Coastal Carolina University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Knowing what I know now, I’ll tell my high school senior self three notions. The first notion is reminding myself that this is what all my prayers regarding to the next step in my life resulted to- the college that fitted me most and where I can expand into the person I choose to be. I will tell myself that it’ll be a challenge rebuilding my understanding around making a new home at college. However, if I keep the lessons I learned from my parents and role models, that challenge will be nonexistent. Finally, the last thing is that I'll tell my high school senior self is to not be afraid to be myself. By being myself, I will be connect with students and staff members who’ll fuel my ambition to achieve my future goals.


If I could give myself any piece of advice during high school I would tell myself to learn how to really study more. Throughout high school I never knew exactly the right ways to study. I mostly looked over the materail unstead of actually learning and studying the notes given. In college with all of the information that is presented it is hard to look over notes, students actually need to learn the topics. So far I've learned that studying and paying attention in class are the two most important ways to maintain good grades in college.


Get more scholarships. Don't get fustrated with the high school just keep re-sending information. Above all else aply gor schollarships.


Knowing what I know now, I would have done a lot of things differently in high school. First and foremost, I would have put more effort in my classes and joined more extracurricular activities to improve my trascript and experience. I would have taken the initiative to apply for scholarships and higher level classes to lessen my work load in college. I would tell my self to take high school more seriously and to strive more and get involved more. To not only enhance my experience through out high school but broaden my mind to different things.


I would tell myself to get in the habit of studying everyday. I know that the parties and activities sound so exciting but getting your test back and seeing that you failed is a quick way to ruin your whole week. I would also tell myself to get out of my comfort zone that you need to go out there and make friends, join clubs, go to different events and shows, and do things I always wanted to do but was to afraid to. College is all about finding yourself and you can't do that stuck in your room or only hanging out with your one friend. Plus it gets really boring really fast. The last advice I would give myself is to just go out and have fun. Don't worry about what other people think of you because their opinions don't matter. The only person who needs to love you is you and everyone else is just extra.


i would tell myself to do more research on the colleges in south carolina and to apply to all the schools i could.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself that to go into college with an open mind. Remeber to always make time for yourself and to not let the school work stress you out. continue to do well but have fun and make memories that will last the rest of my life.


The best advice I could give myself is to focus on what you want to do and surround yourself with people with ambition and drive that are going in the direction you strive to go. Try not to get overwhelmed with what you don't know while getting excited about learning anything new. Life is built on experiences, so make the best of all of yours. The choices that you make can and do make you who you are, so make good choices. When you do make the wrong choice, because you will, own your mistakes and learn from them. That is the only way true growth will occur. Forgive, love and smile as often as possible and without limits. Chase your dreams and never lose faith in the world. The world can be a sad and scary place, but you alone can make a huge difference just by being hopeful and spreading positive energy to all those you come into contact with. Take time to listen and learn from both the younger generations and the older generations. Their ideals and experiences can open your eyes and heart to things you may never know.


If I were able to ever go back in time to inform myself of how to prepare for college life, I would start off with telling myself to fill out as many scholarships as I could if i was eligible to! I used to procrastinate with writing the essays to scholarships and now I wish i would have just did it. I would also tell myself to learn how to study, never procrastinate, expand my vocabulary, pay attention to the all of the details in every subject that I learn, and never take anything I learned for granted. The teachers in high school are totally different from my professors in college and I appreciate all that they did for me in high school.


If I could go back to my senior year I would tell myself to take college credit classes. To help ease my self into the higher demand of college classes. I would make sure I joined a lot of clubs and activities to expand my resume, to help me gain higher positions in my clubs and job at college. I also would recommend knowing at least one person before heading away to school, because it is always nice to have someone by your side when you are far away from home.


