Coastal Carolina University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to study more because I don't have my parents in my ear telling me to keep up with my grades. I would also tell myself to write more, as in write for fun because I have written more papers my first year of college than I did in high school. One last thing would be to start early and not wait until the last minute to do work because procrastination leads to sleepless nights which sometimes leads to missing a class.


I would tell myself to not be afraid to be more outgoing and take more risks. I told myself when I came to college I wasn't going to be as shy and introverted as I was in high school, but I still feel like I am. I have friends here now, but I've found that most of the times that I was having a hard time at college was when I was feeling alone. I would tell myself to be more outgoing and not be afraid to talk to more people.


I would tell myself to create better study habits. Stay focused and work harder in class to receive more A's would be good. I would also say to go ahead and enjoy life now because once you leave high school, its going to be very different.


I would have told myself to get my game together sooner. I was a little late in taking the advice from all the people around me about going off to college. I would have been able to clearly say that college is a lot better and that over all everything gets a lot better once I get out of my corrupt high school. I would tell myself to really look into where I want to be in the future to figure out where I want to be going sooner. I would have also told myself to get involved. I never played any sports in high school and was only part of a club for one year. Had I gotten more involved there probably would have been more opportunities available to me going into college.


I would tell myself that college isn't as hard or as exciting as it seems, so calm down. Nothing is as scary as actually leaving- once you actually leave it's just as easy as I've always imagined it to be. I know that everything happens for a reason so I wish in high school I would just trust the choices I made.


Without a doubt if I could go back in time to my senior year of high school I would try harder in school and do better on standarized test. Although I would also try to get into some extracricular activities even though it would have onl y been my last year. I would have devoted more time to volunteering and doing more good in my community.


If I had to look myself in the mirror as a high school senior I would tell myself this, take chances, be brave, make new friends and embrace every new opportunity to enjoy your first year of college. You only get one chance to be a freshman. Do not look back but rather look forward and enjoy every new adventure and every new person. Always try your hardest, and don't stress so much, everything happens for a purpose. Oh yeah, study more and really really enjoy your parents you really will miss them when you are gone.


If I could go back in time during my senior year I would tell myself not to rush. I say that because as a senior all I wanted was to leave and get out of the school, but now looking back I took it forgranted. At the time it could have been annoying and not what I wanted to do but high school is prime time when your actually learning how to grow up, and the meaning of true friends. I rushed my way out of senior year instead of taking it all in and being grateful for what it was. Senior year was an amazing experience that I will never be able to regain back. Also I never realized that I knew everyone in my home town so it was easy to do whatever I wanted and get away with what I wanted to do but here at college it is a whole new world. My main advice would be just to slow down and enjoy the time during senior year and cherish all the moments.


If I had to give advice to a high school senior the first thing I would tell someone is to be yourself. Think for yourself and never doubt your own thoughts because most of the time you are right. Adjusting to a college is hard but do not allow that to get in the way of your courses and if you are struggling teachers are not as scary as they look. Your professors are like your friends because they understand you more than anyone else will. Confide in them. College can be a scary place if you allow it to be however, it is where you will learn the most important traits of yourself. Be you, and be strong.

Billie Jean

While growing up and going through my parents' separation, I always looked out for and protected my little brothers. However, as we all got older, they began to think that by always looking over their shoulder, I was trying to boss them around and be that typical mean older sister. Throughout the last several years, most of the conversations I had with my younger brothers were arguments. I just hope that one day they realize that the whole time we were growing up, I was trying to guide them on the right path to becoming the mature and responsible men I know they have the potential to be. Now being away from them for so long, I realize that they are what I miss the most about home. I wish I can take back the pointless arguments over who controlled the TV. I wish I would’ve gone to all their football games and band concerts. I wish they were comfortable enough to come to me for advice. I wish they could see how much I love and miss them. When I return home this summer, I want nothing more than to become close with them and fix our relationship.


I would tell myself that whatever I plan to choose for college is going to be a tough transition and to choose very wisely because it is much different than high school. College is a different playing field, and it is fun but there is time for fun and work. So make sure to choose a school where you feel like you could have a good social life but at the same time get a good enough education. I would also tell myself that the transition is the hardest part, because especially for a girl like me, being so far from home can be tough. So if I decide to go somehwere far, just be ready for the hardships that come from it. But most of all, I would tell myself to get excited, because it is the start to the best four years of my life!


The only advice I would give myself is don't worry. Don't be so hard on yourself and don't worry about everything so much. You will do great in college, just stay focused and continue to do what you've been doing.


