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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


It is very important to find a college that's right for you, and to make the best of your experiences. Finding the right college, however, isn't always easy. I would suggest to parents and to students to find a college that offers plenty of extracurricular and on-campus activities. Also, look for a campus that is clean, friendly, and safe. Touring different campuses and talking with students is definitely recommended. To make the most of your college experiences, I suggest getting involved with clubs of your interest and getting to know other students that share the same interests as you. Also, I would take the time to get to know your professors. Especially if you decide on a small or medium size school, relationships with your advisor and other professors is a vital part of starting your own network. Not only are your professors a source of information and guidance, they are also mentors and friends that have your best interests in mind. With that said, no college is perfect. However, if you consider these things when selecting your college, then your college years will be happy, fun, and very productive.


To find the place that you click with . Try finding out about things that you want to get involved in on campus. All schools will cover academics but you need to find the school that feels like home to you. Dont let other people influence your decision.


If I had to give advice to students about choosing the right college, the first thing that I would tell them to do is pick a school based on the size of the classroom. Once that is decided, they should then look at their major and see how well the school is known based on that subject. It all depends on the student as an individual as to where they may choose to go to school. Unlike me, they may not care as much about the number of students in the classroom as much as I do. Those are just two details that I would say will help them determine which school they would like to attend.


You'll know. The one piece of advice I can give, is that you will know when you find the college right for you. You just feel it when you step on campus, it is like you are coming home again. Once you can picture youself living there. Then you know you have made the right decision.


Students, find a school that makes you happy. Tour the campus before you apply and if you do not feel at home within the first 20 minutes then it is not the campus for you. Just because you had your heart set on a college does not mean that it is everything you thought it would be; do your research! Find out what activities and academic support systems the school has to offer. Make sure that the campus has services able to meet your personal accommodations; attempt to meet the dean of your academic college to ensure a better understanding of your positional program. Try to get a list of clubs and organizations that are available to students; the sooner you get involved the more at home you will feel. Keep your priorities in order, and always stay true to yourself. Parents, let your child go. Just because they want to go hours away does not mean they do not love you; rather, your child is just ready to start their own legacy somewhere else. You have raised them well; we always know who to call when we?re feeling homesick. Allow your student to venture in this remarkable world.


First then things first, find a college that is a GOOD size for you. The college I actually wanted to go to, was WAY to big, and it does make a difference. Secondly, get a good school that is WORTH the price. Just because a college cost $20,000 doesn't mean it's a good school!! Take a look at CCU, it's an awesome school!


visit the college, attend a class at the school


I would visit the school and get to meet some of the students who are involved on campus , they tend to know the most about how life is at the school. Be out going in meeting new people if your out going and try to make new friends your experience and productivity in school will be much better.


Definately to look around for what you want the most, Start saving money when your young (like elementary school!) get involved, get your work done before you have fun, It takes a lot of time management... Talk to the professors as soon as you dont understand something- Dont Wait! dont expect these to be the best years of your life, cause during school it wont seem like it, but once you reflect, they really are.


Go there and check it out before making a final decision. Also, have your kid sit in a class during the school year to see what it is life.


College is a milestone of a teenager?s life. It is a time for a new environment, a new group of friends, and a new sense of self. To be satisfied with a college destination, one must use the help of family, career goals, and individual intuition. Family members will have opinions about where a student should attend. Most often families desire students to remain close to home to visit more often. If distance from family is difficult, everyone affected should compromise so all parties are satisfied. Family members are treasured to many teenagers, but they must not conduct the decision of college choices. Career goals are of top importance in college decision making. The college one chooses must not only have the major desired of a student, but the adequate technology and educators. Choosing a successful career should always correspond with finding the right college. Individual intuition can answer many strenuous questions. To be able to make the most of a college experience, following one's heart can be the final step needed. In conclusion; the location, the surroundings, and the lasting impression of a college should offer a positive feel in order to succeed!


Go to a college for yourself, and not for anyone else. Remember that it will be a lot of hard work, but it is well worth it.


Don't fall for the just getting by your freshman year. Study hard, and it will pay off.