Take every opportunity that is sent your way and run with it. You are the only one that can be held responsible for your success or failure in college, and the entire experience is exactly what you make of it. College is so much more than an education, and as soon as you step outside of your comfort zone and break down any barriers that have previously held you back, you will be exposed to an entirely new outlook on life. College is about new perspectives, about challenging yourself and your beliefs. It is so important to seek out different opportunities and put yourself out there so that you can understand the world on a broader level. The school work will challenge your mind intellectually, but it is your job to challenge yourself on every other level and explore different interests and different facets of life. If you set your mind to taking on all these new opportunities, it will help you to focus on something other than missing home. Don't let anyone tell you the transition isn't tough, because it is, but letting it make you or break you is entirely your choice.


I would tell myself that I should care about my senior year. When a high school senior students tend to not apply themselves into their work. They bellieve they are done with school and off to college. I would tell myself to care about the classes I am taking and really listen to the teachers and what they are teaching. There are so many classes in college that piggy back off of what students learned in college and I felt myself strugging my freshman year because I could not remember my senior year classes. I would tell myself not to get comfortable with the laid back lifestyle many people believe senior year is about. Once college begins it is a reality check for students and I think if I went back and told myself I should really focus on my work, I would have been more successful my freshman year.


The only thing I would tell myself is that I need to study harder and actually work on my work ethic


Dont' worry about it so much! You get out of college what you put into it--keep this in mind when you consider cost. If you are diligent and hardworking, you can get the same education out of a community college as an elite university. No professor, whatever his or her impressive credentials, can MAKE you learn something. It is up to YOU to take responibility for working hard, doing YOUR best, and learning the material. Be smart and make decisions with YOURSELF in mind. College is a great opportunity to "get your foot in the door" of the real world. Talk to people, network, get connected---especially in your area of study. Think about opportunities to improve your resume. Have conversations with your professors---people who are older than you really DO have more experience. Value their advice. If you are bored or feeling low---don't drink, don't do drugs. Think a little beyond yourself and try to do something productive. Volunteering somewhere local is a good way to benefit the community while getting some new perspective. Organize your time wisely to avoid feeling overwhelmed mid-semester. Also, working hard to acheive something will NEVER be regretted.


If I were to go back to a senior in high school I would tell myself to stop worrying about growing up and focus on doing good in school. I was so ready to get out of there and to go to college and now would do anything to go back. I would tell myself to take the time to learn the material and not just memorize it for the test. I would tell myself to take all the extra credit opportunities and take my gpa seriously. I did good in high school but I could have tried alot harder. I would tell myself to not take the easy way out and take the harder classes and push myself. If I had applied myself more in high school, I would have been better off for college.


I have actually asked myself this question a thousand times since I have been here at Coastal Carolina University. The transition from high school to college was most defiantly a stressful one. I quickly learned that college is very financially draining and the need for funds never stop. The stress can be even more draining for single parent homes such as my own. If I could give advice to myself I would say, "Do not procrastinate and be lazy about taking advantage of the oppertunities for the various financial aids such as scholarships that are presented to you." Throughout my senior year I took the term "scholarship" lightly not knowing, or just too stubborn to believe, that my first semester here at Coastal Carolina University could have been much more enjoyable if I would have took the time to take advantage of the scholarships that were presented to me. I understand that you live and you learn and learning from my mistake is why I stress this same situation to the graduating class that are approaching graduation in a few months. A good education is a must have but it is not cheap so when help is presented...take it!


As a senior in high school the nervousness and excitment of going off to college is incredible. If I went back in time and had a chance to chat with myself and give myself some good advice for my first year as a college student, there a few things I would share with myself. When I first arrived at Coastal Carolina I knew I had to say good bye to my parents who live about 7 states away and that became very scary to me. I knew I had to find some friends that could help with this transition. Within a few days on campus I had signed up for a club sport and intramural sports. This could definately help me meet people who might be in the same situation as I was. The advice I would give myself back in high school would be remember to always be friendly, be willing to put yourself out there to make friends and never forget that your family is always there for you no matter what. Also, to stand up for what you believe in and never let someone persuade to do something your don't want to do!


