely serious and do not engage in typical collegiate fun.


I wouldn't say a specific kind of person shouldn't attend Coastal Carolina University. There's definitely something for everyone to do, get involved in, and have fun with. The athletic department at Coastal is strong but also theres hundreds of clubs to catch your interest, and if none of those seem to stand out, start your own! The classes are small so it's easy to link up with a classmate and get to know your professor. There's never a dull moment here.


People that hate the beach, that hate socializing or getting involved, and I guess I could say the people that don't accept southern culture. It is in the bible belt so, naturally, you'll have many students with strong accents, and strong beliefs that may despise anyone who goes against them. It's the south, it's fun and warm, but just prepare for some different things, and also prepare for things to be done very slowly (compared to up north).


Outgoing people that are willing to meet a lot of different type of people. Like to hang out with others and be very social and involved.


I cannot think of a "type" of person that wouldn't thoroughly enjoy this school. CCU does it's best to make every student feel welcome and a part of something bigger than themselves.


A person who is closed-minded and unwilling to challenge themselves in hands-on situations. Anyone who wants to focus intently on their studies and do not wish to participate in social or campus activities. Someone who is unfriendly and enjoys primarily cold weather.


Someone who doesn't want to better themselves or someone who cannot be self motivated. Teachers are not going ot push you but so far. College is an indpendent concept and students must drive themselves a majority of the time.


A relaxed, undetermined, and non-motivated person should not attend this school because there is more independence. A disciplined studaent would benefit from attending this school.


Coastal Carolina University is the perfect school to go to if you love the beach, warm weather and close community. The majority of people are friendly and laid back; including the professors. It has a very welcoming and relaxing atmosphere that is extremely beneficial to lessen class stress. The two gyms, the bookstore, and the cafe's make Coastal its very own community of students and faculty that have mutual respect and concern for one another.


The type of person who shouldn't attend this school is one who isn't proud of where they go to school and one who isn't willing to go out and meet new people. Coastal Carolina University is big on gettings students together, and getting them involved in activities to meet new friends. They are always giving away free CCU gear, waterbottles, sunglasses, etc. because they want their students to represent where they go and do it with pride and dignity. And everyone I have met at this school does just that.


Coastal Carolina University makes everyone feel welcome. I feel that a person that likes large classes should not attend. Normally, classes contain fifteen to thirty students.


Someone who does not want to put time and work into their schooling.


A person who is not very social should not attend Coastal Carolina University. This school in many ways force students to talk to each as they learn, share, and experience new things together/


I feel that anyone who would like to further their education should attend Coastal Carolina University.


The type of person that shouldn't attend this school, is someone who doesn't appreciate their surroundings. At CCU, there is so much beauty not only at the campus, but also in the local area. If there is someone who just wants to stay in their dorm room, and not participate or breathe in all there is to offer, then I do not think they should attend CCU.


Extremely preppy.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend Coastal is someone who hates warm weather and the beach, a person who can't stand the idea of shopping on the boardwalk on the weekends or going to Broadway for dinner with their friends, a kid who hates having a good time or a small school and someone who can't rep teal every tuesday. These kind of people would most defiantly not want to attend this school!


The only kinds of people that should not attend Coastal Carolina University are the ones who lack the motivation and tenacity to be responsible and attentive, and also who have the ability and the want to attend class and do not only what is necessary, but more than that.


If you are someone who is unable to stay on top of your work and you need to be constantly reminded to do tasks, Coastal Carolina University is not the school for you. If you are somewhat irresponsible it is easy to get off track and get caught up in worrying about only your social life. Because we are located near Myrtle Beach, it can be enticing to students to only go out and not worry about going to classes.


If you do not enjoy being at the beach or relatively close, I would suggested not to come here. Also, a lot of students come from up north expecting to be good with the distance from home but many students transferm back withing the first year. I would take in consideration the distance from home.


