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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Senior year was fun and full of good times, but classes weren't very difficult. We got barely any homework and overall I think schools give seniors an easy time. In reality your senior year should be there to prepare you for college and the real world because isn't school a place where we are supposed to learn general knowledge of the world teaching us how to function as adults. High schools try and do their best with this, but there are flaws. One big flaw being senior year. Senior year, you should be given more homework and teachers should be trying to prepare you for college not letting you slack off. That's what I did I slacked off, though I did all my school work and obtained good grades leaving with very good GPA. I just didn't take it as serious as I should've because in college you need to have learned great study habits, tests are worth almost your whole grade. Homework that is given must be turned in on time. It isn't a free ride anymore you are spending your money and the time you spend in college is not be wasted.


Apply to colleges/universities early. Research and apply for scholarships and/or grants. Focus on academics and maintaining ng good grades.


My senior year of high school I wanted to go to a school as far away from home as possible and go somewhere with my accomplishments that my peers would remember me by forever; and in fact, that is exactly what I did. I earned a lacrosse scholarship to a division II school in Pennsylvania. From my high school in Marietta, Georgia, I was the first girls lacrosse player to earn a scholarship like that and one of very few girls in my class to even receive an athletic scholarship. Once I got to my school in Pennsylvania I did not like much about it, it was a very small school, I hated the cold, and being a student athlete, especially at 6 am in the snow. After my first semester I knew was ready to transfer. So if I could talk to myself my senior year, I would say that I need to really weigh all of my options and do what's right for me and not what will look the best. When looking at my education, I knew that I could have gone to a better school for teaching, and now I'm at that school.


The advice I would give myself first of all would be to cherrish everything you do as a senior in highschool because college is very different. Also i would tell myself to prepare to meet a lot of new people and learn how to become friends with people you necessarily would not be friends with at home. Also have all the fun you can in highschool becuase in college everyone cares about drinking and not schoolwork and know how to not fall into the pressure of everyone trying to be cool. Not saying to not have fun in college but I believe that I want to do better in college because I am trying to actually get a job ang I want a successful future.


Virginia, I know it is a scarry that grown up life offially begins after you graduate. I know things are rough at home, but do not let it get in the way of your education. Do not solely focus on a working full time and making ends meet for your family, go straight into college and do not take time off in your education. If anything at least take two classes a semester. Do not make the mistake again of not going straight into college. Trust me, its not fun being 24 and not have your life together and still living with your parents.


As a freshman in college, there's so much I would tell myself as a senior in high school. First, I would tell myself to apply for more scholarships. Not applying for scholarships was really a hinder on my bank account and the bank accounts of my mother and grandmother. The two of them helped me tremendously when it came to being short on money just this semester alone! Secondly, I would tell myself to remember that everybody is not your friend. I'm very kind and I befriended a lot of people at Coastal Carolina, but I learned that all of them didn't befriend me. So, instead of being overly friendly and letting anybody into my life, I would wait them out and see what they are about. Lastly, I would tell myself to be involved more in high school and keep it up in college. I wasn't involved in much during high school, but when I got to Coastal Carolina, I became involved in so much. It gets your name around campus in a positive way and you meet lots of people. This first semester taught me a lot about myself and I'm still growing.


I was born three months early and diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. I have grown up this disability and gone to regular public school, and as a young child I was very outgoing. I had hundreds of friends, but as I grew up I became self conscious and more aware of how different I was because of my disability. Throughout high school I was advised by family and family friends to become more outgoing and more involved in extracurricular activities at my school in hopes that I would make more friends again and not feel like an outsider, but my own self perception held me back. When I began college again I was advised to become very involved in my school. At first I ignored this advice because I did not have the confidence in myself to join all of these clubs with all of these new people. Looking back I would again advise myself to step out of my comfort zone and engage in more activities. I have learned that the friendships and other social connections that you make in the first few months of college can make all the difference for the rest of your college experience.


Really look into the school and what they offer, Make sure the studies, location, teachers and, if applicable, coaches fit you as a person and where you want your career and life to take you.