If I could go back in time I'd inform myself all the things it takes to get ready for college. I was so unprepared for the challenges that were ahead because I had no help planning my future and being well knowledged about what it takes to go to college. I wish I didn't get slack as a senior and I'd give so much to go back and change all that. If I just applied for more scholarships and did better in school I'd be so prepared for the difficulties that I am paying for now. Regardless of all that I'm proud of myself now and am eager to overcome these difficulties with hard work and dedication.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself while in high school I would just say do the best you can and study hard. There are going to be some bump along the way while you start school, but that's okay because the outcome of it all is amazing and you won't regret what you are going to do in college. You will meetingsome maz


I would tell myself to follow my heart. I love Coastal Carolina University, however I always wonder what my life would be like had I chosen a larger school, or a school in a different state. My original choice was a school that was four hours away from home instead of 30 minutes away and I always ask myself what I might be missing. However, I have made the best out of my situation and I am extremely happy here. I am getting a great education and I have numerous options for growth in the future. If I could talk to my high school self, I would make sure to remind myself that no matter what school I choose, everything happens for a reason and I will perservere through any obstacle that comes my way because I am a very strong and positive person.


I would apply for every scholarship I have ever heard of. The price of college, on my own, it taxing to my mind, health, and stability. I would have studied harder and tried so hard to make the merit requirements for my college's scholarships.


Make sure that you don't waste your time. Your future is in your hands the moment you enter high school. Apply for scholarships, do your homework, do your absolute best in everything that you do so that your life will be loads easier in the long run. Oh, and please, do take a math class you senior year.


Dear Erin, Believe in yourself. The road ahead is long and scary and there will be many times where you want to turn and run. Do not run. Face these hardships head-on, learn from your mistakes, and use each rejection letter and every criticism as fuel to push you even farther. You are not the best at what you do because there is no such thing. The idea of being "better" than someone else is highly illogical. You can only be the best YOU and be better than YOURSELF. Life is not entirely competition. Having a competitive edge does help and you must have a sense of drive and determination in order to succeed. However, your peers are a community and you cannot constantly compare yourself to others. Find your own success. Life has a funny way of working out and as long as you keep a steady pace and stay focussed when things go wrong the path to success will practically pave itself. Good luck out there champ, I know you will be amazing. Love, Erin P.S. College is awesome


At the end of this, the 2014 fall semester, I will have completed five and a half years of college. This was not the origional plan. My first school was a technical college, which I attended because I felt that I was not ready for a 4 year college. Next came the College of Charleston which I transferred to because I knew financial help from my parents was running out. When familial illness arose, I was forced to move to Myrtle Beach to be with my family and transfer to my current school, Coastal Carolina University. Through all my transfers, I have lost an estimated 3 years of college credits. With each transfer also came an unfortunate change in major, leading to a postponed graduation. Looking back on this very drawn out college experience I have some resounding advice to give my high school self. Take a year off before college! I was not personally prepared as a high school senior to attempt the college track. I know that I would have returned to school with much more success than I am currently achieving after a time of work and discovery. I could be a graduated and much healthier person.


If i could go back to my high school self, i would told myself stay focused your freshman in college. Because yours freshman year would be the most diffcult year at Coastal. I would also tell myself just study harder and particapte in different activities that are offered on campus.


Knowing what I know about college that I didn't in high school is how expensive college really is. If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would strongly advise myself to apply for every scholarship I come across. There is literally free money laying around and so many students are too lazy to apply and try to get it. Having that money is definitely worth all the effort.


I would tell myself to go directly to community college before entering a 4 year institution. You save money, you have the ability to live at home, and it is easier to hold a job while getting college credits. Although I only spent one year at community college before going to Coastal, I grew up immensely. I had more responsibility and was able to deal with it because I did not have the pressure or distraction of the college social life.


I would tell them, to go and try your hardest in whatever you do. Don't procrastinate and take advantage of getting your education, not a lot of people get the opportunity, get it while you can!