I would go back and tell myself that it does not matter what other people say. You are your own person. High school is a chance to discover what you want to do with your future. Do not get wrapped up in drama, boys, and your appearance. I look back now and notice that it did not matter what I wore the first day of school because no one will rememeber when you move out of your small hometown and meet new people. Focus on your grades first, friends next. It will be alright if you do not make it to every football game or school event. Still go to school events when you can but do not make them a priority in your life. have fun and plan your future in college.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school Senior I would tell myself, to apply for more scholarships and not to procrastinate. My senior year in high school was amazing and I really enjoyed it. My teachers would always tell me to apply for scholarships and I was so caught up in having “senioritis,” that I did not know how important it was. When I first arrived to college, I was giving the opportunity to take summer classes, not knowing that I ended up having to pay $3,000 for classes, out of my pocket. I also would tell myself not to procrastinate so much while I am in college. I have a big problem of siting stuff aside and getting distracted really easy. While in high school, as a senior, I was used to doing nothing because I was ahead and completed most of my credits in high school. Sometimes I wish I could do just one more year of high school so I can make it right and do what I know now then what I knew back then. My high school senior year was a breeze for me and I loved it.


Here you finally stand, ready to face the real world. Your entire high school experience has lead up to this final moment. You will be scared, but it's a good kind of fear. You will be sad, but it's more of a nostalgia. I want you to know in the truest part of your heart that you will be just fine. Your past helped shape you to be who you are today, but it does not define you. You will meet many new people and have countless new life-changing experiences. These are all to be taken as character building elements in your life. Many will believe in you, but it is You that has to believe in you first. You will have many moments of doubt and times where you want to give up completely. Don't give up. Know that you will come out of it all a stronger and greater individual. Have an open mind and an open heart. Trust carefully, but trust completely when feasible. Take everything as a learning experience, whether good or bad. There is a reason for all of it, trust me. Most importantly, just be You.


If I were able to go back in time, I would scream at myself in high school. In high school, I excelled but i put forth very little effort. I would tell myself that it only takes about an hour per subject to study and ace the class. Once I came to college, I realized that nothing was hard, it was just challanging. I would encourage myself to put forth all of my effort in my work. I would also encourage myself to apply for more scholarships. Loans accure quickly and scholarships are free money with no stress. Lastly, I would love to tell myself not to stress myself out about entering college. College has been a challanging journey, but I would assure myself that everything will be worth it.


You will need to study a lot and stay on task. Limit your distractions and work hard.


I would tell myself that my GPA matters and to achieve more than just passing.I would tell myself that I should try to excel in everything I do as everything reflects on my character as a person. I would also tell myself that as much as I think I have life mapped out that life is not predictable and when things do not go as predicted to use it as fuel moving forward. Life is all about the choices I make. In transitioning, I would tell myself to use all available resources given to me by the school and seek advice from my professors to guide me to a road of success. I would also tell myself to try and master studying techniques that work for me in order to achieve good grades. Also, I would suggest that writing down school work and rewriting school work will help solidfy the materials in which I am studying.


My advise would be not to stress out about the future. When I left high school I was dead set on being a doctor and as I went through school I realized that my real passion was the environment and now I a going to school to be a climatologist. Even though it seems like major decisions need to be made now, they dont. College is about discovering who you are as a person and what you are passionate about


Go to a school with an accelerated medical program that gives students their BS/MD in 6 years.


Don't be scared to try something different. Always be willing to try new things and make friends. Be willing to go out and do things even if they are things you don't want to participate in. Always help be willing to help someone out. Don't sweat the little things. Study hard but don't let all of the studying take away from the college experience. Continue to do what you love and don't let anyone stand in your way of doing those things.


study hard


Dont be shy to go to campus activities and meet new people, they are more than likely just as nervous as you are.


Don't worry about what others think, do what you always wanted to do, and stand strong for your right to believe in yourself.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself that my parents are always right. All the nagging they did about deadlines for scholarships and school, I now realize that without it I would not have finished everything on time. I would tell myself to fill out as many scholarships as I had the opportunity to do, as well as meet the deadlines for school instead of procrastinating and being late for some of them. I would tell my high school self to save as much money before school as I could instead of spending it on luxury things. That money could have went to so many other things pertaining to school that I wouldn't have to struggle to obtain now. In high school, I had no idea how to get organized or to prioritize. High school did not fully prepare me to do so and I really struggled with this in the first few months of college. Knowing how to do so now, I would tell my younger self that getting the job done first then having fun is better than procrastinating and stressing over work later.


I transferred to Coastal Carolina this 2014-2015 fall semester. If I could go back, I would tell myself to pay more attention to a variety of schools, and apply to as many as I can. I didn't originally aplly to Coastal Carolina becasue I only applied to three smaller schools closer to home. It took me until after my first semester at another school to realize that I did not chose the school for me. I should have given myself more options.


I would go back and tell myself to put in more effort. Most high school seniors tend to slack off their senior year, especially after committing to college. Although I still maintained my good grades, I wish I had put in more effort and further developed good study habits. I still think that the transition to college was not all that difficult for me. I have a very good work ethic and do not mind staying in rather than going out to parties. I enjoy being organized and getting work done ahead of time so I do not get stressed, so that has been especially helpful in dealing with the transition.