If I had to travel to the past and talk to my previous self about the transition to college, I would stress that I train myself to better complete assignments quickly and effectively. In college, I often find myself overloaded with assignments - all of which are important to my grades. This dosn't neccessarily mean that all the college assignments are incredibly difficult per se. What makes the work difficult is having to complete it along with numerous other assignments at the same time, with unforgiving deadlines. I would help me immensely now if my past self had practiced completing high school work quickly, without any procrastination (which is what I often did). The ability to work through the countless assignments I recieve quicker would allow me to focus more on studying and preparing for the more difficult assignments ahead of time. If I could only change a single thing about my past self, this would be it.


The advice I would give myself is SAVE SAVE SAVE...Saving money to afford the cost you have while your in school is more important then any high school student is aware of.


Making the transition from a High School student to a college student can be very hard, especially if you attended the same High School all four years. If i could go back and give myself advice in high school, it would be to slow down and enjoy it. All i ever dreamed of in high school was getting out and being on my own to make my own rules and do what i want. I never realized how much i would miss it and how much i actually took for granted back then. Being on your own isn't all what it's cracked up to be. It means juggling more responsibilities while still trying to study and get good grades. Now, as just a college freshman, i look at my brother, who is a freshman in high school, and think of how nieve he is to be wishing it away. I would give anything to go back and do it all over again.


Take as many college classes as you can while you are in high school. Maintain your grades, and do as many hours of community serivice as you possibly can.


Get into the habit of doing things right the first time around because as you get older you do not get the chance to always redo things. You have once chance to do things right, do not take advantage of that chance. Things only get harder so get in to the habit of good work habits and do not procrastinate.


To learn how to cook! Also, I would tell myself to be more involved.


What would i say to myself if I could go back to my senior year of high school? I would make myself go back and take AP/ Honor courses. I would go back, and make changes in my athletics and work harder, so I could get scholarships. I would go back , and apply for scholarships instead of waiting until after graduation, and I would also go ack and take ACT/SAT more than once. There are some many chages that I could g back and make. Only if I would have made the better choices before I graduated high school; money situations for my college situation would be much easier.


I would tell myself to not try to plan out the rest of your life. A lot will change in the next few years. You will not have a perfect GPA, you will change your major, you will not love everyone you meet, and you need to make decisions that focus on you and your happiness. Nothing will go exactly like you planned and that is okay. Homesickness is temporary. You will end up calling Mom a lot more than you thought. People from back home will never understand why you went to school eight hours away and you will never be able to explain it to them. You will make good and bad decisions and you will learn from both. Eventually, you will get it right and everything is going to be okay. Coastal Carolina was a great decision for you. Now follow that and just see where it takes you.


i would have went to a four year college my first year so that i could experience it my freshman year. i feel that i missed out on that notorious experience. Though i was against living on campus it really would have added to the college experience. Staying on campus also allows you to meet new friends and attend alot of the events on campus. I would have reminded myself to be more open to new people and activities that were offered on campus. i might have even joined the track team if i had came here right after highschool.


I would have told myself to go out for more scholarships. No matter how small or how tedious the application, every cent counts. I also would have told myself to not sweat the small things that caused me stress in high school. That drama was temporary. It would have saved me so much energy if I would have dodged all the negative and focused on more important things. I would give myself a list of all the things that I had to buy in the first week because I left them at home. I did not truly realize everything that I needed until I got here. Knowing earlier would have saved time and money. The last thing I would tell myself is to not worry about the uncertainty of the future. If you keep living with a positive attitude, good things will happen.


I would tell myself to not slack off finish all work by the deadline or before. I would also tell myself to have fun enjoy it and go to school for what you are passionate about. Also, make friends with the professors and do not be afraid to ask questions or ask for help.


Knowing the high school to college transition I would tell myself to pay a lot more attention in class than I did. I wouldn't say that college is hard, but neither is it the easiest. I would also let myself know that always be on time. When you're punctual that allows the professor see that you're interested, and gives you that extra help you may need. I do not regret anything I did or did not do in high school, but now that I take the time I realize that I wish i would have done thinigs a little different.


If I could go back in time and tell my high school senior self about college life, I would tell them that it's going to be an entirely different world from high school- suddenly, they'll be independent in a way they weren't before, but it will be an amazing experience. I would tell them not to be nervous- the people here are incredibly nice, and that they'll only cry for one night after their mom leaves. But most importantly, I would tell them that they are going to thrive at college, and to not be afraid to branch out and try new things, because chances are good they'll end up happier than they were before.