Attend a county college first, to save on student loans but make sure you know the course requirements needed for your 4 year college choice. Focus on your grades and making friends in your courses to create study groups! These groups I have for all of my classes help me stay on top of my assignments and make friends! Make and maintain good relationships with your professors. This will come in handy when you need a reference letter and mentoring. Get a commuter meal plan and stay on campus more. Be active on campus. Join a group that closesly relates to your major and stick with it! Lastly, don't beat yourself up if your fisrt college choice doesn't work out for you. There are thousands of other colleges and one of them will be a great choice for you!


My advice to myself if I could reach back in time would be not to worry about class rank or being the most popular. My focus should have been friends and myself and my school work, because when you get to college none of the small things matter. You can come to college and be whoever you want to be. No one knows your past. No one knows how you grew up or what you do and do not have. College is about finding yourself and bettering yourself as a future professional. Most importantly college is an amazing opprotunity and it should be taken seriously. Never pass up the chance to attend, and take all assignments and attendance seriously. Lastly, I would remind myself how much paper work comes with applying for college and financial aid and I would train myself to better organize and protect these documents.


If I knew what I know now about college life and the transition from New Hampshire to South Carolina, I would take my financial status more seriously. In high school I was so wound up in the idea of going to college that I failed to recognize the financial situation I would be putting myself and my family in. If I could go back in time I would tell myself to apply for more scholarships and spend more time building a resume so that I could have a stronger scholarship application. I would not change my decision to come to Coastal Carolina University because it has made me become a better person and more ways than one. However, if I had the ability to apply for more scholarships and receive more money, prior to coming to college, I would not have as much financial stress as I currently do.


Dear Self, If there is one thing that I could give you advice on when it comes to college it is this.. Never give up and never listen to what anyone has to say to you about your education. You know how smart you are and that you have the will of a fighter. Save up your money like you are and I promise that one day you will be able to go to Coastal. You have the world at your feet so start looking up darling. You will be the first in your family to complete college no matter how long it takes because we know your dream is to help foster children. You don't know it now but the doubts you feel about college being out of your league are wrong, you will find a way to become a sociology major and help foster children find good homes. You lived through the worse parts of your life and now are on a up climb. FInally my advice to you is to stay focused on your dreams because one day they will be a reality. I promise. Sincerely, An Old Friend


If I could go back in time to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself that I am going to do great. I knew as a senior this transition I was about to make after graduation and I prepared myself very well. I would tell myself to take a second and be proud of myself and what I had accomplished so far, because Lord knows I never do that. However, I would also tell myself to start preparing myself for the financial and moral hardships that come along with living on your own. Money, as I have always known, is not very accessible and truly every penny counts and enjoy what has always been provided. Then, I need to realize that not everyone comes from the life I have. People in college even are still learning to grow up. Do not prepare yourself to be surrounded by those who already have their lives together, but instead spend time looking around and realize how much I have already learned that people are just not starting to understand. Again, be proud of how far you have come and be ready for more because you know you can do it.


If i could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to BE A MAN. This entails standing on my own two feet and being responsible for my actions. By telling myself to BE A MAN, I would I understand that it is important to handle my priorities first before i had fun. By being a man, I would take on financial responsibilities and handle my funds appropriately. I would try my best to not procrastinate and to turn in my assignments on time. I would tell myself to socialize because in college, you are surrounded by creative individuals. I would tell myself to enjoy it for you only get to experience college once. With that, I think would have given myself the best advice that would help make the transition to college easy.


One of the first things that I would tell myself is to not sell myself short. I did not have the best grades or motivation in highschool and I entered into college just hoping to get by. I have accomplished so much more than the bare minimum since I have started at my University. I would tell myself to be involved, and to join any club or organization that I found interesting even if I wasn't knowledgable in the subject. I would also advise myself to meet new people from all walks of life. I would advise myself to stay active and work out because it reduces stress and makes you feel healthier and happier. I would tell myself to keep working hard and keep strengthening yourself. When you complete a goal set a higher one and work hard to acheive everything that you can. I think the difference between college and highschool really is the focus. In highschool you focus completely on your grades but college is so much more than that. It's about becoming a strong and smart individual that is driven and welcoming to others. This is the advice I would want for myself.


