Coastal Carolina University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person that isn't wiiling to learn. A person that is only interested in parying.


I believe that this school is very well fit for all types of people. You shouldn't attend if you are not ready to work hard!


Everybody can attend this school.


In my opinion, a person who is solitare and secluded should not attend this school. I feel this way because Coastal Carolina University is a very outgoing school. They expect you to get involved in many different activities on campus and off of campus.


People that cannnot control themselves, balance homework and fun and all they want to do is party should not attend Coastal Carolina University.


A person with no dedication and drive should not attend this school. Because we are so close to Myrtle Beach, it is easy to get distracted. I see this happening ever single day. Kids stop coming to class and start partying at the beach. Focus is key to any college environment. I personally strive for the best because I am paying to come here and learn so I strive for all of the eduaction possible. Before jumping into college, people should make sure that is what they want. Have an idea of what kind of career and lifestyle you want.


A person who dosn't like the warm weather should not come to Coastal Carolina University.


Someone who wants the big school atmosphere should not attend Coastal. Its a smaller college and they will be let down if they want the big class sizes and lots of students.


A focused student that knows what career path he/she is on. Being a giving and selfless person is a must, because CCU is determined to create a well balanced student and that includes volunteering. Kindness and being open to others race, religion, and sexual orientation would be a plus, our campus is diverse and our students do not tollerate people who are unkind to others.


If someone is looking for a huge school, with large, lecture-like classes, they should not attend this school.


Coastal Carolina University is a diverse and culturally broad school. Everyone is welcome to attend. My University prides itself on the vast differences of its students and their ability to create an environment of success. We strive to accommodate gender, ethnical, social, racial, and religious differences. The only students who should not apply are those who are not interested in gaining a well-rounded, and through education; which is achieved through a fundamentally wide curriculum on a gorgeous, well landscaped campus.


A person who shouldn't attend Coastal Carolina University is probably someone who likes bigger cities as well as schools. Coastal Carolina is a fairly small college that is located in a small town. Also, someone who doesn't like any kind of relationship with professors should not go to this school, because the classes are quite small and students are recognizable to the professors.


There is no classification of people who should reach for higher knowledge at Coastal Carolina University. Coastal offers a variety of classes for several different undergraduate majors and a few graduate studies. Coastal even has classes called LIFE classes that they cater towards for special needs adults.


A shy non out-going person should probably not attend this school.


A person who comes to this school thinking the coursework is not hard, comes to party every night, and has an addiction to sex should decide to go elsewhere. STD's are scary-common, people flunk out because they blow off their work, and drinking leads to missing classes. Strict policy on class attendance


Those students that disrupt class and social order.


friendly, nice, caring, fun, outgoing


People that like cold weather.


Someone who cannot manage their time, there are plenty of distractions, such as the beach and clubs.


If you want to attend a big school with a dominant sports atmosphere, Coastal is not right for you. If you want a place that is going to be impressive right of the bat on a resume, try some where else. If you are a good student like me then it doesn't really matter, but if you are looking for that extra push, CCU is not your school.


Everyone should attend this school.


people that like real small towns, or cities.


someone who hates warm weather, and partying. someone who is looking for an ivy league school. someone who does not have a car. someone who is looking for culture and someone who doesnt like the south.


Some one who is outgoing, loves the beach and the warm weather. Some one who enjoys night life and going out often


A person who is very shy and quite. I feel this school is an out going campus in which you have to be willing to get involved to enjoy it here.


One that wants to focus mostly on school work. Or if they want to live here or get away from the city life.