I would go back and change my study habits and my lack of perserverance in high school. I would also change the way I never wanted to go to class. I would tell my old self that I should actually try to exceed the normal expectations of myself and strive for more success in and out of the classroom.


I would tell myself to not be so worried about making friends, it comes with time. When I first started college I was so concerned with fitting in and making new friends that I may have not fully been myself. My advice would be to stay yourself or become the person that you wish you were in high school, whether that means standing out more and getting involved, or not being the mean girl.


I would tell myself to relax and enjoy my last year in high school. Don't stress about my grades or if I'm making the right college decision. As long as I stay true to myself, everything will work out and I will end up where I'm supposed to be. Tell Mom and Dad I am so blessed to have such wonderful, caring, patient, and understanding parents. Remind my friends that just because High School is about to end, our friendships never will. I would remind myself to talk to my little sister more, I might think I hate her now, but not seeing her everyday sure does change my perspective. Stay focused on school, my grades still matter. Those study habits make college life ten times easier.


I would tell myself to focus more on my studies in my senior year, and be friendlier. College the classes are easier because they are spaced out (depending upon your schedule), but if you don't know the background that should have been learned in high school, then you're behind everyone else. I would tell myself to be friendlier, as you should have enough social skills in college to be able to go up to people and not be worried about anything. I would also tell myself to apply for more scholarships because college is more expensive then you may think. Colleges outline what sort of costs they have, but they tend to not accurately outline what the students will spend outside of the costs of college life (i.e. tution, housing, meal plans, etc).


High school is the best 4 years of your life, they say. Enjoy every moment of it, they say. But what "they" forget to mention is that High School is a taste of the real world. Things will get wildly better ... eventually. Keep your mind focused on school,don't allow yourself to get discouraged. Don't take your parents advice for granted they know what's best. And most importantly Emily, no matter how heartbreaking, tough, or unfair life might have gotten, you're still a kid so live up every moment of it, because once you enter college, you get the whole plate of reality. If I could just go back and speak to my high school self I'd also tell you how proud you'll be of the accomplishments you'll make. And you'll endure from pain that will traumatize you, but you're able to overcome it so well, and create such a strong, independent, young women. If only I can just sit down and talk to you, maybe then you'd understand what a bright future you have a head of you.


If I were able to go back in time and talk to myself as a senior in high school I would tell myself to work a lot harder. I will admit as a senior in high school I began to slack off once I got accepted to the college of my choice. My teachers always us students that we were going to get a huge wake up call when we got to college. They were very right. My first year of college the huge work load, constant studying and no sleep was like a slap in the face. Especially being an athlete, having practice and so much work took a lot out of me. It took me a couple weeks to get my act together and get used to such a big change. Another thing I would tell myself is to get started early on applying for scholarships because I missed out on many great scholarships going into college my freshman year. A lot of money in scholarships goes unused every year and college is very expensive. I would have loved having scholarships rather than paying full tution out of my pocket my freshman year.


I would tell myself to pay closer attention in math and biology, because those are the two hardest subjects for me personally.


college life for me is very little fun and a lot of discipline and study but I chose to study the hardest discipline. If you are not prepared to study every day of the week chose a discipline acordingly. It's pretty much an investment; the more you invest in yourself in college the more you get later in life.


Enjoy it. Enjoy your friends. Enjoy your family. Most importantly, enjoy your freedom, not having the financial and academic burden of college. In college there is no second chance on that test, there is no free public college. It's you and you only so enjoy your friends and family and most of all just enjoy life.


The advice I would have given myself as a high school senior was to learn good study habits, sleeping patterens, and learn how to save. In college,most of learning the meterial is studying what you learn in class andthe notes you take. In high school if I had aquired better study habits, it would not be as hard for me to make them now. Also, my sleeping patterens ae not good. Sometimes, I do not get the required eight hours of sleep and trying to train myself is difficult. Saving money would have also benefited me. Being that I do not have a job, it is sometimes hard to get the things i want and need. Saving money would have made it easier on me as well as my father.


I would advise myself to have researched my major a little bit more. Coming to Coastal, I assumed the Marine Science program would be exactly what I wanted to major in. It turned out to be a lot harder than I expected and it doesn't focus on the aspect of marine life I would have liked to focus on. If I had researched this a little more, I would have had the chance to take some different classes that would benefit me more.