I would tell myself to take high school more seriously. I grazed by my junior and senior classes. I thought what's the need in studying or paying attention when I can make easy A's. I would tell myself to take more college-credit classes or advance placement classes. Those are the classes that push you to excel and make an easy transition to college.


I would most definitely tell myself to choose a major based on what I love, not based on what will make me the most money. I spent 2 1/2 years of college in a Major that didn't actually make me happy - I was only doing it because my family told me it would make me a lot of money. I eventually became very unhappy and finally had the courage to switch to what I really love, health! I would also tell myself to try harder to make lasting friendships in college and to get more involved in extra curricular activities. I haven't done either of these things, and I believe they would have my my overall college experience much better. I would tell myself to not stress out so much about everything. School has always added extra stress onto my already stressful life, so I would tell myself to relax because everything will be alright in the end - just give it your best! The last thing I would tell myself is to just live in the moment, take a deep breath, and enjoy every day of my college experierence.


In offerering advice to high school seniors, the best advice is to remain determined and dedicated to furthering one's education. Always exhaust all of the available resources in one's benefit to make the journey as simple as possible.


If I could go back in time I would push myself to apply for scholarships then. As i realize now that I am in college how important money is and how far just a few hundered dollars can really help. In High School teachers would always be telling us to look for scholarships, to apply to them as fast as possible, but I never really listened to them. I let it go in one ear and out the other. Since I have been in college though I feel as if I have matured and realize what a mistake I have made. I regret not listening to my teachers and wish I would have taken them more seriously. Even the smallest of scholarships can help.


If I could give myself any advice when I was a senior in high school, it would be to manage my time wisely. The transition to college has been a difficult one and I've lost a lot of valuable time that I didn't take advantave of. Learning how to manage your time accordingly to your schedule carries an amount of significance that I cannot stress enough. Every moment is important and it is crucial to take advantage of the time that you have to get things done. It is also important that you find time for yourself, as being in a new setting can take a toll on your mental health as well. It's okay to give yourself time off and it's okay to have fun, but don't lose sight of why you're in college: to get a degree.


This would be hard to answer because I graduated high school in a foreign county, so basically no matter what I did I still would have the same financial issues now. As for my children I really encourage them to focus on academics and have a high GPA. It is never too early to thing about your college and your goals.


Relax. High school may feel stressful and heavy now, but soon it will be a distant memory. Don't wait until the last minute to finish those papers, it doesn't matter that that's not what you want to write about, you have to do it and procrastinating will only stress you out more. Take that SAT one more time, yes a 1200 gets you scholarships but you never know how much better you could do the second time; it won't kill you to give up one Saturday. Go to the games; scream in the stands with your friends. Don't let the administrators make you despise coming to school, you're more than a GPA, high school is about experience. Just do your AP calculus homework, stop avoiding studying it, you'll get a 5 on that exam and make your favorite teacher proud. Take a FUN class! You don't really need spanish ab initio anyways. Mostly importantly I would tell myself don't ever, ever let school steal your love for learning, appreciate what you learn, sometimes it's more important to be happy with yourself than to take yet another AP/ IB class.


The advise I would give myself in high school would be to try harder. I think if I would have applied myself to the best of my abilities that way I could be in the Honors Program. Along with this I would tell my high school self to get involved in as many activities as I could. This way when I came to school I would be able to comtinue particapation in those activities. I would also tell myself to do much more reaseach on the University. This way I would know what types of sports, and activities are on the campus. This way during my Freshman year I would have been able to be particapating in activities instead of trying to figure out what types of activities were on campus. In all I would give myself advise on how to get involved on campus instead using my whole freshman year on figuring out what I might like, or what the campus had to offer.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a highschool senior I would tell myself to stay focus. The transition from high school to college is very diffcuilt. In high school you are living by your parents rules while in college you are on your own. My freshman year I didn't do so hot because I was free. I started to hang around the wrong crowd and I lost the real reason why I came to college and that was to further my education and become successful in life. I always have been an A student in high school I never made anything lower than a C. My freshman year all that went down the drain. I dropped a lot of classes and I failed some. It took me almost having to be on academic probation because of my freshman year final results to get my act together. So to all my high school seniors don't be like me. Take your education seriously when you come to college. College is not easy like high school so you have to pay attention and stay FOCUS!