Coastal Carolina University tends to have a casual and laid-back atmosphere. The teachers are pleasant and do not overwork their students, though they still expect the students best work. Being away from home entitles some students to be independent. Those who can not be responsible and independent should not attend Coastal Carolina University. The laid-back atmosphere causes some students to slack, attending college by the beach tends to do that. If a student can not handle going to classes and working towards their overall goal on their own time, they should not attend.


The only person I can see not attending this school, is someone who does not want to have a social life. This school has an amazing academic profile, but what I enjoy most about this college is the entusiasm of the professors and faculty towards school spirit and student life. If the person does not want to get involved, then it is pointless to attend this university. Coastal Carolina University is a great school and the student life is what takes this school to the next level. If student life is not a person's style, do not go here.


Honestly, everybody should attend school. But for those that don't, that is their choice. People that are not motivated and don't wish to further their education make the choice to not attend to school. As a student, I've met people that aren't motivated and feel as if going to school is a waste of time. They're making the choice to either stay in or not. Everybody should attend school in order to have better chances at having a successful life and being prosperous. If one isn't motivated, then they don't have to go.


Great school for Business and Science. Anyone interested in these fields should attend this university. Great learning, smaller class sizes for more one on one interaction.


Somebody who isn't willing to work hard to get good grades. It's not like high school where you can look at class material for 5 minutes and get an A. You actually have to study a lot to maintain a good gpa.


Someone who is not interested in socializing should not attend CCU. Everyone here is very social and You will not feel welcome if you are not willing and able to make new friends.


I recommend Coastal Carolina to any students who want to have a big selection of classes to choose from, and who want to be around a variety of people.


I feel that people who don't feel that they are mentally, emotional, or physically prepared to go to college should attend. College is serious work, its definately not like high school where you can fool around and get away with certain things. If that's the case then college may not be the best option. But if you are looking to further your education and have a job doing something you love and want to learn about what you are passionate about then college is the way to go.


A person who is lazy and not willing to put their best foot forward into their work should not attend this school.


A person who enjoys learning and challenging one's self. Also, a person who enjoys warm weather, a beach atmosphere, and shopping.


A person who shouldn't attend this school, is someone who is afraid of change; someone like me. Honestly this school just isn't right for me. It's 12 hours away from home and too small for comfort. I came here not knowing anybody, and not knowing the area. It's not always warm and sunny, it's not right next to the beach, and the people aren't as innocent as they seem. Looks can be decieving, and I learned that the hard way. It's too far from home and I always feel alone.


Any kind of person should attend this college its a good school just expensive


Someone who only wants to party shouldn't attend this school. There is a lot of work to do here at Coastal Carolina University. Most of it is easy to understand, thanks to the wonderful professors we have here, but there is a ton of work that comes along with this. I think that someone who isn't willing to push through the obstacles and say, "Hey, I have school work to do! No party for me!" should not attend this school!


The type of person that should not attend Coastal Carolina University is: -a person that is prone to peer pressure -a person that is lazy and cannot manage waking up on their own -a person that is unable to not do their own work and always needs to cheat because CCU has a zero tolerance for cheaters -a person that is going to party every night and then cannot go to class the next day


The only type of person that shouldn't attend Coastal, are people who aren't serious about academics. Although it is a small school when compared to well know schools like Clemson, USC, and so on, the professors always want work of value.


someone who has no school spirit and needs drugs and boose to have fun. Also people only like you if you have alot of money


I have seen on campus many people who come to Coastal thinking that they are going to be attending a party school where they do not actually need to do any work. There are many people who see the school as a joke and are not actually interested in learning. The people who think they are going to spend all their time at the beach and partying should not attend this school.


The kind of person that should not attend this school is anyone who doesn't want to learn new things and meet new people. There are so many ways to meet new people all around campus and town; so no one should have a problem with meeting people. On campus there are so many majors to choice from so there is a lot of new things that can be learned. If you are not the type of person that gets excited about that, you should not attend this school.


Students who wish to be in a large school environment should not attend this school. Students who wish to have class sizes over 100 students should not attend this school either.


Do not attend this school if you don't like noise or northerners.