As a high school senior I would tell myself that college is so much better and totally worth working hard for. There are so many opportunities that lie on the road ahead that make up for all the bad years in high school. I would also tell myself to go for it, that achieving the education that I want can happen. I would also fill me in on some things to avoid just so my life goes a little smoother.


DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT SLACK OFF! it may sound cliche but college is hard work; it is very tiring but fun! Don't worry about making friends or moving to a different state, it is a great change and a necessary one at that. You will have professors whom you do not like nor get along with but hey you don't always get what you want or what you are used to. Just work with it and remember to make it the best experience you possibly can. Although you are not living on campus it's okay it has its perks! At least you won't have a roommate who you don't like and plus you don't have to pack up and move in to a strange dorm. Make every second count! DO NOT PROCRASTINATE ! Get assignments done on time, constantly check your email or blackboard. Just like high school you can have fun and enjoy your free time but when its time to work then you work no fooling around! Believe in yourself and remember its all worth it in the end!


Take AP classes. That is what I would tell my high school self. I didn't realize how expensive college was until I actually got there. The classes are just as hard, or even harder, than AP classes, and quadruple the pice. I took AP government as a senior, and I passes with a 4, after staying up nightly, studying for tests and quizzes. I now see that I should've tried harder to take more AP classes and pass all the tests. I defininetly should have taken the AP english tests both junior and senior year, so this is the advice I would give to my self. I would also tell myself not to procrastinate and to enjoy the friendships I had with everyone. Its so sad when you leave high school and you realize that you won't see most of those classmates again. Dont take the relationships you have with people for granted, because they might quickly disappear. I would also tell myself to smile and don't take things to heart. Life is too short to get caught up with drama. Laugh and smile and don't care what other people think.


If I could go back and talk to myself when I was a high school senior, I would tell myself of all the good things to come. I would reinforce the idea of goal setting and remind myself that while high school may seem rather meaningless now, it will make a difference in a few years. When I was a senior I didn’t think I would end up attending college. I thought I was going to get any job I could and that would be enough. It’s surprising how much you mature in those few years after high school, and I think all seniors could benefit from hearing that. College may cost a lot of money and it may cost a lot of time, but the payout of being able to do what you love is worth more than all that combined.


I would have told myself of not being afraid of not having friends because there are so many opportunities to meet people and get to know people within your major. Everyone at Coastal is super friendly and is willing to have a conversation. The classes are a lot more enjoyable than high school classes, so there was really no reason to be worried. I would also tell myself to find a way to get a car, because our campus is very spread out and the nearest WalMart is a ten minute drive, so a car is necessary to be able to get things that you may need. Lastly, I would tell myself to just enjoy it and have fun while learning as much as possible!


I would tell myself to take high school alot more serious. I grew up in a small town where most kids just finish high school and get a career job around the area and never get to see the world. I also would take as many classes as i could for experience and homework productivity. It has made life hard here not taking math my senior and junior years, especially being a physics major. I would also tell myself to not worry that things can't stay negative forever. Be positive about life and it will reciprocate that positivity to you.


It isn't high school. You have to study harder, get yourself up and to class. No one is there to hold your hand. The thing is though they are thereto help you so ask for help. Get involved and do something don't spend your nights coped up in your room go meet new people and have fun.


If I could go back and talk to myself about college as a high school senior i would have quite a bit to say. i would tell myself to save up every penny you have because your goning to need it. college is more expensive then you think and so is gas to drive there and back. i think i would have to let myself know that its more fun then high scool. you get to actually learn things hands on now just by reading out of a book. i would talk myself into going to school right after i graduate instead of waiting a year because making that transition from not going to school for a wile to going is pretty tough. oh and you may also want to look into buying ramen noodles and hot pockets in bulk.


Don't wait to go to college. Putting it off only makes things harder because you tend to forget. Also get a job, having money to do the things you want is always a plus. Stay outgoing and chiper, and keep practicing your musical skills. Having multiple skills in college is a great thing, it will set you apart from the general population.


Don't stay home. Get involved. Save your money!


I would advise myself to not go through school with the wrong crowd or a crwod that doesnt motivate me. I would study more and ask more questions when I needed heelp with things. I would definitely put school work before anything.