The advise that I would give myself as a senior back in time is try harder, go outside your comfort zone to see what you can accomplish by pushing yourself more than you would normally. And always strive to make a difference in the world.


If I could go back in time I would make a lot of changes. I would advice myself to choose the school more wisely with more time to research all my possible school choices. Choosing a college is a great commitment that will have to last for four years. I would advice myself to study very hard and earn good grades so that I would have a better chance to getting into the most prestigous school that I can. The truth is, the better the scholl, the better the job you will get in the future. Many companies only recruit from big known colleges and universities, not from the ones that noone has never heard of. My advice to my high school self would be not to make a rush decision. Instead, take your time and consider all the positiives and negatives of the schools of your choice. Only after gathering enough information, you would have made the right decision. I hope that this advice will help all high school students make the commitment to the college that they will enjoy attending. Please, learn from my mistakes and avoid making the same ones.


While in high school, I was given the opportunity to take a jump at college and the "adult life." I got my first job at 16, and I have worked ever since. I also had the opportunity to take dual credit/enrollment classes while still maintaing a full-time high school student workload. If I could go back and talk to myself, I would just give words of encouragement. Because I was exposed to the lifestyle before actually attending college, I knew what to expect and I came in with a postive, mature mind. I am a very independent, responsible college student who is serious about her work and future. This scholarship could really help me and put me one step closer to my degree.


To go back to myself as a high school senior, I would have told myself that I needed to learn to stop being such a procrastinator when it comes to doing major assignments. I have the hardest time with following a schedule and deadlines if it is not in front of me at all times. To better myself this year as a freshman I got a school year planner and wrote everything down in it to keep myself ahead of the game. This tool has been of great help and I finished my first semester of college by getting on the Deans List. Also as a high school senior I wish I had told myself that college is nothing like high school and everything is not handed to you. Living on your own basically without mommy and daddy there to help or do it for you. Coming into my freshman Spring semester of college now I feel more independent than dependent like I did Fall semester.


It has been quite a journey from High School to now. If I was going to give myself any advice before I decided to attend Coastal Carolina, it would be to apply sooner. I applied quite late, but thankfully, I was still accepted into Coastal Carolina University. If I would have applied to Coastal Carolina University earlier, I would have known that I was accepted sooner and would be able to experience the joy of being accepted at the same time as everyone else. I also would have more time to apply for scholarships.


The college experience is a world unlike anything else. While you are not yet a full-time employee if the working class, you have much more responsibilities than you did when you were living under your parents' roof. No one ask you to make sure you complete certain tasks. You are required to know on your own what you need to get done and to actually get things done. Financial responsibilities are some of the most important responsibilities while away at university. You must be frugal and smart when it comes to spending your money. While being aware of your responsibilities is important, something else that is also very important to remember when transitioning into a university is to be yourself, confident in who you are, but also to make good impressions upon people, always being kind and friendly. That is really all others can ask of you.


The biggest piece of advice I would have given myself is to make a budget starting in the summer. I know it's your senior summer and you want to go out with your friends but all the money you use really adds up. I remember I would go out to eat a lot and went on a camping trip with my friends which was pretty expensive. Instead of using my money on that I could have spent it on books for each semester which could be between $1000 and $2000. Also use a budget during college as well. Make a limit for how much money you can use each week and then save the rest for paying your tuition because you will need it. This is a good habbit to get into because you'll need to use it after college as well. I'm not saying don't use any of your money while your in college because you're going to want to go out and have fun. Just make sure you don't go overboard so you can use that money to pay off your expenses. This will really help you reduce your budget.


If i had the chance to go back and talk to myself in the past there are many things I would tell myself. The number one thing would be to work extra hard my last here to higher my chance to get certain scholarship. Also, I would have told myself to take certain things more serious like my mom told me to. Another great piece of advice would be to tell myself to not freaked out as much and that you will make it through it just stay focus. I would let myself known that not everybody is going to stay around and that is okay. Sometimes people drift apart because not everybody has the same plan in life. Also, you do not need to be out partying all the time it is completely okay to just stay in and relax. I would tell myself to be open to meeting new people. The main advice that i would tell myself is to stay on top of your work and use all the sources to help you better yourself. Finally, the main thing to always remember ypu can do whatever you put your mind to and never to forget that.


If i could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would inform myself of all of the obstacles I would have to face. I would stress the importance of saving money and applying for scholarships to make sure that there will be no financial difficulties when attending college. I would also stress the importance of having good time management skills. I would tell myself to get course work done ahead of time to avoid issues that may come up. Also, I would tell myself to put my education before social life. The last but most important advice I would give to myself is to make sure to maintain good grades and to not be afraid to ask questions or seek help when needed.