I would have told myself to focus a little more during my first year of college, and to challenge myself. I would not have focused as much time doing extracirricular activities and would have challenged myself more academically. Academics to me always come first, then if you can handle any extracirriculars go ahead and do it! Extracirriculars are great but only when your grades are not going to suffer because of them. Sure, they look great on a college resume, but if it could possibly destroy your future career why risk it? After my first year of college I realized extra cirriculars aren't everything. During my freshman year, I had to have signed up for at least six extracirriculars including a team sport. It was exhausting and my grades started to quickly decline! I quit four of them my sophomore year and only continued my team sport and the pre-med society. My grades excelerated and it just made me happier knowing I could still do extracirriculars and still get good grades!


I would tell myself that yes, college is about having fun and doing crazy things, but it's mainly the time to find out who you really are, and what you want to become in life. It's about trying your hardest in school, not slcaking, and doing the best you can to get good grades. Also, be a sponge. Take as many classes as you can handle, and learn as much as possible while you can. Because this will help you become the best you can be in life, and help you further your carrer. Yes, give yourself some time to have fun and be care free, but don't forget what really matters, and don't fall behind. Because once you do, it's hard to get back to where you want to be.


Now kowing about college life and the transition, I would tell myself to put more effort into everything. Senior year I did what I had to do to pass and did not give my best effort. I would do all my homework and study more for a higher GPA and more scholarship money. I also would tell myself to get a job and put some money aside for tuition since I now realize how expensive a college education is. In college no one cares about what anyone did in high school, everyone has a fresh start here. As a senior I would have been more outgoing and cared less about opinions. On the field I would have put more work in so I could have gotten looked at my a school then offered a scholarship to play for their team. In a nut shell, I would tell myself to look at the tuition prices and try my best to understand the positive in what is ahead of me in the upcoming year.


I would give myself advice to: -College is a option not a necessity. -College isn't for everyone. -Never give up and to study hard. -Cheating gets you nowhere! -In order to achieve your goal you have to go out and get it on your own. -Nothing comes easily, atleast nothing that is worthwhile! -Good grades and a high GPA are everything. -Your professors could either be your best friend or your worst enemy. -The people you choose to hang around can either make you or break you. -Freshmen 15 is not a joke. -Take advantage of as many sholarships, financial aid, etc. as possible.


Dear me, Hi. It's you. A whole year from now. I'm going to give you some advice on how to prepare to be where I, I mean you, are today: college. It's a whole new big scary world here, and to be honest, you aren't really ready for it. High School is cool. I mean, you know everyone and really, could the classes be any easier? College is a whole other story. So I'm going to tell you how to be the successful college student that you, a year from now, are slowly becoming. First, study. I know it sounds obvious, but it really is important. College is hard enough before you pile on activities that suck up your time so that you can meet people and stop being a friendless loser. Which beings me to my second point; get involved. News flash; you're going to school ten hours away from home. You know no one and need to make friends ASAP. Most importantly, have fun and make some memories so when you're old you can tell your grandkids that you weren't always a boring old lady. See ya in a year!


Never stop filling out scholarships! You will need more money than you think. Don’t settle for second best. Take charge of your life because only you know what you truly want. Don’t be worried about your roommates liking you, they will love you. You are a beautiful person inside and out. You do deserve everything you have and more. Don’t ever pass up an opportunity to meet new people because you just might benefit a lot from it. That guy you thought you were going to marry is not good enough for you and will hold you back from your true potential. I know it will hurt to let him go and realize you wasted two years of your life but don’t think of it that way. It is another chapter in your life, be grateful for it, you learned your lesson. You will be smart enough to put your education before anything else but don’t get overwhelmed, remain calm and remember you have an army of people supporting you. Don’t allow your pride to keep you from getting the help you know you need. Math will push you over the edge so study!