When attending college most of the time you are preparing for what you hear that you may need and known from a family member. Getting ready for college is a long process. The advice I would have giving myself was to score higher on the SAT's and ACT's. I would say apply for so many scholarships so you are covering your whole four years. I cannot say I was not prepared for college but I wish I have more scholarships and was financially stable when it comes to having enough money for college. I would have told myself to apply for more colleges just to weigh my options and have a backup plan. It is always the best thing to have a backup plan just in case you do not receive an acceptance letter from the school that was your first choice. Also I would say go to the college you want to. Do not just go because of your friends and just to please your family because you are going to end up unhappy and ready to transfer.


If I had the grand opportunity of going back in time to when I was a senior, I would give myself the extra push. I would talk myself out of every moment I procrastinated and let other things influence me. As a senior, my family went through more than the average home should have experienced. I was always told to never let this time get in the way of school or my determination, but at times you can't fight it. I would have told myself to go talk to that teacher about how I can improve my paper, how can I take the extra step that the others aren't making, how can I volunteer more, and what can I put on my resume to help make my future brighter. Knowing what college is like now, I am doing exactly what I wish I could have told myself in high school any chance I get. I am actually proud to say the transition has molded me into the student I am today and am greatly satisfied with how my college career turned out.


Dear Senior, I know you were happy to walk across that stage, but it's time to re-buckle down. You are once again a freshman and life for you will change right before your eyes. No longer will things be handed to you, no longer will reminders be given; it's all up to you now. It's now time to find your passion. Choose a major and hate it and rechoose it to find your path. Most importantly it's time to find yourself. College may look intimidating but grab that anixety and use it to cattapult you to the next level and I promise you wont regret it. Work hard, study harder and show yourself that you are worth all of the light that has been bestowed upon you. With all the power wrapped up inside of you, you can change lives so don't be afraid to show up, you'll be suprised at what you show off. It's your time to begin the rest of your life


I haven't really had the opportunity to experience college life yet because I don't start school until August 19, but I have receieved a lot of advice as a high school senior from friends who just went through their first year of college. One of the main things my friends told me was that it was a lot harder than high school as far as classes and education, which I expected. On the other hand, I also was told that it was a whole new world of people and the opportunity to make friends and learn about different types of people and cultures was much more abundant than what we had in high school. My friend's roommate was from Mexico and she ended up learning more Mexican traditions and culture than she ever had before. My friend told me that in college I want to just be myself, try my best at everything, and get myself out there and involved because it's the best way to make life long friendships.


If I could go back and advise my former self about college, it would be to not to procrastinate and waste any time! College may seem a year away, but everything has a deadline. You could have applied for more scholarships and done your research a little bit better as to see what all was offered to a student like you. You could have planned more. You could have said goodbye to your family sooner. You could have packed those boxes just one day earlier. Most of all, you could have welcomed a few more of those opportunities for college that you didn't think were important at the time, such as that job offer as Admissions Assistant, the $500 scholarship application offered by a website for books, or even finding a cheaper dorm room. To sum it up, my advice would be to plan ahead and to realize that college isn't always about "living in the moment" like the movies make it out to be. You need to make plans to succeed in your life goals and to try to roll with the punches when they come along.


What advice would I give myself in time of transition from highschool to college. The first peace of advice that I would give myself is to manage; manage your time, priorities, and the fun you have. Do not let the transition overwhelm you, and take each task one at a time. The second peace of advice is to become self motivated. Leaving from under the watch of parents or gaurdians gives way for one to slack off or indulge in wrong doings. You will be able to stay focus, complete the task that is set forth, and stay out of trouble with the use of self motivation. It takes effort, but you can do it. The third and final piece of advice is to remember that everything is not easy but it is simple. This means that when things seem to be hard take the time to break down the task at hand and put effort into completing the task. If you know what is required then spread out the assignment over time to gradually meet the requirements making the situation seem less stressful and easier. Now find success have fun and be safe.


I would tell myself to not be so anxious about the future and to have more faith in my own intelligence, common sense, spunk, and genuity. I would want for myself to be more confident in the skills I spent my entire childhood honing and my ability to choose the best major for my personality and to welcome instead of fearing of the reality that it is impossible to predict the future. I would tell myself to not worry so much about how to please others, to just roll with the punches, ignore the jargon of worried thoughts and listen to how I feel inside. I would want more perservance for myself and for me to have embraced the uncertainty of life with the adventurous spirit I have now developed. I would tell myself that with my positive, tough, ambitious, upbeat attitude that I do not have anything to worry about.