Don't memorize to pass a test. Actually study and make sure you understand the topic for future use. Also , make sure your money is right before college. Apply to every scholarship possible. Relax and dont stress.


Do not worry so much it is not as bad as people say it is. just keep doing what you are doing and you will be A O K. Haha oh and do not worry about making friends and your roommates. they are pretty awesome and friends are super easy to make.


I would tell my former high school self to think big and do big things that is manageable while continuing to always put God first. College is a huge transition from high school. With college there is more responsibilities, harder classes, your parents can't wake you up in the morning, nobody will remind you of any deadlines you have to remind yourself. College does have people who will support and advise you during, but you have to give in order to get. Show effort, learn from your mistakes, build your character, discover new things outside of the education area, make wise decisions on your own, and most of all learning to live without being under your parents roof. It will be complicated living with individuals you don't know, but college comes with experience. You have to be able to handle anything that comes along with it. College is how you make it, if you do what you are suppose to, then you will succeed at anything comes your way.


If I could advise my high school self I would first encourage being extra friendly and to always keep a smile on my face, because first impressions are important. Secondly I would remind myself not to worry so much about having "cool" roommates, because college is about making connections with people who you wouldn't normally, and giving everyone a chance. I would also explain that enjoying the college life without any worries means creating a balance between studies and social life. Although finding this balance may be tough with the newfound freedom that college entails, this is extremely important to ensure a stress free lifestyle. Always remember that home is only a phone call away! When you're feeling lonely, don't be afraid to turn to a new friend or roommate because they are your "school family" and are more than likely feeling the same way. Additionally, don't forget to pack "Mr. Snuggles" who you have had since you were born. Although college is about starting new, some days you just need to cuddle with a familiar bear or blanky. Lastly, always be yourself, and finding your crowd will come quickly and naturally.


I would tell my past self, that it is okay to go to a school that is in your hometown. It does not mean that you are a failure it means that you are just on a different path. I would tell myslef to not stress so much about not knowing what you want to do for the rest of your life because their are classes that help you find that out in such a short peirod of time, and great advisers to help you with whatever you need. No matter what stay true to yourself because that is where you will find yourself the most happy.


Dear high school senior Leah, SAVE YOUR MONEY!


Dear Denzel, Going to college will be so much fun. You will get to meet people from different states and origins. There are so many activities you can attend to get outside of the house. During the school year their is always something happening, but you need to save your money, college is expensive. Applying to a lot of scholarships no matter what is necessary. You may not like writing essays, but you can persevere through it and write something great.


Understand what it is that you really want. Focus on that goal/purpose and never lose sight of it. Focus on getting your course work out of the way. Work harder now so that you can have it a bit easier moving on up.


If I was able to go back in time i woiuld smply make sure that I didnt go to this college for the marine scinece degree, it really wasnt what i wanted to do and switching over to the communication degree definetly put me in a rough patch. If I coud talk to my self as a highschool seinor I would just make sure that I went right into the communication degree.


I would tell my high school self that you won't stick to that set plan for yourself, but it's okay to make mistakes. Things change, plans change, and sometimes that's not something you can't control. Mistakes need to be made to help you become who you want to be, so don't try to fix everything and just let them be. College is the first time you get to be on your own, and just because it doesn't go exactly the way you had imagined it, doesn't mean that is a bad thing. Every mistake I made I grew from, and got closer and closer to the woman I became today. I wouldn't trade one thing that happened, good or bad, so just take a deep breath and say "Will this bother me a year from now?" Probably not, so take a chill pill and move on to the next thing. College is too short to obsess over the little things you won't even remember, so just accept the things you can't change and go make as many memories as you can while you still can.


Don't let your peers discourage you from attending your dream college. Even if you are above average intelligence, it is OK to attend a lower-tier college if they have a program that you really want.


Maintaining a social life is a great way to relieve stress that builds up during lectures. I would suggest to my younger self to start getting involved with campus activities during the first semester of school and to choose your friends wisely. It is important to socialize with students who have the same academic and social morals that you have. They will be bale to encourage you in a positive way and warn you when you start heading down the wrong path. I would also advise searching for scholarships earlier that I originally started. Paying for college is difficult and stressful, even the smallest amount of money can help greatly.


Take every opportunity with as much importance as you would with a new car or new clothes. Apply for scholarships to help pay for your tuition, and get involved in every way possible. Join a club, do a sport, do whatever it takes to get yourself known around the college community. When you get to know more people, the more opportunities you get. Do your best to save your money and dont get too overwhelmed.


Stop worrying. I know you're scared, but you are about to meet some of the greatest people in the world. You're going to learn from some of the best professors ever. You will learn more than you ever thought you could about things you've never even heard about. Don't worry. You're about to go home for the first time ever.